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3 Open Position(s) - Netbackup, San Admin and Storage Systems Test Engineer

Netbackup and San Admin - Location: Columbus, OH‏

1. ROLE: Backup Engineer

As an experienced Veritas NetBackup Storage Specialist with strong technical and analytical skills, you will be providing storage management services in 24x7 Open System environments. You will be supporting storage products and executing Storage/Backup/Recovery for an enterprise grade Veritas NetBackup environment.

Additional technology includes SUN/STK tape robotic libraries, NetApp VTL’s, EMC Avamar backup solution, enterprise class storage consisting of IBM Disk Storage (DS) series, Storage Virtualization products, HP’s Enterprise Virtual Array technology, and Brocade fiber channel fabrics.

As a member of the storage team, you will work closely with technical services and support teams, external vendor partners, and internal customers to develop and implement storage solution for Business initiatives. This would include gathering project specifications and requirements, designing a solution, gathering cost, ordering, and implementation of the solution.

•BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience
•5-8 years experience in Information Technology in a large distributed data center environment
•4 years professional experience with Veritas NetBackup
•Knowledge about NetBackup version 6.0 is a must and version 6.5 is a bonus
•Knowledge of Enterprise Tape libraries and associated technologies (SL8500)
•Experience with SUN/STK ACSLS software
•Experience with EMC Avamar de-duplication backup software is a plus
•Experience with VTL hardware
•Knowledge of one or more flavors of Unix Systems (Sun Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Linux) Intel Systems Operation
•Performance monitoring, system tuning, and capacity planning experience
•Excellent verbal and written communication skills
•Experience with Project management methodologies and software (such as Microsoft Project)
•Experience writing technical documentation (such as Microsoft Visio)
•NetBackup scripting experience is a plus
•Support for the environment 24 X 7
•Must be able to travel (5%).
Job Duration:12 Months

SAN Engineer

This person will be responsible for planning, installing and maintaining an Enterprise Storage environment and related infrastructure in a 24 X 7 setting. The primary focus of this position will be on the SAN Volume Controller and includes Enterprise class storage consisting of IBM Disk Storage (DS) series, HP’s Enterprise Virtual Array technology, and Brocade fiber channel fabrics.

As a member of the storage team, you will work closely with technical services and support teams, external vendor partners, and internal customers to develop and implement storage solution for Business initiatives. This would include gathering project specifications and requirements, designing a solution, gathering cost, ordering, and implementation of the solution.

• BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience
• 5-8 years experience with Storage Area Networking (SAN) technology including storage provisioning, LUN management, zoning, performance management and volume management primarily based on IBM technology
• Experienced using TotalStorage Productivity Center
• Experience with flashcopy and global mirror data replication technologies
• Adept at troubleshooting and problem resolution for SAN and TAN environments
• Working knowledge of Unix (AIX, HP, Sun) and Windows operating systems
• Working knowledge of STK/SUN tape robotic libraries and Symantec NetBackup software
• Performance monitoring, system tuning, and capacity planning experience
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Experience with Project management methodologies and software (such as Microsoft Project)
• Experience writing technical documentation (such as Microsoft Visio)
• Support for the environment 24 X 7
• Must be able to travel (5%).
Duration: 12 months

3. Storage Systems Test Engineer- NJ- Urgent

In this position, you will be part of the Storage Systems Engineering team working on the design, development, test and debug of high-performance storage products.


Your responsibilities will include but not be limited to:

* Responsible for the configuration, test planning, testing, and documentation of a SAN storage product.

* Working closely with the Storage Systems Engineering team and outsource partners to launch & ship current generation products, as well as help develop new Storage Systems products.


You should possess a Bachelor or a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and/or Computer Science and/or CPE or related field.

SAN and storage networking experience is a requirement.

Additional qualifications include:

* Strong scripting and/or C/C++ development skills
* Linux and Windows programming environment experience
* Basic knowledge of storage systems and concepts, storage interfaces, BIOS and/or OROM, and storage drivers
* Strong results orientation, technical problem solving, written and verbal communication, and the ability to work independently
* Experience in or knowledge of high-performance low-level system software development, embedded multitasking applications, and embedded system tool chains and debug methodology
* Experience in high-level languages and system modeling, experience with embedded systems development and architecture, and/or experience with databases and test software would be an added advantage

For further info contact:
Roweena Rego

GroundWork Group Forming Young Professionals Advisory Council

Interested in making a difference in the nonprofit community and learning to become a social entrepreneur? The GroundWork Group is putting together a young professionals advisory council and you're invited join.

