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Happy 50th Bday to the copier - Battelle's role

Inventor Carlson, Battelle Only Ones to See its Potential

COLUMBUS, Ohio—Battelle scientists played a little-known but critical role in the development of the office copier when the first one was delivered to a customer in March 1960.

The idea of making quick copies on regular paper was a long time coming. Most didn’t see its potential when Chester Carlson first conceived of it in 1935. He was a patent attorney who was exasperated with the difficulty, mess and expense of making extra copies of patent specifications. Through research, hard work and will power, he created a process and patented it in 1937, making the first successful dry copy the next year. But he needed capital and technical expertise to further develop the machine, so he shopped his invention to more than 20 American businesses, finding closed doors at every turn.

But in 1944, he came to Columbus, Ohio to visit Battelle, a nonprofit research and development organization for which he handled some contracts as a patent attorney. When Carlson told Battelle scientists about his invention, they saw the broad applications for such a machine that others had not.

Battelle signed a contract to develop the process. Battelle scientists worked to find out what worked and what didn’t and how to improve the powder image. By 1946, Battelle asked Haloid, a small New York photocopy business, to sponsor further development. A professor at The Ohio State University helped coin the name, xerography (dry writing in Greek), and Haloid eventually became Xerox.

In 1948, the first xerographic image was produced in public, in Detroit at the American Optical Society meeting. The next year, Haloid created a machine, “the Model A,” to use the technology to make lithographs, but it would take more than a decade to get low-cost, convenient copiers into offices. In 1959, the 914 copier (named because it could make copies on sheets as large as 9 by 14 inches) was ready to change the world.

Battelle is founded on the principle of taking innovations from the laboratory to the showroom floor in expeditious fashion. The invention of the modern day copier is one of the best examples one could cite for this directive, which came from the will of founder Gordon Battelle. Evidence of this can be found in the United State Senate’s Congressional Record, when a commendation for its role in the development of dry copying was read on Sept. 26, 2008.

Battelle is the world’s largest independent R&D organization, as well as one of the nation’s leading charitable trusts, focusing on societal and economic impact and actively supporting and promoting science and math education. Please visit

Media contacts: Katy Delaney at (614) 424-7208,, or T.R. Massey at (614) 424-5544,

Faster Than The Speed Of Sound: New Control System Has What It Takes To Guide Experimental Aircraft

Faster Than The Speed Of Sound: New Control System Has What It Takes To Guide Experimental Aircraft

X-43A Hypersonic Experimental Vehicle -- Artist Concept in Flight. Credit: NASA Dryden Flight Research Center.


COLUMBUS, Ohio -- When a jet is flying faster than the speed of sound, one small mistake can tear it apart.

And when the jet is so experimental that it must fly unmanned, only a computer control system can pilot it.

Ohio State University engineers have designed control system software that can do just that -- by adapting to changing conditions during a flight.

Andrea Serrani
Lisa Fiorentini

Government agencies have been developing faster-than-sound vehicles for decades. The latest supersonic combustion ramjets -- called scramjets -- scoop oxygen from the air to ignite on-board fuel, and could one day carry people to space or around the world in a matter of hours.

The recent success of NASA’s X-43 hypersonic jet has spurred research into the control systems for these vehicles, said Lisa Fiorentini, doctoral student in electrical and computer engineering at Ohio State University.

She and associate professor Andrea Serrani are developing a new control system in collaboration with the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (ARFL) at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.

In the current issue of the Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics, they report that their controller performed flawlessly in computer simulations of flight maneuvers.

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Live: Kleiner Perkins’ Doubles Down The iFund To $200 Million For the iPad

Live: Kleiner Perkins’ Doubles Down The iFund To $200 Million For the iPad
by MG Siegler on Mar 31, 2010

I’m here at the Rosewood Sandhill Hotel in Menlo Park, CA where Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers is hosting a mysterious press briefing surrounding a “mobile content revolution.” The famous venture capital firm is being tight-lipped about what this event is actually about, but the speculation among those here is that it may involve Apple’s new iPad, which is being launched in the U.S. on Saturday.

Update: Yep, it’s about the iPad. Kleiner Perkins is doubling its iFund to $200 million for more than a dozen iPad applications in May. iFund portfolio companies include Booyah, Cooliris, GOGII, InMobi, ngmoco, Pinger, Shazam, shopkick, and Zynga.

Slated to speak are the Kleiner Perkins’ partners as well as “strategic partner executives.” In March of 2008 as Apple was unveiling its iPhone SDK, Kleiner Perkins also unveiled its iFund, a $100 million fund to spur iPhone app development.

