Tuesday, March 31, 2009

GroundWork Group Forming Young Professionals Advisory Council

Interested in making a difference in the nonprofit community and learning to become a social entrepreneur? The GroundWork Group is putting together a young professionals advisory council and you're invited join.

Click here for more information about the specific projects we have in mind and our next meeting on Thursday April 1

GroundWork group is the collaborative and empowering community solution that enhances the capacity of nonprofits to achieve their missions through information management and technology
. (Go here for more info – http://www.groundwork... and http://ncane.com/79w... )


GroundWork group was founded by a group of passionate energetic volunteers wanting to make a difference in the Columbus Nonprofit world. As GroundWork group matures we want to create a mechanism for continuing to reinvigorate and refresh the volunteer spirit/resources. In particular GroundWork group wants to reach out to young professionals (i.e 18 - 30).
Note: We welcome anyone who want to join the council even if you're not in the 18 - 30 age range. Young can also mean young at heart. smile

Advisory Council Goals:
1. Provide a mechanism for young professionals to make a difference in the nonprofit community
2. Create a "talent" pool for GroundWork group initiatives
3. Create a mechanism to systematically reinvigorate GroundWork group's ideas, networks, passion
4. Identify/teach/cultivate young professionals competent in "social entrepreneurship" to increase the Columbus' fundamental capacity in social entrepreneurship

Why get involved?
- Time effective way to make a difference in local nonprofits
- Ability to learn "social entrepreneurship'
- Meet other like minded individuals in our community
- Pathway to earn leadership (i.e board roles) on nonprofits

Hope to see you soon....



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