Click here for more information about the specific projects we have in mind and our next meeting on Thursday April 1

GroundWork group is the collaborative and empowering community solution that enhances the capacity of nonprofits to achieve their missions through information management and technology
. (Go here for more info – http://www.groundwork... and http://ncane.com/79w... )


GroundWork group was founded by a group of passionate energetic volunteers wanting to make a difference in the Columbus Nonprofit world. As GroundWork group matures we want to create a mechanism for continuing to reinvigorate and refresh the volunteer spirit/resources. In particular GroundWork group wants to reach out to young professionals (i.e 18 - 30).
Note: We welcome anyone who want to join the council even if you're not in the 18 - 30 age range. Young can also mean young at heart. smile

Advisory Council Goals:
1. Provide a mechanism for young professionals to make a difference in the nonprofit community
2. Create a "talent" pool for GroundWork group initiatives
3. Create a mechanism to systematically reinvigorate GroundWork group's ideas, networks, passion
4. Identify/teach/cultivate young professionals competent in "social entrepreneurship" to increase the Columbus' fundamental capacity in social entrepreneurship

Why get involved?
- Time effective way to make a difference in local nonprofits
- Ability to learn "social entrepreneurship'
- Meet other like minded individuals in our community
- Pathway to earn leadership (i.e board roles) on nonprofits

Hope to see you soon....



Columbus, Ohio (March 13, 2009) – Deca-Medics, Inc., an Ohio-based corporation specializing in the development of innovative resuscitation products, has received the grand prize of the prestigious Create the Future Design Award earlier this week for its LifeBelt®-CPR product.

“Receiving such a highly esteemed award recognizes the hard work and creativity that has gone into our product” said Thomas Lach, President and Owner of Deca-Medics. “This recognition will help broaden awareness of the potential of this life-saving device.” The LifeBelt®, which is currently under development, has not yet been approved by the FDA.

The contest is sponsored by NASA Tech Briefs magazine and Dassault Systems SolidWorks Corp. LifeBelt was among a record 1,091 entries in the seventh annual contest which attracts innovative product ideas from engineers and students in 50 countries.

Developed by Thomas Lach of Deca-Medics Inc., LifeBelt(R) CPR utilizes a 2 to 1 mechanical advantage to reduce the force required that which makes it easy for anyone to perform high-quality CPR compressions in the event of cardiac arrest. The compact, lightweight device is designed to attach quickly, enabling a rescuer to start CPR in 15 seconds or less. An intuitive readout warns if the compression depth is too deep or shallow, giving the rescuer confidence that he or she is pushing properly.

LifeBelt overcomes a critical limitation of "hands-only" CPR: the average rescuer is only capable of producing effective chest compressions for about two minutes, far shorter than the typical eight to ten minute emergency response time. With LifeBelt, half as much force is needed, resulting in less fatigue and longer-duration compressions - increasing the likelihood of a successful resuscitation.

The grand prize awarded $20,000 to Deca-Medics towards further research and developments. Previously LifeBelt® was a finalist in the IDSA (Industrial Designers Society of America) International Design Excellence Award (IDEA) competition in 2008. Deca-Medics partnered with Priority Design, Columbus-based internationally-recognized industrial design firm specializing design, research, strategy, engineering and prototyping.

Deca-Medics, Inc. was founded by Thomas E. Lach and Ralph D. Lach, MD FACC, in 1994. It has received funding from the National Institutes of Health to test its LifeBelt® technology. The company currently holds five patents and has an additional four patents pending for the LifeBelt® family of products including both manual and automated devices. Dr. Lach, a retired cardiologist and former Associate Professor of Cardiology at The Ohio State University School of Medicine and Public Health, was a pioneer of balloon angioplasty, performing the first procedure in the Midwest in 1979. For additional information please visit www.deca-medics.com.


The inside scoop not from the press release:

Deca-Medics is a family-owned business based on almost 30 years of history. The founder of Deca-Medics, Thom Lach, came up with the idea of the LifeBelt CPR device based on an invention of his father. Dr. Ralph Lach performed the first angioplasty ever done in the Midwest in 1979 and was CEO and founder of Columbus Cardiology Clinic. The concept was originally created as a compression band during heart surgery to keep blood flowing. Dr. Lach had received a patent for it in 1988, but he got so busy with his practice that he didn’t have time to take it any further. Thom saw the commercial potential of the device. He started with an automated version of the belt, but realized that it could be cost-prohibitive to the majority of first responders and that there were easy to use defibrillator alternatives needed to that were easy to use. So he worked to create a manual version that can be used to help with CPR. It’s currently undergoing FDA approval.

Here’s a short video of the resuscitation device so you can see how it works:


The company actually has five issued patents around the technology.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday Evening TechLife Update - week ending 3/29/09 - events/kudos and shoutouts

Good evening,
Kudos and shoutouts:

- Business Builders Club and TechColumbus for collaborating and putting together the first ever IdeaPitch and Industry Forum

- Dan Harris and the TasteCasting team on their launch - The idea combines great people and good food to benefit the many food and drink establishments in our area.

