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Preparing for the Data Breach: Live Incident Response Team Drilling

COLUMBUS, OH—Interhack presents Preparing for the Data Breach: Live Incident Response Team Drilling at Platform Labs on March 24, 2010. Intuitively we understand how a plan can be well executed: we practice. Athletes practice their games day in and day out. Nobody wins on game day without going through the exercise. Is your incident response team prepared to win?

In business, incident response training is often a tabletop scenario over the lunch room table. Interhack conducts full mock events using real servers and personnel. Drawing on experience running these live drills with their clients, Interhack founder C. Matthew Curtin relates the process of planning for, executing, and cataloging the lessons from live incident response drills. The seminar will show how your organization can prepare for high-risk incidents using this live drill method.

Speaker: C. Matthew Curtin, Founder Interhack

Topic: Preparing for the Data Breach: Live Incident Response Team Drilling

Where: Platform Labs' Columbus facility

When: Wed. 24 March 7:30AM-9:30AM

Cost: $0

Register: online, email - or call Amy Needham 614-545-4225 x308

96-Store Wendy’s Franchise Organization Implements Syrus for Back Office Reporting

COLUMBUS, OH (February, 2010) - Carlisle Corporation, a 96-store, four-state Wendy’s restaurant franchise operation headquartered in Memphis, has implemented back-office service and software leader Syrus Restaurant Information Services in order to make informed business decisions, reduce food and labor costs and get faster access to their information.

Chance Carlisle, President and Chief Operating Officer, explains, “What used to take a week to produce a good product mix for our stores, is available immediately with Syrus. Now, I have a week to analyze the data. Take the new Spicy Nuggets. For all 96 stores we can spot menu mix trends to determine pricing strategies, evaluate the effectiveness of the product, and see where to spend our advertising dollars. We used to make decisions in a vacuum or on hunches. With Syrus’ information, we measure and either validate or debunk. For a company of our size to be able to do this analysis so quickly is tremendous.” And, Chance has seen significant food cost savings. Managers are using all of Syrus’ tools, such as daily targets and accurate prep and cook charts.

Each manager uses Syrus differently to improve performance at his or her own store. “With consolidated reporting, my District Managers now have the ability to manage each store according to its situation and can quickly fine tune their management approach based on what each store needs. Not all stores have food cost problems. They coach their worst offenders and then focus on other issues, like labor, at other locations. By pinpointing specific areas of improvement, managers operate more efficiently, and stores improve financially.” Chance fully expects to use Syrus’ above-store reporting to make better decisions and to use the data in their top line business reviews. “We’ll no longer manage 96 stores as one store. Now, we’ll have accurate information to see demographic trends and discover why some stores are doing well compared to others. We’ll be able to evaluate the effectiveness of new hires and of our training program. And, understand how menu pricing affects different locations. We’ll have a whole different set of benchmarks.” Chance recommends Syrus to owners, advising they will see a tremendous value. “Syrus has allowed us to focus our attention on driving our business from top to bottom, whether it’s our corporate executives, district managers, or newly promoted general managers.”For more information about Syrus, visit our website or call 1-800-647-1560 and choose option 3.

About Syrus

Syrus is one of the leading providers of back-office and above-store reporting tools and services in the restaurant industry. Syrus has a unique business model of both software, as well as day-to-day technical and administrative oversight that users can rely on to receive complete and accurate information every day. An account representative manages all data issues including retrieving, monitoring, and cleansing the data collected from POS systems, food distributors, and other data storage devices. The data service is complemented by a full line of back-office tools that improve the productivity level at the store, and accurately forecast product and labor needs each hour. These integrated tools and services provide a higher level of accuracy and free up owners and operators to use the information to cut costs and increase profits. About Carlisle Corporation Carlisle Corporation is a hospitality company that owns, operates and manages its wholly-owned subsidiary, Wendelta Inc, a 96 store Wendy’s franchisee company with operations in Mississippi, North Carolina, Louisiana and Arkansas.

Tech Across Ohio 2010 NorTech Innovation Awards

Source: Crain's Cleveland Business

2010 NorTech Innovation Awards: the reception

A slideshow recap of the 2010 NorTech Innovation Awards reception

4:30 am, February 25, 2010

And the winners are:

InSeT Systems LLC
Think of this walkie-talkie-sized unit as a potential lifesaver for underground miners.
February 15, 2010

Parker Hannifin Corp.
While firms such as Toyota are grabbing headlines building hybrid electric powered cars, Parker Hannifin Corp.
February 15, 2010

Tremont Electric LLC
Tremont Electric LLC, based in Cleveland's Tremont neighborhood, has found a very direct way to take personal energy, make kinetic energy and save you some money.
February 15, 2010

ViewRay Inc.
In the absence of a cancer cure, ViewRay Inc. of Oakwood Village is attempting to make the treatment more accurate.
February 15, 2010

MesoCoat Inc.
A small company in Euclid is using even smaller particles of ceramic to make a big difference in the world of coatings — and that could mean safer aircraft, fewer toxic chemicals and an...
February 15, 2010

Cleveland State University, Fenn College of Engineering
People aren't likely to install a 300-foot-wide wind turbine in their back yards, so a professor at Cleveland State University has come up with a smaller alternative.
February 15, 2010