Below, find my live notes (paraphrased):

John Doerr: Just 15 years ago in 1994 there was no Internet. There was no browser. Steve Jobs had left Apple he was working on Toy Story and NeXT. That year I saw Mosiac, the first web browser. It was magic. The rest of the 90s was a great experience. All those companies came around. Silicon Valley was a Florence of the

“It feels like Deja Vu all over again. Twice in a lifetime.”

A tsumani of cellphones have swept the world – now 3 billion have them. Including people in far reaches of Africa. There are 75 times more cellphones in Kenya than PCs. In 4 years there will be 32 million cell phones there. Everyone is going to have the Internet and a cell phone in their pockets.

A few years ago Steve Jobs rocked the world with the iPhone. ”If you can’t invent the future, the next best way is to fund it.”

Think back to March 6, 2008, the iFund was a little risky. There was no iPhone 3G. We now have 14 ventures in the iFund, 3 are stealth. 8 of them are here today. They’re kicking ass.

There are 100 million downloads, and there will be over $100 million in revenues from these companies this year. We’ve raised $330 million raised for them. But on the eve of the iPad, the iFund is out of money. To quote Bill Campbell, “You’ve gotta have the fucking money.” So we’re doubling down the iFund to $200 million.

This Saturday the iFund arrives, we believe it’s going to rule the world. I’ve held it, caressed it. It feels like you’re touching the future (Doerr stole that from me).

We’re going into a brave new world. From the old world of Windows interfaces to touch. The swoosh of liquidity. The iPad is direct, it’s natural. WYTIWis — what you touch, is what is.

Ron Okamoto, VP developer relations, Apple:

Two year’s ago, John went out on a limb. Now it’s a tree. WIth the iPad, this is going to be big. We have 100,000 developers making over 150,000 apps that have been downloaded 3 billion times. That’s in just 24 months. With the iPad, it’s going to be even bigger.

You’ve gotta have a cool name to be funded by Kleiner (laughs). We’ve seen what developers are working on so far, it’s fantastic. In a few days, you’ll see it too.

Doerr back on stage

100,000 flowers blooming. The tablet is where all these dreams are going to come true. This is going to start a third Renaissance in software. This will be a new interconnected, interactive world. This future will transform all fields (healthcare, etc). Over the next decade 3 times better battires in 10 times better powered chips. You’ll have a terabyte of local fast storage soon.

I’ve always been awed by entrepreneurs. Let’s talk to the guys working in the iFund.

Bing Gordon, Kleiner Perkins

I have no prepared remarks. Twas the night before iPad – nothing was stirring, except the whole family trying to throw away their mouse. I’m going to make a prediction. Many centuries ago the writing body language. 50 years ago, the typewriter body language. Then the iPhone body language. Now the iPad body language.

Greg Woock, CEO Pinger

I’ve been with a lot of companies, nothing has been as successful as with the iPhone. We have paid apps and free apps. Many different business models – in app adds, in app purchases. We’ve done 13 titles, 10 have been in the top 100. Largely because we use our apps to sell other apps. If you’re not in the top 100 apps, it’s hard to be seen. We’re profitable – in a year, really in 9 months!

So the iPad: The strongest thing I can saw is that my daughter immediately knew she wanted one. We’re making Doodle Buddy for the iPad. The most fun you can have with your hand (rather than your finger (with the iPhone).

Keith Lee, Booyah

When we saw the iPhone, we knew we had to leave our jobs at Blizzard. Camera, GPS, this was huge for new experiences. 4 months ago we launched MyTown. It’s the most popular location-based social game. It’s realworld Monopolgy. We’ve been able to hit 1.6 million registered users. 130,000 new users a week. We’ve always been in the top 50 of the charts. People spending 70 million a day (per user) in our game. We have 4 million daily check-ins.

Issue 1 by the Numbers - Your support requested

Source: TechColumbus

State Issue 1 for Jobs goes before Ohio voters on May 4. Issue 1 is a statewide ballot measure that would authorize renewal and continuation of the highly successful Ohio Third Frontier (OTF) program. OTF, a public-private partnership created in 2002, provides support to a number of programs and partners across the state including TechColumbus, whose TechStart program provides funding and business formation services to local technology startups. Central Ohio has received $250 million in OTF investments which have in turn attracted more than $1.5 billion in follow-on funding.