- CallCopy for making it easy for companies to comply with MIPAA Call Recording Requirements

- MobileWait for launching their ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) solution. MobileWait is an on-demand, web-to-SMS loyalty and wait list management solution designed for today’s consumer demands.

This weeks events:

Mon March 30 - PD - Social Introspection Roundtable: The Nitty Gritty of Social Networking
Tues March 31 - PD - AUG Presentation Night: The Future of Mobile / RIA Technology Panel
Tues March 31 - PD/BE/NW Business Builders Club - Personal Branding + Internet Entrepreneurship
Web April 1 - PD,NW -Successful Utilization of Social Networking Tools W/ Rich Hoeg -Honeywell
Thurs April 2 - NW, E - TechColumbus Campus Start-up Mixer
Thurs April 2 - SE - GroundWork Young Professional Advisory Council (YPAC)
Thurs April 2 - PD - Letters from the Front Lines - Perspectives on a Recent Agile Transformation
Fri April 3 - E, NW - Jelly Columbus @ Sandbox
Fri April 3 - E - Startup Weekend Columbus II

Have a great week,

Peace out,

Friday, March 27, 2009

Cardinal Health Summer Intern Program - interviews next Friday 4/3

This program provides meaningful real-life work for students on key initiatives at Cardinal Health.  As students work with hiring managers in Business Analyst, Project Analyst, Project Architect, and Application Developer roles, they get to experience project management and software / solution development methodologies first hand.  They also experience how IT partners with & adds value to the business.  Often, students that really stand out continue on a part time basis through graduation, with some having the opportunity to join Cardinal Health full-time upon graduation.
All interested candidates would need to apply through the http://www.cardinal.com/us/en/careers/ website.
Juniors and Seniors should apply ASAP - interviews are next Friday 4/3

TechLife Community Builder - Zack Griffin


I am the Project Coordinator and Co-Founder of Evolved Energy Solutions, based in Dublin, OH. I recently earned my Lighting Certified designation through the National Council on Qualifications for Lighting Professionals (NCQLP) and have a finance degree from OSU. I play rugby in a social league, and enjoy snowboarding and mountain biking when possible.


I am passionate about environmental sustainability in all aspects. I believe our country especially has been wasteful in its ways and has set a bad example for younger generations and developing countries. I also love to learn, meet new people, and hear new ideas.

Most played on my ipod:

Gorillaz, Beastie Boys, Clutch, Muse, NIN

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Hilliard, OH, and am a life long resident of central Ohio (excluding a long 5 months in Indiana).

What have you Organized?

Think Green Columbus



My Company:

Evolved Energy Solutions is a start-up that performs lighting audits, design and implementation services, primarily for commercial and industrial customers. Our services reduce energy use and costs, while also improving the comfort and functionality of the space.

Comments from Thursday's Jelly Columbus @ Dublin Entrepreneurial Center, DEC

  • This was the first Jelly @ The DEC (www.dublink.net), which will be held on the 3rd Thursday of each month. Neal Roberts of www.qwirkcolumbus.com did a great job of providing refreshments. I had a great time, got a little work done and had excellent discussions. I've posted pictures on The DEC's Facebook page at http://tinyurl.co....

  • It's a great place to work and network.
    • Very generous spread from Qwirk. Good to have empty offices for break away meetings & conference calls.

    • Great energy!
    • Liked the casual atmosphere...meeting new people....listening to conversations, even if I wasn't participating in them at the same time.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Computers Change Everything (and Nothing)

Technology and technology business is often assumed to be the result of some brilliant person creating Great Technology™ that gets everyone all excited, then some money get injected, and everyone lives happily ever after upon the riches heaped upon those closest to the idea.  There is no way to predict success because everything information technology changes so fast that nothing is relevant from one minute to the next.  This is all nonsense, of course, but it's infections thinking.  Avoiding it is a lot easier when we get out and look around a little.

Yesterday, I presented for the Ohio Investigators Association.  These are the people in law enforcement and compliance organizations who spend their time trying to figure out what happened on the way to an event that ended badly.  While preparing my remarks, I thought about all of the changes that have affected investigators over the years.  Computers and other kinds of information technology have really changed a great deal about the way that investigations are pursued.

While the technology has changed radically, change itself is nothing new to investigators.  Now we have mobile devices all over the place and pervasive networking to consider.  Before that we had Web browsing activity.  Before that we had email.  Before that we had the computers at the office and home.  And of course the media, that metric boatload of floppy diskettes sitting next to the computer.  Before that, faxes.  And photocopies instead of originals or the easy-to-identify (and hard-to-read) carbon copies.  Of course, the telephone changed things, as did the telegraph.  I could go on but it seems unnecessary to establish that change is a constant.