Catacel Corp.
Catacel Corp. has designed a catalyst that will help hydrogen makers operate more efficiently.
February 15, 2010

ABSMaterials Inc. (formerly Absorbent Materials Co. LLC)
ABSMaterials Inc., formerly Absorbent Materials Co.
February 15, 2010

RSP Tooling
Normally, RSP Tooling in Solon atomizes steel, spraying it into dies and molds.
February 15, 2010

Kent Displays Inc.
If you're sad, you're blue, but can your cell phone be, too? If Kent Displays Inc.
February 15, 2010

Akron Research Commercialization Corp.
Leave the gold to the Olympians. Wiley J. Youngs and his research team at the University of Akron are more interested in silver.
February 15, 2010

NASA Glenn Research Center
Surgeons could use it. Bridge builders could use it. Heck, even Goodyear could use it.
February 15, 2010

TED 2010 Reflections - Kelly Mooney - Resource Interactive


My hectic schedule has made it tough to post recently. But, I wanted to be sure to share my latest experience and reflections from TED 2010. It's a rather long entry, so grab a coffee or a glass of wine...whatever suits you!

Having experienced 3 ½ days of mind-blowing content, note-taking, networking and yes, a bit of stargazing, I wanted to share some themes that emerged for me. Many are things we all know, and some are simply good reminders of things to think about, since the routine course of business can easily cloud our perspective.

Here are my 10 takeaways (in no particular order):

1. Passion is contagious.
There’s nothing more invigorating than talking with or listening to someone who absolutely loves what they do. Consider Cheryl Hayashi, a spider silk scientist. You got that right…she specializes in spider silk, not just spiders (as if that isn’t specialized enough!). And for 18 minutes, she oozed passion about how silk is created, how different spiders create different types of silk with varying measures of tensile strength. She convinced us why we should care, why she cares so deeply and why we should really think twice before mindlessly batting away a web that crosses our path as it has been so artfully created.

2. Be the CEO of something. It would be easy to assume that TED speakers are CEOs of companies. In fact, that’s rarely the case. Rather, they are CEOs of their ideas, of grand visions, and, most important, of themselves. One memorable TED presenter was a 28-year-old who lived out of his van in Maui, but he was armed with a compelling, groundbreaking challenge to string theory. Raghava KK, a once nameless teen artist from India, discovered his cartoon drawings could evoke emotion and political controversy around the world. And while many may have written off Temple Grandin at an early age, she embraced her autism and the unique strengths it provided her to become revered as an expert in animal behavior and a voice for the global autistic community. Perhaps their successes sound unlikely to us, but no doubt they believed in their own abilities and ideas all along, and their leadership started with themselves.

3. Persistence pays
. While I was having lunch one day, Marc Koska rolled up on a skateboard and asked if he could join me in the adjacent empty chair. He was a casual middle-aged guy with long, tussled hair. As we spoke, I learned that he had invented a particular type of syringe that would prevent hepatitis and HIV from being spread via dirty needles. He invented it when he was 23—with no college education. He spent the next 17 years tweaking the product and convincing the government and other pharma companies to buy it from him—17 years before he got his first sale! Now, he is credited for saving more than 10 million lives. 10 million!!!

4. Fail forward. I had the chance to sit next to David Byrne during one of the sessions. He was a nervous wreck about his upcoming talk. He said he knew how to sing. He could sing with his eyes closed, in his sleep. But talking to this intelligent crowd intimidated him. When it was time for him to walk onto the stage, the audience cheered – it was David Byrne! But, the next 18 minutes were painful for everyone in the room. He bombed. But, he also stretched…in new ways, he allowed himself to be vulnerable, to get uncomfortable – and as a result, he later he confided this experience helped him to discover both an appreciation for the other presenters and a new path for personal growth. And, then there’s Mark Roth, a biochemist and cell biologist who told of his decade-long series of failed attempts and partial successes doing experiments with “suspended animation.” How can someone fail so many times and continue to keep looking for a solution? He’s simply convinced that one day his work will help critically ill trauma patients get the organs they need in time to save their lives. Mark would say it’s important to fail fast, and then keep on going, because time is the most precious currency we have.

4. Things are rarely as they seem
. They are neither black or white or completely wrong or right. Maybe it’s the designer in me, but I’ve always subscribed to that theory. It was refreshing to listen to Sam Harris, a neuroscientist and philosopher challenging the audience to think about how we need to come together to define human values that can be shared in all cultures. And then there was a young provocateur who argued that choosing to be a vegetarian or carnivore was too extreme–why do we have to choose? Why not create a new option – “Weekday Veg” – where fruits and veggies are consumed throughout the week and meat options reserved for the weekend. William Li, a cancer researcher, on the cusp of major breakthroughs told the audience, “Discovery is seeing what everyone else has seen but thinking what no one has thought.” These presenters reminded me that there is always another perspective, another way, and many shades of gray.