The purpose of OTF is to firmly establish Ohio as an innovation leader and to fuel long-term economic growth by creating jobs in our state. OTF is an investment in Ohio’s future whose returns speak for themselves. Here’s a look at OTF, by the numbers:

  • OTF has created 48,000 jobs (through June 2009); in particular, employment in high-tech sectors in Ohio grew significantly from 2004 – 2008 and at a faster rate than in almost all other Midwestern states.
  • OTF has created, attracted or capitalized 571 startup companies (through June 2009) statewide.
  • OTF has attracted $3.2 billion in follow-on dollars (federal, state, local, private and foundation funds) on top of the $473 million it has expended (through June 2009) on technology-based programs. From 2003 – 2008, venture capital investment in Ohio grew almost 2.5 times faster than in the U.S. – 20.4 percent as compared to 8.6 percent per year.
  • Fifty percent of the State’s OTF investment through December 2008 has been repaid through tax receipts. The original investment, now projected to be $1.35 billion, is forecast to be fully repaid by 2014.
  • OTF’s total return on investment (ROI) has averaged 22 percent per year over the life of the initiative.

Learn more about Issue 1 for Jobs and its impact on Ohio’s future. Visit

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fuel Cells Opportunities for Growth in Ohio - Seminar

Fuel Cells -- Opportunities for Growth in Ohio (8:00am -- Noon) at the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) 6565 Kilgour Place, Dublin Ohio 43017

The Fuel Cell Coalition is the largest state fuel association in the nation with more than 80 members. The Fuel Cell Coalition has teamed up with the City of Dublin to offer the Opportunities for Growth in Ohio Workshop.

Dana McDaniel, City of Dublin, Deputy City Manager and Pat Velente, Executive Director of the Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition invite economic development professionals, elected officials, community and academic leaders, and others involved with energy/green technologies to this FREE half-day business workshop and networking event.

This workshop is an opportunity to learn from industry leaders and academic scholars on the forefront of the fuel cell industry. This is an event that you won't want to miss. Limited space available.

8:00am -- 8:30am Registration and Networking
8:00am -- 9:00am Continental Breakfast
9:00am -- Noon Fuel Cells -- Opportunities for Growth in Central Ohio Speakers and Networking

*Giorgio Rizzoni--Center for Automotive Research Director, The Ohio State University
*Bill Dawson--NexTech President/CEO
*Charles Lucius--Battelle, Fuel Cells Vice President
*John Schneider--AEP Technology Consultant
*Doug Wheeler -- DJW President
*Henry Cialone--Edison Welding Institute President/CEO

The Venturi Buckeye Bullet 2 -- a streamlined hydrogen fuel cell land speed vehicle -- will be on site!

click here for more details and to register

ClearSaleing Launches Attribution Management Certification Program For Digital Marketing Wizards

Graduates will earn industry’s first professional attribution certification; for more info, visit ClearSaleing at Booth # 224 at SES NY, March 22-26, 2010

New York (PRWEB) March 22, 2010 — ClearSaleing, a technology and thought leader in attribution management, announced today the launch of the ClearSaleing Attribution Management Professional (CAMP) Certification Program, designed to give digital marketers intensive training on advanced advertising analytics, attribution management and ClearSaleing’s award-winning attribution platform.

Successful CAMP Program attendees will become certified in the increasingly important discipline of attribution management, which focuses, at a granular level, on identifying and valuing each of the ads that contribute to an individual conversion, and at a macro level, on the relative ROI of each advertising source and campaign.

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Brand Thunder Introduces Innovative Weather Browser Theme Powered by WeatherBug – Backgrounds Change to Reflect Local Conditions » Blog » Brand Thunder

Brand Thunder Introduces Innovative Weather Browser Theme Powered by WeatherBug – Backgrounds Change to Reflect Local Conditions » Blog » Brand Thunder
COLUMBUS (March 23, 2010) — Brand Thunder LLC (, the browser customization specialists, announced today the launch of its Weather theme for the Firefox Browser. The Weather theme is an advance in browser theme capabilities featuring a background that dynamically changes based on the user’s current weather conditions. The Weather theme also features the full range of weather information from WeatherBug, the leading provider of consumer and professional weather services and operator of the largest weather observing network. The theme can be downloaded for free at

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JumpStart: IdeaExchange Blog » Blog Archive » 5 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn From the Cavs

JumpStart: IdeaExchange Blog » Blog Archive » 5 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn From the Cavs

Despite one of my teams still thriving in March Madness, I’m a bit less engaged than normal. I thought it was because my bracket is in shambles, but that’s not it; I think it’s because I have a new love. I never thought that this girl (with many formative years in North Carolina) would shrug off the ACC, but it’s just so much more fun to love the Cavs.Cavs

The thing is, it’s not because I’m turning into a huge pro sports fan, or because there’s more exciting basketball in Cleveland than you can generally find in the Big Dance. I think it’s because I’m being seduced. Every time I go to a Cavs game, see them on TV, visit the website, get a tweet, I’m pulled in more. The Cavs brand delivers, every time, the same attributes:

  • Aggressive
  • Wildly entertaining and fun
  • Extremely high potential for success
  • Risk-taking (in a smart way)
  • Energizing, pulse-pounding, blood-pressure-lifting (in a good way…)

(You probably have others…feel free to add them below).