Change goes far beyond information technology.  Consider the importance of chemistry.  The right solutions will lift ink off of checks, making certain types of fraud possible.  There is mechanical engineering to help answer questions like just how fast that car was going when it hit that person crossing the street.  Technology in use for roads and tires changes over time.  Someone has to deal with those details and weigh them against what can be determined after the fact like just where everyone wound up in the end.  All of this reminded me of a talk I gave to an audience that included medical examiners, one of whom wore a shirt that I shall never forget.

So how do investigators, medical examiners, and other people who try to answer critical questions make sense of all of this?  Surely with change happening so rapidly there is no hope of keeping up, that no previous experience can help us.  I have heard some people even argue that experience will hurt us, causing us to think in old ways about things that no longer apply.

The simple fact is that in the face of constant change, investigators must do precisely what I do when I am asked to render a formal opinion for a legal proceeding: follow the scientific method.  Doubt everything.  Look for ways to disprove any hypothesis that would explain the data.  Then test.  Development of hypotheses and null-hypotheses will require taking the time to understand how this newfangled technology works, but this isn't a problem for scientists: it's what we do.  The people who grew up to be scientists were the children who took things apart, not because they wanted to break things but because they wanted to understand how they worked.  This process has been around a long time and has served us well, whether looking back at what happened or looking forward to what we might do next.

Not every investigator is a scientist or engineer, however.  Many investigators are energized by solving puzzles.  Here is where things get interesting: the complete picture of "what happened" often requires the kind of thought that will put the pieces together, as well as the kind of thought that will dig down into the specifics of each piece to show what each can and cannot mean.

I suggest that for technologists, we find several useful lessons here:
  1. Progress comes not from sudden inspiration, but a method to capture the inspiration, to test it, and to find a way to put it to some use.  A successful approach for the long term is a methodical approach.  Is your business or technology operation methodical?
  2. We need depth to know what we're working with.  Not understanding what is and isn't possible will lead people to insane conclusions.  Do you hire technologists who have the right depth?
  3. We need breadth to put the pieces together.  We cannot stay too focused on any datum, or group of data, losing sight of the problem that we're trying to solve.  That's a recipe for creating the perfect answer to a question that no one cares about.  Do you have product or program managers to keep everyone moving in a relevant direction?
  4. Not everyone involved in the process will master every stage of it.  The more common case is that effective investigative operation will require people to work together.  Administration will be needed to ensure that the right steps happen in the right order and that the process is sustainable.  Scientists and engineers will need to understand the technology and its application.  Investigators will need to put the pieces all together.  Is your organization's leadership fostering needed collaboration?

TechLife Community Builder - Dan Rockwell


Strength's Finder indicates my top 2 strengths as "futurist" and "strategy" and that sums me up nicely I think. I'm a self taught emerging trends and technology hound. My knack for spotting patterns and natural people skills make for a decent user experience researcher.

Inbetween the moments of making things and absoring the web, I've managed to squeeze time in for other efforts such as JoeMetric a mobile research startup I founded with 6 others at StartupWeekend Columbus 2008 that recently was awarded the TechGenesis grant of 50,000k, and organizing events like Ignite with other like minded folks I've met.

I also moonlight from time to time as a freelance strategist helping folks figure out the current state of the web- whether it be how to use and or leverage social media, to assisting with stragetic development of applications and long term stragety.

What are you passionate about?

Thinking about the next "thing". I love projecting myself into the future and seeing what is there and then backcasting back to today to help recongize evolving trends that could potentially lead to the next thing.

What's are the most played songs in your ipod?

You won't know any of them. I listen to alot of drum and bass, world funk jazz etc.

Electrolux by Muffler
Fallin by Quivver
Cloud Nine by Utah Jazz
Celeste by Spooky
Special Ops - Seba

Where did you grow up?
Columbus, Ohio

What events have you organized?
Ignite Columbus 1, Nov. 2008
Ignite Columbus 2, Jan. 2009

site: http://www.floozyspeak
tumblog: http://doodleporn.tumblr.com
twitter: http:///www.twitter.com/floozyspeak
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=637796953
youtube: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=floozyspeak
slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/koovus
lextant: http://www.lextant.com
joemetric: http://www.joemetric.com

About My Company - Lextant:

At Lextant, I work on a variety of projects specializing in trends, brand, retail, consumer behavior, social media, and technology. Research is a fabulous career that serves up so many different scenarios of work. One day you'll be in a chinese hospital observing doctors, the next you'll be watching people sleep or witness the unboxing and set up of an everyday printer. I've had the pleasure to work with clients like Carhartt, American Eagle, Samsung, Nationwide Insurance, Microsoft, P&G and more. There's always room in the world for better design.