5. Dare to be bold. By now, you’ve watched Kramer’s video about our commitment to Jamie Oliver’s bold quest to change the food habits of Americans. One might wonder how a young Brit could dare to be so bold in confronting American moms, school administrators, fast food companies, government official among others. Armed with facts, passion and a vision for a better way, Jamie is determined to change our grocery lists, our school lunches, our fast food options, and our relationship with food. His bold vision enraptured the audience, causing everyone including the likes of Google execs and documentarian Morgan Spurlock to lean forward and offer support. We are thrilled to be part of enabling Jamie’s bold dream. Dare you join us? ; )

6. Have a sense of urgency. Kevin Bales can’t sleep. And now that I know that the world has 27 million slaves TODAY, I can’t either. Bales wakes up everyday knowing that time is ticking. What can he do to end this? Not to curtail it but to END it? He’s busy getting the word out, giving speeches, writing books, negotiating with governments, petitioning the UN and other groups that will get involved and take action. Even though our daily agenda isn’t nearly as ambitious as this, it makes me reconsider how I spend time – do the big things get enough time? Do the little things get less time? Probably not often enough. So, here’s my plan – half the meetings, half the time. Maybe this simple gesture will free up more energy for ideas that can impact our clients, our future, and our range of philanthropic efforts. How can you have more urgency for things that matter?

7. Gamers just may change the world. It’s easy to write-off gaming as a consummate time suck – especially knowing that gaming consumes more than 3 BILLION hours each week. Yep, 3 billion. Jane McGonigal argues that we need to be playing MORE games – as much as 21 billion hours per week? Why? She believes that gamers are most equipped to change the world: 1.) they have an urgent sense of optimism; 2.) they have a strong sense of the social fabric; 3.) they are blissfully productive; 4.) they seek epic wins and meaning. Imagine all the gamers in the world helping to figure out how to cool the planet or solve world hunger. Forget work…let’s play!

8. Power of simplicity.
It’s easy to make relatively simple things complex. It’s extraordinarily difficult to make the complex simple. Bill Gates showed us how to do just that. He had a total of 18 minutes to frame the implications of global warming and proposed a logical formula for solving the problem. He identified 5 key carbon dioxide-reducing ideas and new energy solutions we need to invest in to “innovate to zero.” He helped us to understand that we have 20 years to test and learn and 20 years to implement the solution in order to save the planet. Simple as that….and everyone was ready to jump onboard. All that brilliance was shared in the amount of time it takes to eat a packed lunch.

9. Execution matters.
TED is most known for its provocative content. But perhaps the thing that really makes TED the best conference around is the execution of ….well, everything. With TED, details are essential. From the seamless, speedy registration process to its stunning visual materials to the set décor, to the design-forward meeting spaces throughout the venue, to the healthy food and extraordinary coffee to the breathtaking entertainment to the swag bag – it’s a totally, well-conceived, orchestrated experience. Without the brilliant execution, it might just become an alternative to academia. TED has reminded me that great ideas matter most when they’re executed (with excellence). (Thanks, Bob Baxley for the reminder.)

10. Compassion as a compass. I never saw the direct connection between these two words before – now I do. The spark was initiated for me by a grassroots effort at Then, Sheryl Crow brought this sentiment to life by reminding us all to “get out of our heads and into our hearts.” Natalie Merchant, spent the last 6 years pouring through the works of deceased poets and resurrected their musings in her latest album. She shared a few of these new songs and her sincerity and heartfelt compassion enthralled the audience in a quiet, serene sort of way. Then, unexpectedly, she changed the tempo, closing the session with her infamous and apropos rendition of Thank you - a lovely, spirited reminder that those two little words simply aren’t spoken often enough.

Did you know - Spotlight on STRSI

Did you know that TechLife blog sponsor Strategic Systems :

v CEO was nominated for Executive of the Year 2009 by Tech Columbus

v Ranked #23 INC 500 IT Services award

v Ranked #229 Fastest Growing Company in the 2009 INC. 500

v Ranked #4 Fastest Growing Company in Central Ohio - Business first 2008

v Ranked #15 Fastest Growing Company in Central Ohio - Business first 2009

Public research - Ohio State researchers on stage at COSI performing health studies

Ohio State University research assistants Jenny Brichler, left, and Mia Cohen  help test subject Elan Lieber in a study at COSI.
Gavin Jackson | Dispatch
Ohio State University research assistants Jenny Brichler, left, and Mia Cohen help test subject Elan Lieber in a study at COSI.

Source: Columbus Dispatch

These researchers don't work down some long, dark hallway in the bowels of an ancient university building.

They don't sit in silence at a lab bench, surrounded by beakers and petri dishes, all attention trained on microscopic who-knows-what.

When they talk about what they do, they aren't even hard to understand.

And all of that is sort of the point. Welcome to out-in-the-open, regular-Joe-friendly science.

A group of Ohio State researchers have handed over anonymity to become part of COSI's Labs in Life.

Their research focuses on exercise and nutrition and, on a recent Sunday afternoon, it was plain to see that visitors - everyone from toddlers to seniors - were drawn to the glass-encased labs inhabited by scientists, student interns and their subjects.

Some of the younger visitors were so mesmerized by the action inside the lab on COSI's second floor that they smashed their faces and hands up against the glass walls to watch two studies being performed by researcher Carmen Swain and her team.

In the first study, they're seeking to discover if Wii workouts really are workouts. They're doing this by having people walk or jog with the Wii Fit program. While they exercise, the joggers wear a mask that measures oxygen intake. They also report the intensity of the workout to the researchers every five minutes.

