Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Upcoming Technology and Entrepreneur focused Meetups in Central Ohio

This weeks spotlight event

Heart of a Champion - AITP
Association for Information Technology Professionals (AITP) is championing the educational needs of professionals to help them thrive and advance their career. 
That’s why AITP has partnered with the Heart of a Champion Learning (HOC) to offer learning courses around 10 key core character and ethics values crucial to personal and corporate growth and success.
AITP Columbus Chapter invites you to attend...
Perseverance… Steady persistence in adhering to a course of action, a belief, or a purpose

Upcoming Events:(click on the event for details) - the master calendar can be found at - http://bit.ly/bgyzj

Technical Professional Development - 
web analytics,python,sql,architecture, agile and more

7/14 - International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) July Meeting -  http://bit.ly/capEPG
7/14 - Social Media Solutions with Drupal - http://bit.ly/9mkK7y
7/15 - Central Ohio Sharepoint Users Group Monthly Meeting - Lightning Talks - http://bit.ly/cuHAkC
7/15 - DAMA Q3 Mtg - Advanced Analytical Structures - http://bit.ly/ahFaAS
7/19 - Columbus Ruby Brigade Monthly Meeting - http://bit.ly/9l7KUB
7/22 - Central Ohio .NET Developers Group - http://bit.ly/9lXIU4
7/22 - A Slice of The Big Show - Agile 2010 conference - http://bit.ly/dtMgZD
7/26 - Agile Planning: Requirements and Estimation in an Agile World - http://bit.ly/d4ADRg
7/26 - Learn Genetic Programming in Python - http://bit.ly/cZ2HFa
7/31 - PyOhio 2010 - http://bit.ly/d2tEUI

For startups, entrepreneurs, nonprofits and small business
7/13 - DEC Presents...Third Frontier Grant Writing Seminar - http://bit.ly/bfqmTf
7/13 - DEC Presents...B.A.S.E. Start Up Workshop - http://bit.ly/crj1MY
7/14 - Technology Based Business Innovation in the City of Upper Arlington -  http://bit.ly/9skXb0
7/15 - Understanding Business Investment Opportunities - (CPE) for CPA -http://bit.ly/cDCcRN
7/15 - DEC Presents...HR Essentials Day -  http://bit.ly/bXMWFp
7/15 - DEC Presents...Conquer Your Marketing Challenge w/Written Impact -  http://bit.ly/aVAUzG
7/22 - Understanding Private Equity Opportunities in the Village of New Albany - http://bit.ly/cduCJ8

Tech Networking, Coworking, Social media ,General interest 
7/14 - TechLife Coffee Connect - Clintonville Beechwold -http://bit.ly/ctAhqm
7/15 - Jelly @ The DEC -  http://bit.ly/97kqvW
7/16 - Future of Work Series: Innovative Alternative Employment Opportunities -http://bit.ly/9w26e3

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