Along with my research duties I oversee the development of custom in-house applications. A few of my creations include: Retrospective Ethnography a video observation/research rig for retail environments, daNotes a better way to take notes for focus groups and field research efforts, Pathfinder a frequency and co-coccurence analysis and visualization app, and PRIME (my baby) an online qualitative research tool.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

TasteCasting Launched

(COLUMBUS, OHIO) Let the tweeting begin! Last week TasteCasting was launched creating the newest way to utilize social networking.  The idea combines great people and good food to benefit the many food and drink establishments in our area.
TasteCasting is a group of socially networked people that enjoy connecting and meeting with others over food and drink.  Team members taste, tweet, and then repeat, broadcasting the experience across their social media platforms.
Establishments looking to spread the word about a grand opening, new product, new menu, or special offer, can use TasteCasting to increase awareness through the team of socially connected Bloggers, Twitters, You Tuber’s, Facebook and Flickr users, resulting in more traffic to their website and their restaurant.  In return, the establishment provides a complimentary tasting and tour.  Currently there is no charge to restaurants and there is no compensation for tasters.
Quote from Dan Harris: “The socially networked, and social media savvy are already meeting online, and attending a number of events held by Columbus TechLife, Tweetups and meetups.” says Dan Harris, Founder of TasteCasting. “TasteCasting is a way to get networked people meeting in person, learning about the establishments, the food, the owners, their passions and then the team broadcasts to thousands across their personal networks through blogs, twitter, video and photos.”
Last week Tastecasting events were held at the Suisse Shop Bakery, 2119 Polaris Parkway www.thesuisseshop.com and Katzinger’s Deli, 475 South Third Street www.katzingers.com.
Quote from Darlene Jones, Suisse Shop: "TasteCasting introduced us to 10 new potential customers in-person during the tasting and through those in attendance our message, images of our bakery, and our products will be twittered, put on Facebook and shared across the various social network platforms," explains Darlene Jones, Owner of The Suisse Shop Bakery.  "What is so exciting for us is thousands of the tasters' friends, family, followers, and connections may come to visit or refer others to us and they may become loyal customers and fans of our bakery."
Quote from Diana Katzinger: "As a business, the use of social media has become so important.  That's why Katzinger's was thrilled to host the TasteCasting team for a cheese and wine pairing.  We not only gained potentially a dozen new customers, we reached thousand of people we could never reach before because of strong social media connections."
About TasteCasting:  At TasteCasting, we view this social media effort and our purpose as a way to help restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries and other food service businesses grow their business. We have a growing team of socially connected networkers in Columbus, but will soon invite socially networked and social media savvy people in other cities to start teams as well.  For more information on TasteCasting or to request a tasting, visit our site at www.tastecasting.com.

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  • Tuesday, March 24, 2009

    CallCopy Simplifies MIPPA Call Recording Requirement

    Call recording solution helps Medicare marketers meet federal regulations
    COLUMBUS, Ohio - March 24, 2009 - CallCopy, Inc., a leading provider of innovative call recording, quality monitoring and performance management solutions, is making it easier for companies to comply with new regulations introduced in 2008 by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).  The regulations require Medicare marketers to record their phone calls in an effort "to protect Medicare beneficiaries from deceptive or high-pressure marketing tactics." CallCopy's cc: Voice call recording solution enables Medicare marketers and other health maintenance organizations to easily record and archive all customer calls.

    On September 15, 2008, CMS released an update to its Medicare Marketing Guidelines, which are designed to help marketers comply with recent additions to the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act (MIPPA) of 2008. Among the guidelines added to MIPPA is the requirement that all appointments made over the phone with current or potential Medicare enrollees must be recorded in order to provide documentation of the scope of the interaction. CallCopy assists health care marketers in complying with this new requirement by providing a flexible call recording platform. In addition to recording calls on-demand, 100 percent of the time or based upon a definable set of rules, all calls are archived to meet business needs and/or MIPPA requirements.

    "Organizations working in the Medicare industry are under heavy scrutiny today, as the U.S. government is working to increase efficiencies, reduce fraud and abuse, and deliver better service to those that rely upon its social insurance program," stated Ray Bohac, president and chief executive officer of CallCopy. "A reliable call recording system is critical for ensuring compliance with the government's new MIPPA regulations. We have the technology, support infrastructure and experience needed to get an advanced call recording system up and running quickly, helping companies meet these compliance standards."

    cc: Voice, part of CallCopy's cc: Discover suite of call center solutions, allows both inbound and outbound calls to be recorded without the need to dial third parties or enter lengthy access codes. The cc: Screen component provides complementary screen recording capabilities that when used with cc: Voice, allow health plans to monitor customer calls and corresponding screens used by their agents. The combination of the call and screen recordings provides a complete picture and archive of every interaction with customers, which can be used for agent training, to identify areas of concern and enhance customer service.