Elan Lieber, an OSU sophomore recruited by the team, was barely winded at the end of his jog, during which he demonstrated how to "cheat" the Wii by moving the hand-held control faster than he was actually jogging. He laughed as the Wii instructed him to take it easy.

Meanwhile, intern Jenny Brichler picked up a microphone and explained the study to the crowd gathered outside the glass walls.

In a second study, Swain's team is comparing the Presidential Fitness Challenge and an electronic BodyTest system to see how different tests influence the motivation of 8- to 11-year-old children who are recruited during their visits to COSI.

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TECHie Camp 2010: Educating, Exciting and Empowering students with technology! Register today and SAVE!

TECHie Camp is a full day, week long summer program designed to engage rising 3rd – 5th and 6th – 8th grade students in hands-on, interactive activities focused on Robotics, Web Development, Programming, Gaming and Android App Development.

TECHie Camp puts students in the role of creating and designing with technology--not just using and consuming it.   The goal of TECHie Camp is to engage students in activities that can stimulate a deeper interest in and understanding of technology; as well as provide opportunities for them to express their creativity.

TECH CORPS has partnered with K-12 schools, universities and nonprofit organizations to offer TECHie Camp at a variety of locations between June 7, 2010 and August 20, 2010.

For additional information and to register visit  Register today and save!!!

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, we are offering a limited number of partial and full scholarships – visit for details.

TECHie Camp is a program of TECH CORPS, a nonprofit organization connecting technology, learning and the community to ensure all K-12 students have equal access to the technology programs, skills and resources necessary to enrich their education today and to prepare them to successfully compete in the information-based, technology-driven marketplace tomorrow.

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Developing a Social Strategy: Slides and Webinar Recording –Share It « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Social Media, Web Marketing

ACME Express wants to take $35 million out of our healthcare costs

ACME Express wants to take $35 million out of our healthcare costs

ACME Express wants to take $35 million a year out of Ohio healthcare costs. So far, it's received a lot of help to pave the way.

The Cleveland-based software developer, founded in 1980, has caught the attention both of the federal government and the State of Ohio, which have helped fund research and development as well as commercialization of software that makes scheduling of medical personnel more efficient.

ACME Express was founded in 1980, and since then has developed products and services aimed at everything from logistics, to education, to medicine. These days, however, "we're focusing on healthcare," says President and Founder Don Scipione.

Grants from the National Institutes of Health and the Ohio Third Frontier have made it possible.

First came a $100,000 Small Business Innovation Research grant from the NIH in the late 1990s for Phase I "proof of concept" work. The successful completion of early work led to a Phase II grant for $250,000, Scipione says.

The company's successful DOCS scheduling software is now being used by 80 healthcare customers representing 5,000 doctors, Scipione says.

In 2009, ACME received a two-year, $350,000 grant from the Third Frontier's Ohio Research Commercialization Program to extend the product's reach into hospitals and clinics, where Scipione says the real healthcare savings will be. Meanwhile, the company is awaiting word on a pending Small Business Innovation Research Grant to extend the capabilities of the product to maximize savings.

Scipione, whose company went from 4.5 employees last year to a current seven, counts among his staff three interns attracted through the Ohio Third Frontier Internship Program.

Source: Don Scipione, ACME Express
Writer: Gene Monteith

SciTech aims for tech-savvy synergies -- all under one roof

Source: HiVelocity

Science and Technology Campus Corp., the state-of-the-art research and office complex at The Ohio State University, is counting on creative synergy, investing in an $7.3 million ElectroScience lab and wireless communication building that housing university researchers and private tech-savvy firms under one roof.

The innovative 40,000-square-foot Wireless Communication Building allows for quick collaboration, making the research-to-commercialization process more dynamic and smooth, says SciTech President Doug Aschenbach.

"A lot of research ideas really do begin in a brainstorming process where people will be talking at lunch. There is a creative process that works better if people are together than if people are working by phone 1,000 miles away," Aschenbach says.

SciTech, a non-profit that partners with state, local and university partners to attract high-tech companies to its research park, is the developer of the Wireless Communication Building. The OSU ElectroScience Lab will occupy half of the new building. SciTech hasn't announced any official private clients yet, but said the companies in the ElectroScience field, like aviation companies, are targeted tenants.

"In many cases (researchers and private industry) are already collaborating. It makes the process more efficient if someone can walk down the hall and talk to the person conducting research on their behalf," Aschenbach says.

The building is expected to be ready for occupancy late this year.

Source: SciTech President Doug Aschenbach

New technologies, Twitter, reshape how farmers work and connect

New technologies, Twitter, reshape how farmers work and connect

With 75,700 farms, 800 food processing plants and roughly 1 million employees, agriculture pumps $93 billion into Ohio's economy every year. All the while, farmers are producing more variety for consumers, doing it more economically and doing it on fewer acres than ever before. How?

Waste-saving controls and satellite communications have produced combines that can "drive themselves" and tell their operators where they are in a field -- to within an inch.

Advances in biotechnology have produced hardier animals and healthier grains.

And information technology has made it possible not only to get the daily market report from a Blackberry in a strawberry field, but to share information with an extended community of farmers and consumers.

"Twenty-five or 30 years ago, we didn't have the ability through the monitor systems and sprayers. . . to really look and see exactly what (herbicides) you were putting where," says John Davis, a Delaware County corn and soybean grower and president of the Ohio Corn Growers Association. "You just kind of threw it out there and did the best you could. You've got the ability now through computers and other types of GPS products to place the product (only) where it's needed."

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Squeezing More into a Day: OSU Medical Students Leverage Technology

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Justin Harper, like other third-year medical students, will have attended more than 2,000 hours of classroom lectures upon graduation and dedicated more than two-thirds of his waking hours to medical school. The pressures of becoming a doctor led Harper to develop a tool that is changing how medical students at The Ohio State University study.

Harper and other medical students at The Ohio State University’s College of Medicine are early adopters of using portable media players to condense classroom material and lengthy lectures using a process to remove nonessential elements such as breaks and pauses. The technology enables a 50-minute lecture to be downloaded and condensed to roughly 30 minutes.

The media players, widely used for entertainment, have become essential in the learning process for new doctors, according to Dr. Catherine Lucey, vice dean for education at Ohio State’s College of Medicine.

“We took a step back and asked ourselves, ‘How would medical students use the devices, ideally, throughout medical school?’ ” says Lucey.

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Innovate 2010 - the world’s most promising startups - are you one? | San Antonio Startup Blog

Innovate 2010 - the world’s most promising startups - are you one? | San Antonio Startup Blog

Now is the time. The Innovate!100 is the place.
Guidewire Group, a global market intelligence and advisory firm passionate about technology entrepreneurship, is teaming up with leading partners and sponsors to host a global competition to identify and accelerate the world’s 100 top technology, media and telecommunications startups.
Startups, especially early-stage startups, need all of the help they can get. They need to maximize media coverage in order to raise awareness among potential customers, partners, and investors. They need independent validation by unbiased experts who know their market sector. And whether they are first-time entrepreneurs or seasoned startup pros, they need introductions to the right partners and investors who can dramatically accelerate their revenue opportunities, competitive position and market awareness.
The Innovate!2010 program is designed to meet those needs – and more – by discovering and promoting the world’s most promising startups!
Have you got what it takes to win?
Qualifying startups are eligible to compete for nearly $250,000 worth of prizes provided by our world-class partners and sponsors. In addition, finalists will have an opportunity to participate in one of our international Innovate!2010 Pitch Slams where they will deliver rapid-fire pitches in front of a panel of expert judges and an audience of local entrepreneurs, investors, corporate executives and members of the press. Applications to the competition are now being accepted.
Startups selected to be part of the Innovate!2010 Pitch Slams will receive:

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14ninetytwo demo days - details

After months of hard work Mylee and MobileXpeditions are ready to show their products off to the Central Ohio Tech Community. Both companies are participants in the 14ninetytwo program. 14ninetytwo is a Central Ohio early stage technology incubator focused on providing startups with the tools needed to build sustainable and profitable businesses.

See new innovative product demonstrations from these 14ninetytwo funded companies along with a panel to discuss lessons learned and future plans for both businesses.

For more information, follow this link to the registration page at TechColumbus.

Willie Neumann, moderator and sponsor
Mark Gilicinski, Founder MobileXpeditions
Tracy Warner Appian, Founder Mylee

Panel participants:
Rajiv Ramnath Director of Practice, C.E.T.I.

Dave Bull Senior Partner ShiftGlobal

Company Description:


Mylee is Making Your Life Easier Everyday by offering the ultimate electronic calendar uniquely suited to the needs of busy families. With Mylee you can add, edit and view events online or via your cell phone or PDA – and conveniently display your calendar wherever your family congregates most.

Mylee combines the features and functionality of an online calendar with the accessibility and effectiveness of a traditional wall calendar to create a complete organization solution. Not only does Mylee effectively coordinate family members’ appointments and events, but can also manage schedules for other activities such as dinner menus, household chores, and home maintenance. Mylee makes it easy to create task and grocery lists that can be viewed remotely or sent via email or text, right from the office or supermarket. And only Mylee helps you get directions and seamlessly incorporate travel time into your daily agenda.

Mylee makes life easier!

  • Saves time – less time managing activities means more quality time for the family
  • Lowers stress and reduces frustration – reduces double-booking or missed appointments
  • Shares responsibility – enables spouse and kids keep track of tasks and activities too, not just mom
  • Creates order – Puts you back in control of your family, your life

Short Bio

Mylee is founded and privately owned by Tracy Warner Appiah. Appiah has a BS from Cornell University, a graduate degree from University of N. Carolina at Chapel Hill, and an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. In addition to a strong educational background, Appiah has over 15 years of strategic planning and marketing experience – both in retail (catalog/web) and financial services. Most importantly, Appiah is a working wife and mother of two small children, with first-hand experience of juggling schedules for multiple members of a busy family.


MobileXpeditions is a revolutionary platform which allows venues and brands to create media-rich, interactive, location-based experiences for the iPhone platform at a fraction of what it would cost to develop a custom application from scratch. More than simple informational software, MobileXpeditions can help create guided tours and scavenger hunt games which actively engage visitors, promote repeat traffic, generate brand awareness, and increase customer satisfaction.