    For more information about CallCopy's call recording solution for MIPPA compliance, visit http://www3.callcopy.com/e/514/ippa-html/CDP52/53468422 or call 888.922.5526.

    About CallCopy         
    Through its commitment to the highest standards of customer and employee satisfaction, CallCopy has established itself as a leading provider of innovative performance management solutions. The highly scalable, award-winning cc: Discover Suite delivers advanced call recording, screen capture, quality monitoring, speech analytics, customer satisfaction survey and workforce management capabilities to contact centers, trading desks, financial institutions and healthcare providers worldwide.

    CallCopy empowers organizations to gather business intelligence, which is leveraged to maximize performance through improved employee retention, compliance with government regulations, and a more customer-centric environment.

    For more information, visit www.callcopy.com.

    Monday, March 23, 2009

    MobileWait launched - Saas Solution

    Launched by Matt Armstead, Brooke Paul, and Rob Lindeman today 3.23.09

    What is MobileWait?

    MobileWait is an on-demand, web-to-SMS loyalty and wait list management solution designed for today’s consumer demands.  For restaurants, MobileWait automates and transforms the check-in process into an interactive on-going dialogue with your best customers.  For the consumer, we give them their most precious commodity back… their time while extending relevant offers and creating a greater appreciation for their beloved brands.

    MobileWait is a ready for action solution.  More formally, it’s what techies like to call a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) solution.  What that means to you is, we can get you up and running in a matter of minutes on a dynamic, scalable Internet-based wait list solution that sends customizable text messages to notify your guests when their table is ready… even though it replaces costly pagers, and adds tremendous marketing and operational value, it’s an appreciated asset by consumers that may very well change they way they think about you… in a really, really good way!

    To learn more about MobileWait go to http://www.mobilewait.com/

    Ohio Biomedical & Pharma Career Fairs

    1:30pm to 6:00pm
    May 27, Holiday Inn Columbus-Worthington
    In support of Ohio's growing bioscience companies, BioOhio is pleased to present the Ohio Biomedical & Pharma Career Fairs, regional events focused on the biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostics, clinical research, and contract research industries.
    If you aren't in the job market, please help us spread the word to your family and friends that may be interested in an Ohio bioscience career. 
    Companies and institutions from throughout Ohio will exhibit at these events, which attract candidates and recruiters from all corners of the state and from Ohio's leading academic institutions, in the following areas among others:

  • Clinical/Medical Research

  • Bioinformatics/Biostatistics

  • Biomed Engineering

  • QA/QC/Regulatory/Compliance

  • Manufacturing

  • Microbiology

  • Project/Study Management

  • Toxicology/Pharmacology

  • Biochemistry

  • Marketing/Sales Exhibiting companies (to date) include: Battelle; WIL Research; University Hospitals; Affymetrix; Ben Venue; Cincinnati Children's; Camargo Pharmaceutical Services; Amylin; Eurand; PharmaForce; Aerotek, and more
    For more information: www.bioohio.com/working-learning/Career-Events.aspx or call 614/675-3686, x1004.

  • Sunday, March 22, 2009

    New Dublin Entrepreneurial Center Offering Collaboration and Dynamic Space for Emerging and New Businesses

    By Denise Baker

    The city of Dublin believes that collaborative space makes dynamic places. No where is this more true than the new Dublin Entrepreneurial Center (http://www.dublink.net/ ), 7003 Post Road, which officially opened on Thursday, March 19.

    The Dublin Entrepreneurial Center, also known as DEC, is located in the heart of Innovation Park, the City’s planned 1,300-acre tech park. This location is the ideal place to position innovative start-up companies to grow into industry-leading businesses.

    “The DEC was created to provide entrepreneurs with as many resources as possible in order to turn great ideas into thriving ventures by providing help every step along the way,” said Dana McDaniel, Dublin City Manager/Director of Economic Development.

    However, the DEC is not an incubator. The DEC was designed specifically for those emerging companies who do not need or are past the incubator stage.
    “Not every company needs an incubator,” said McDaniels.

    The DEC offers new and emerging companies office space, wi-fi and access to all the resources of the DEC and the collective partners and start-up businesses housed in the DEC. “This is not just a bricks and mortar endeavor,” said McDaniels. “It’s about collaborative relationships. That is what gets your idea to market.” According to Brian Pitzer, president and CEO or Avitae, the access to great resources such as Avitae’s business partners and mentors was enough for him to move the company from its former location to the DEC.“In addition, being at the DEC helps us appear to be larger than life and more mature than our former office space,” said Pitzer. “And the space here allows us to quickly and easily grow and physically expand." Since moving the company to DEC in November, Avitae has grown from two offices eight.