Short Bio:

Mark Gilicinski has twenty years of software development and technical support experience and is the founder of MobileXpeditions, LLC. He spent over 12 years with The Walt Disney Company, including technology leadership roles for their Feature Animation division where he contributed to over ten films. After Disney, Mr. Gilicinski relocated to Columbus, Ohio to work for AOL. There he headed the Low Cost Member Services team supporting over one million members across multiple brands. Most recently Mark was head of Product Management at a local software firm developing integrated business productivity applications. Mark began his career as a computer analyst for the Department of Defense. He has a BS in Computer Science from The Ohio State University and an MBA from the University of Florida

For more information, follow this link to the registration page at TechColumbus.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A $3.5 Billion Effort Aims to Help Tech Start-Ups -

A $3.5 Billion Effort Aims to Help Tech Start-Ups -

SAN FRANCISCO — Technologists have been worrying aloud for years that America is losing its competitive edge as other countries invest more heavily in technology education and innovation.

To counter that trend, Intel and 24 venture capital firms said Tuesday that they planned to invest $3.5 billion in American start-ups over the next two years.

In addition, Intel, Google, Cisco Systems, Microsoft and 13 other employers pledged to add jobs in 2010 — specifically by hiring 10,500 graduates of American colleges, largely those with computer science and engineering degrees.

The initiative, called the Invest in America Alliance, is spearheaded by Intel, the world’s largest chip maker, and was announced on Tuesday by the company’s chief executive, Paul S. Otellini, in a speech at the Brookings Institution in Washington.

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Independent restaurants and web entrepreneurs team up to fight hunger with great deals. Launches Concept in Columbus to support Mid-Ohio Foodbank

COLUMBUS, February 25, 2010 – Fudha (, is pioneering a unique way to connect people heading out to restaurants with good deals for a good cause – fighting hunger.  The Columbus Ohio based internet startup offers discounts from the best locally-owned restaurants in the city, donating revenue from every meal to support families served by the Mid-Ohio Foodbank.

Fudha offers members one dining deal a day (which can be used like a coupon), until time runs out or the maximum number of deals is sold (whichever comes first), and then they offer a new deal the next day. Membership is free at the Fudha website For every Fudha sold (that’s what they call their deals), the site donates $1 to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank.
Local Internet entrepreneur and foodie, Tanisha Robinson, founded Fudha.  The site features deals from many local dining favorites including Betty’s, Due Amici, and Bodega.
It’s one thing to get a good deal. It’s another to get a great value at a place where you love to eat and know that you are giving back to the community,” Robinson explains.We want our customers to check out the deals daily, and to have an easy way to give to families who need it most.
Fudha will host a launch party and fundraiser for the Mid-Ohio Foodbank at Barrio (Spring + High) at 1:00p on February 28. The first deal will be live on the site March 1 at noon.
For more information about joining Fudha, or to get your restaurant featured on the site, please contact:
Tanisha Robinson

Connecting Points: Takeaways from CIO Executive Council Workshops - - Business Technology Leadership

Connecting Points: Takeaways from CIO Executive Council Workshops - - Business Technology Leadership

While the cloud computing buzz continues to grow, CIOs are taking a measured approach to make the move effectively and safely

Wed, February 24, 2010CIO

Define the nature and scope of the services that are cloud candidates

No matter how interested executives or users are in the promise of cloud computing, not everything should be considered, much less moved there. Mature services are better candidates than new ones, as are temporary or peak-period applications that are resource-intensive to bring up and take down if kept on in-house systems.

Determine the risk threshold

High security is not always necessary. To determine security requirements, perform a classification of assets reflecting the company's tolerance of risk.

Click here to find out more!

Negotiate terms for all scenarios

Many vendors advise giving your company room to grow in the cloud, but you should also anticipate needing the ability to scale down.

Lock in standards

Once a decision has been made on what is moving and where, create a mechanism to enforce standards for the new processes.

Rationalize policies

Don't assume automatic buy-in. To head off pushback, share the rationale for policies, particularly those that deny users functionality

Insights collected from participants at the CIO Perspectives Forum in San Francisco, Calif., Sept. 23, 2009, and the CIO: The Year Ahead Summit in Indian Wells, Calif., Nov. 10, 2009. Register for upcoming CIO Perspectives at

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You're invited - 2/25 - AfterHours Dublin Meetup - Smart People Gathering in Dublin at Brazenhead Thursday evening

As you may have heard, the City of Dublin was named a "Top 7 Community" (in the world !!!) by the Intelligent Community Forum.

We need all the techies and entrepreneurs to come out and pat themselves on the back! No better way to do it then to gather everyone that made this possible for some networking and fellowship. Come join us in the basement of the Brazenhead in Dublin for some fun!

P.S. Special thanks to The City of Dublin for providing appetizers ;-)

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“The Top Seven of 2010 have demonstrated ingenuity through innovative broadband applications and dedication to education,” said ICF Co-founder Louis Zacharilla who presented the Top Seven during the annual PTC conference in Hawaii. “Each of these communities was affected by the recession, yet they pushed forward with their commitment to broadband, innovation and a knowledge-based economy through investments in research and development facilities, the creation and aggressive support of small business and “clusters” of industries that continued to produce new jobs.

Minds On - Breaking through the Barriers – Getting Attention and the Price of Admission

Minds On

The other day I received an e-mail from someone that I didn’t recognize, but the subject of the e-mail was “RE: Meeting Request.”

It didn’t take me long after I opened it to see that someone had just gotten past one of my barriers to marketing messages and sales pitches. Normally, I would have just hit the Delete button, but something else caught my eye. They were offering me a $50 Starbucks gift card for viewing a 30-minute demo.

Another barrier breached.

So I slowed down and read their message, and what do you know? It was on a topic of interest to me. These guys were good.

This one e-mail was a perfect example of how a clever subject line and offer could catch someone’s attention. We use these techniques for our clients here at Minds On, and I’m always impressed when I see others using them, too.

First, this e-mail campaign was directed at me specifically. They had discovered that I was interested in their category of software. They had my name, e-mail address, and knew that I was a decision-maker. This same message directed at the guy in the office next to ours might have been a complete miss, but they had zeroed in on me. That’s impressive.

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Innovative research aims at green energy uses and electronics
COLUMBUS, OH – One of the really thorny issues in deploying solar, wind and electric-car technologies involves efficiently storing energy. With that in mind, Battelle scientists are in the early stages of developing a technology that addresses storage needs affordably.

The supercapacitor technology developed on Battelle’s Columbus campus is projected to capture and store large amounts of electricity for extended time periods and also release the energy quickly.

Battelle’s technology could be applicable in plug-in hybrid electrical vehicles (PHEV) because the current energy storage technology is bulky and inefficient. Spencer Pugh, Vice President and manager of Industrial and International Markets for Battelle’s National Security division, says current batteries can’t store or release power fast enough. The Battelle solution seeks to do both.

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Veeam Backup & Replication™ Ensures Consistent, Reliable Backups of Virtual Environment

Reading, UK, February 17, 2010Veeam Backup & Replication, the #1 backup solution for VMware environments, has increased backup speed of virtual servers by 98 percent at The Pensions Trust, one of the UK’s leading multi-employer occupational pension funds for the charitable, social, educational, voluntary and not-for-profit sectors. Veeam Software, innovative provider of systems management tools for VMware virtual datacenter environments, has released new versions of the software twice each year since it debuted in February 2008 and introduced a number of innovations for data protection in virtualized environments. These includes “2-in-1” as backup and replication (near CDP) are combined in one product; instant file-level recovery for Windows and Linux from an image-level backup; and the first to fully support VMware vSphere and vStorage.

“Veeam Backup & Replication is totally brilliant,” explained Darren Bull, business support manager for The Pensions Trust. “It’s much faster than the first-generation backup and recovery tool we previously used for virtual servers. I can back up the 800 gigabyte main file server in 10 minutes; the other backup system took eight to nine hours to do the same job, if it worked at all.”

Ensuring consistent, reliable backups of the virtual environment was a necessity at The Pensions Trust. Bull said each revision of the previous product deteriorated, which meant he and his team were constantly monitoring backups because they failed continually. “I used to spend countless hours monitoring and manually troubleshooting the old system, which included nights and weekends,” he said. “Now that we use Veeam Backup & Replication, a huge weight has been lifted.”

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10 Unsung Collaboration Tools — Many of Them Free – GigaOM

Wi-Fi-Equipped School Bus Sedates Rowdy Teens With Their Favorite Opiate: The Internet | Popular Science

Wi-Fi-Equipped School Bus Sedates Rowdy Teens With Their Favorite Opiate: The Internet | Popular Science
Beep beep, here comes the Internet Bus

Rolling Study Hall Homework for the road Joshua Lott/NYTimes

Putting a mobile Internet router on a yellow school bus has transformed a crowd of rowdy, bored teens into a quiet and well-behaved flock of studious students. That experiment at the Empire High School outside of Tucson, Arizona may soon replicate itself in school districts all across the nation, the New York Times reports.

The high school had already become a "digital school" in 2005 by issuing laptops instead of textbooks to students, and by offering strong Internet signals in every classroom as well as on the football field. But school officials decided to outfit a bus as a way of extending student productivity outside the classroom.

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MT Business Technologies Partners with Metcalf & Associates on Leadership and Company Transformation

COLUMBUS, OH, February 17, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Columbus-based management consulting firm, Metcalf & Associates, and MT Business Technologies (MTBT) have been working together to implement generational change, while simultaneously transforming their leadership and the business itself. Significant progress is being made within MTBT from leadership effectiveness to improved business processes and a new subsidiary launch.

Metcalf notes that successful generational change within a business depends on several factors:
- Leader's willingness and ability to change himself as well as his organization;
- Leader's commitment of time and resources over an extended period of time;
- Leader's patience and open mindedness in confronting long held beliefs about how the business should run; and
- Leader's courage to stand behind challenging decisions.