    The DEC will also be home to the Dublin Entrepreneurial College.This college, established by Bob Mahaffey, president and CEO of Dublin-based Xcelerate Media, offers a three-month program beginning in June that will train students to start their own businesses. Before they can graduate, students submit a business plan, vetted by the college’s faculty, to investors.The college will offer course in products and services, sales, fulfillment, operations, legal, accounting/finance and sales and marketing. These classes will be taught by entrepreneurs and professional instructors – all of whom own part of the college in the true spirit of entrepreneurship.

    The DEC is designed to bring needed small-business services closer to the Dublin residents and the 70,000-plus workforce coming to Dublin every day. However, it’s not just for DublinDublin, including Marysville and Bellefontaine. residents. A major partner DEC partner is TechColumbus. With an office in the DEC, TechColumbus is in the perfect location to reach out to communities surrounding Dublin.

    Rick Coplin, Business Development representative, TechStart, describes DEC as more of a graduate center. “TechColumbus is a DEC partner because we believe in the mission of DEC,” said Copelin. “This small business development center is set about by its partnerships and collaborative nature.”In addition to the offices and services offered by DEC, the location will also host monthly Jelly meetings on the third Thursday of each month. A Jelly is casual co-working at a public space for work-at-home professional, entrepreneurs, start-ups, telecommuters and freelancers. No more working in isolation at home or at a coffee shop. During Jellies, participants have access to services in addition to working in an atmosphere designed for people to share ideas, collaborate and network. As Bonny Roberts, founder of QWirk Coworking and Collaboration quips, “No more pitching ideas in the living room to the family dog.”

    The first Jelly meeting will be held Thursday, March 26 from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. While there is no cost to participate in a Jelly, you are asked to make a reservation to ensure adequate space. Please visit http://www.meetup.com/techlifecolumbus/calendar for more information. Also, the DEC is open to other ideas for meetings, small business gatherings, meet-ups and Tweet-ups. For more information about obtaining office space, tapping into the small business services or to arrange a meeting, please contact:

    Dana McDaniel
    Deputy City Manager/Director of Economic Development
    One-stop resources available at the DEC:
    · Center for Innovative Food Technology – an Edison Center (eisc.org)
    · City of Dublin (dublinecondev.com)
    · Columbus State Community College Center for Workforce Development (cscc.edu/workforce/index.html)
    · Ohio Statewide Development Corp. (osdc.net)
    · Small Business Development Council (cscc.edu/cpe/sbd/sbdchome.asp)
    · TechColumbus (techcolumbus.org)
    Companies already located at the DEC:
    • DHB Networks/AirWiz (dhbnetworks.com)
    • Opticon Medical (opticonmedical.com)
    • Runnymede Capital Advisors (runcapadv.com)
    • Socius (socius1.com)
    • Vitality Distributing (avitae45.com)
    Partners and collaborators helping to sponsor DEC activities or membership benefits to assist Dublin companies:
    • BioOhio (bioohio.com)
    • Columbus Chamber (Columbus.org)
    • Commercial One Realtors (c1realty.com)
    • Dublin Chamber of Commerce (dublinchamber.org)
    • EnteraTech (enteratech.com)
    • Federal Lab Consortium (federallabs.org)
    • Japan-America Society of Central Ohio (jasco.osu.edu)
    • Ohio Department of Development (odod.state.oh.us)
    • Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition (fuelcellcorridor.com)
    • Platform Lab (platformlab.com)
    • Polymer Ohio (polymerohio.org)
    • Qwirk (qwirkcolumbus.com)
    • Social Boomerang
    • State Science & technology Institute (ssti.org)
    • TechLife Columbus (http://techlife.pbwiki.com) - http://www.meetup.com/techlifecolumbus/
    • Union County Chamber of Commerce (unioncounty.org)
    • Xcelerate Media (xceleratemedia.com)

    Friday, March 20, 2009

    Columbus Networking Groups

    If you don't see your group please update the source document at: http://techlife.pbwiki.com/Networking+Groups

    Groups with Sites:

    Technology Groups:


    Thursday, March 19, 2009

    Dana McDaniel talks about the Dublin Entrepreneur Center - Video

    Dublin Entrepreneur Center Grand Opening

    On Thursday morning the Dublin Entrepreneur Center (DEC) hosted over 400 guests at its grand opening. It was incredible event and hopefully is the harbinger of great things happening in the Dublin entrepreneur community.

    DEC website http://www.dublink.net/

    Check out some pictures from the event below and what attendees had to say about the event. More stories to come....


    #Jeremy Martin
    “ a fantastic get together that helps to bring folks together. ”

    Jesse Roberts
    “ Wow! What a wonderful resource for Dublin and all of the community. I look forward to more great things from the DEC.
    #Sandy Blanquera
    “ The DEC Grand Opening was a fabulous event. It was awesome to see so many TechLIfe people there! ”

    Renee Wiggins
    “ Awesome! Very organized and a great networking event! Kudos to everyone involved. ”

    Mark Perkins
    “ Truly exciting to see this type of development gaining momentum. ”

    Larry Needles
    “ It was a good place to meet business owners that had an interest in technology. It was a inovative concept that should be good for the City of Dublin. ”

    Eric Floehr
    “ Great job everyone who organized...good information, good caffeinated water, and good networking! ”

    Tim Haynes
    “ Great event, high energy, tremendous collaboration across many partnerships! ”

    Al Cogossi
    “ The meeting was a well organized introduction to the resources available at the Dublin Entrepreneurial Center. It was a great networking opportunity. ”

    Derrek Seif
    “ Extremely exciting event that promises to serve as the keystone for innovation in Central Ohio! ”

    Brian Zuercher
    “ Great work by everyone involved. When I was a kid growing up, it was all cornfields. Glad to see we are planting seeds for something else now. ”

    Mike Alvarez
    “ Well attended. Well organized. Great space. Exciting to see this type of innovation (especially in my back yard). ”

    Bio Ohio Bioscience Partnering Facts March 2009

    Wondering about bisocience in Ohio - check out this presentation

    Columbus Technical Professional Orgs and Resources

    If you don't see your organization please update the source document at: http://techlife.pbwiki.com/Columbus-Technical-Professional-Orgs-and-Resources -

    AITP - http://www.aitp-columbus.org/

    The Association of Information Technology Professionals is the oldest organization representing IT professionals in the United States. Our association is dedicated to the advancement of the information processing professional by promoting the effective, responsible management of information technology to the benefit of its members, their employers and society.

    ATP - http://www.atp-ohio.org

    The purpose of The Association of Telecommunications Professionals, Inc., is to promote effective design, operation, and management of telecommunications voice and data systems. ATP provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, innovations and applications among its members through bi-monthly meetings. The meetings, in turn establish a community for common interest and promote personal advancement within the telecommunications profession.

    Central Ohio .NET Developers Group - http://www.condg.org/

    Meetings are held from 6:00pm - 8:00pm on the fourth Thursday of each month at theMicrosoft building on Polaris Parkway in Columbus, Ohio.

    Anyone interested is also invited to attend the geek dinner afterwards.

    Central Ohio Entrepreneurs - www.centralohioentrepreneurs.org

    Want to know how to get started? This site provides answers and connections to resources and funding.

    Groundwork Group - http://www.groundworkgroup.com/

    GroundWork group is the collaborative and empowering community solution that enhances the capacity of nonprofits to achieve their missions through information management and technology.

    Platform Lab -http://www.platformlab.org/

    Platform Lab is the nation’s only state-funded IT test & training facility; we provide a competitive advantage to our clients by offering short term physical or remote access to IT hardware, software and massive bandwidth for all types of companies for the explicit purpose of IT testing and projects.

    PMI - http://www.pmicoc.org/

    The PMI Central Ohio Chapter will provide a forum for Professional Project Managers to promote the principles of the Project Management Institute through networking with other Project Managers, sharing project experiences, providing and receiving training, and supporting Project Managers in their certification and continuing professional development efforts.

    STC - http://www.centralohiostc.org

    The Central Ohio Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication was founded in response to the growing number of technical communications professionals in the Columbus metropolitan area, including The Ohio State University. The objectives of the chapter, as stated in the Chapter By-Laws, serve to advance the arts and sciences of technical communication in the Central Ohio area. Central Ohio members are drawn from a geographical boundary of about 100 miles around Columbus.

    TechColumbus - http://www.techcolumbus.org/

    TechColumbus accelerates the growth of the innovation economy by providing vital resources and assistance to people and enterprises that depend on technology to achieve their business goals.

    Technology for Ohio's Tomorrow - http://www.tech4ohio.org/

    Technology for Ohio's Tomorrow is a non-profit coalition of technology consumers, businesses, and opinion leaders. Our mission is to advocate for public policies that inspire and encourage innovation in technology while informing and educating technology consumers about legislative and regulatory issues that impact their lives.

    Toastmasters - toastmasters.org

    Do you want to become a better public speaker? Toastmasters is not only the place to learn, but the place to practice and not be afraid to screw up! There are clubs all over Central Ohio - visit the website to find one that works with your schedule and location.

    XP Columbus - http://cardinalsolutions.com/xp

    The Central Ohio Chapter of the Extreme Programming User's Group promotes the Extreme Programming methodology and to share best practices in iterative project methodologies and frameworks in general. (Meets the last Wednesday of every month 11:30-1:00pm at OCLC in Dublin.)