With these factors in mind, Metcalf and MTBT CEO, Carl Fernyak, are working together to transform the firm to better compete in their current document imaging industry, as well as launch a new managed technology services subsidiary. The program uses well-researched tools and methods- starting with the assessment process using the Mature Adult Profile (MAP), created by Susann Cook Greuter, and the 360 degree assessment of leadership behaviors, using The Leadership Circle Profile (TLCP). The assessment results helped identify where Fernyak could make the biggest impact with his change efforts.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Clean Fuels Ohio Launches $11 Million ARRA Grant That Includes Propane AutoGas Vehicle Conversions

ASHEVILLE, N.C., Feb. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Clean Fuels Ohio has scheduled a media event to announce the launch of the Ohio Advanced Transportation Partnership, a DOE-based initiative to bring 280 alternative fuel vehicles and 15 refueling stations to Ohio. The contract, which provides $11 million under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, was finalized last week.

As part of the program, Alliance AutoGas will retrofit 77 vehicles, across three Ohio fleets, to run on propane AutoGas and will install AutoGas refueling sites at each of the fleet bases. Columbus Green Cabs, Yellow Cab of Cleveland, and Ace Taxi of Cleveland will all convert vehicles with Alliance.

"Alliance AutoGas is proud to be a part of the Clean Cities initiative helping fleets convert to domestic AutoGas," said Alliance Representative Steve McCoy, who will attend the event. "Our mission to put more propane-powered fleets on the road and to grow the national propane AutoGas infrastructure is helping America gain energy independence while providing lasting benefits to fleets."

The event will take place Wednesday, February 24, 2010 from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Riffe Center, Capitol Theater lobby in Columbus, Ohio. Mark Shanahan (Director of Ohio Air Quality Development Authority) and Chris Korleski (Ohio EPA director) are a few of the high-level state and DOE officials who plan to attend. Members of the press are encouraged to join the launch. The Riffe Center is located at 55 E. State Street.

Fleets that convert vehicles to AutoGas can expect:

  • Lower fuel costs
  • Significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Lowered dependence on foreign oil (90% of propane is produced in the U.S.)

Ideal candidates for propane AutoGas vehicle conversion include taxis, law enforcement and municipal vehicles, limousines, utility company vehicles and many others.

About Alliance AutoGas

Alliance AutoGas – with founding partners Blossman Gas (the nation's largest independent propane company) and American Alternative Fuel provides a turn-key solution that has fleet managers across the country committing to use clean, domestically produced and readily available AutoGas. Visit


For more information about the event, contact Clean Fuels Ohio at (614) 884-7336 or email at

For Alliance AutoGas general questions contact David Finder, Energy Program Manager, Blossman Gas, Inc. - or (828) 251-0027.

Pacejet Integrates Multi-Carrier Pack and Ship Software with NetSuite's Cloud Computing Platform -- COLUMBUS, Ohio, Feb. 22 /PRNewswire/ --

Pacejet Integrates Multi-Carrier Pack and Ship Software with NetSuite's Cloud Computing Platform -- COLUMBUS, Ohio, Feb. 22 /PRNewswire/ --

Integration Helps NetSuite Manufacturing and Distribution Customers Reduce Shipping Costs while Streamlining Order Fulfillment Processes

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Feb. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Pacejet Logistics, a leading provider of Web-based shipping, warehouse, and logistics software for growing and midsize businesses, today announced the integration of its packing and shipping application with the NetSuite cloud computing platform. The Pacejet product helps companies maximize shipping and logistics efficiencies by automating processes such as freight-rating, packing, labelling, and export shipping/paperwork. Built using NetSuite's SuiteCloud development platform, the combined solution helps NetSuite customers manage multi-carrier packing and shipping to reduce shipping costs, streamline order fulfillment, and improve customer service.

"The Pacejet software includes numerous functions that help companies improve productivity, reduce shipping cost and human errors, and provide customers with comprehensive shipping information, labels, paperwork, and visibility," said Larry DeLeon, Pacejet President.

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Huntington Bank Appoints Steve George Technology Shared Services Director -- COLUMBUS, Ohio, Feb. 22 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ --

GE will integrate with Columbus, Ohio-based Juice Technology to Offer Electric Vehicle Chargers in 2010

Company teams with technology provider to meet electric-vehicle market demand.

Feb. 17, 2010

General Electric Co. said Feb. 17 it has partnered with energy management and electric vehicle technologies provider Juice Technologies LLC to produce intelligent plug-in electric vehicle charging devices for U.S. and global markets. The chargers will integrate GE's smart meters with Columbus, Ohio-based Juice Technology's Plug Smart engine to help consumers charge their cars during low-demand, lower cost time periods.GE will offer a line of charging products in the United States in the second quarter of 2010, with full-scale production ramping up throughout the year. Global availability will follow. Smart chargers will hasten acceptance of plug-in cars by providing consumers with the low charging rates for their cars, while utilities will be able to better control the demand for electricity and take on the added load of electric vehicles without overtaxing their grids, the company said. Utilities will also realize greater value from their capital equipment during overnight and other low-demand times, when it is substantially less utilized."Plug-in electric vehicles will become the new transportation reality," said Bob Gilligan, vice president-transmission and distribution for GE Energy Services. "These chargers will help consumers use electric cars as cost-effectively as possible, speeding their adoption-lowering our carbon footprint and dependence on foreign oil. Smart chargers will make it easier and more cost effective to power clean, efficient cars with electricity made from clean, domestic sources."