So what have I learned from the Cavs that early-stage companies can consider as well?

5) Talent matters. Yes, a blinding flash of the obvious, but with big implications for cash-strapped high growth companies. It means you need the right Board of Directors who can balance your skills, make connections, and provide the strenuous, rigorous debate you’ll need. It means compensating that first critical new associate at market rates, even though that person is passionate, committed, and wants to take on the risk of working at a high growth company with you. It means paying for the very best that you can afford in partners, such as legal counsel.

4) Create expectations. At its essence, developing a brand is the creation of consistent expectations: of product or service performance, of how associates behave, or of how you feel when you interact with the brand, for example. With service organizations as big as the Cavs, it’s especially hard to deliver a consistent brand experience, but the fact that I can make a list of attributes I fully associate with their brand indicates how consistent they are. In this case, size does matter; early-stage companies can do this a bit more easily because they are smaller. Developing brand expectations can start with identifying key operating characteristics or values. Do you want to be known as incredibly professional? Entrepreneurial? Fun and energetic? Rigorous thinkers? Idea people? Reflective? Then figure out how your associates can make sure they bring those values to life in every interaction they have, and you are on your way.

3) Keep it fresh. Rituals are important for every brand, but so is freshness. Cavs games have familiar elements (such as the player introductions; LeBron is always last) but they also are always mixing it up with new brand activations. Remember Snuggie night, when all attendees came home with the Cavs burgundy Snuggie? The perfect promotion to activate the brand today (but would be too stale next year). It could be tempting for early-stage companies to think for a time about the brand, put together a few tools and work to bring them to life, then move on to other topics without revisiting the brand for months or years. Especially right now, brands need ongoing life. When opportunities to bring the brand to life appear, take a few minutes to think about them and see how you can take advantage of them right now.

2) Work with partners. How can you tap into the marketing work of partners or other entities to make your limited marketing investment go much further? The Cavs do this regularly with their active partner marketing program. For example, the CavFanatic website regularly gives some of its most loyal fans special rewards through its partners. At its anniversary last year, the 10,000 fans registered on the site were offered a free burrito at Qdoba. With over 3,000 burritos redeemed (>30% of its audience), both consumers and partners were happy. While all early-stage companies don’t have partnerships like these, they can all use small marketing resources to get bigger results by working with partners. You will learn more about this, among other things, by attending the Tai Chi Marketing Growing Bright Ideas lunch session at JumpStart on April 29, so be sure to register.

1) Have fun. We should all have as much fun in our work as the players — and the marketing dept — would appear to have!

Anything else you’d add to the list?

Cathy Belk is the Chief Marketing Officer of JumpStart. She specializes in branding, marketing communications, and business management. She brings 16+ years of experience in a variety of marketing and business roles, but gets her energy from working daily with entrepreneurs and their growing companies.

Public Computer Lab Opens in University District |

Public Computer Lab Opens in University District |

The University Area Enrichment Association (UAEA) in cooperation with FreeGeek Columbus are working together to help bridge the technology gap in the campus area. UAEA and FreeGeek have opened a community computer lab at Summit on 16th Church to serve the surrounding community with an emphasis on low-income adult residents and elementary through high school students by offering open hours for access and classes to the public.

“The highest impact thing you can do for a community is to give them a computer lab. Especially in immigrant communities, giving people access to the internet, word processing, and the limitless possibilities of modern computing means more than words can really convey. It empowers whole families at a time and gives people options,” said Miles Curtiss, VISTA volunteer for FreeGeek and University Area Enrichment Association during the project.

Volunteers helped with everything from painting walls to moving furniture. The transformation from planning and selecting the space in the church to the first class took an estimated two years to complete. The goal of the lab was to not only provide a community-focused public computer but also to incorporate environmental responsibility.

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Fahlgren acquires Columbus Web design firm Grip - Business First of Columbus:

Fahlgren acquires Columbus Web design firm Grip - Business First of Columbus:

Fahlgren Inc. is lined up to buy a Columbus Web design and development firm in a deal expected to double the advertising agency’s digital capacity.

The Columbus-based agency on Tuesday said it expects a transaction to acquire Grip Technology to close in the second quarter, though its employees will begin working with Fahlgren’s digital arm immediately. Financial terms weren’t disclosed, but Fahlgren spokeswoman Jenny Fuerst said in an e-mail to Columbus Business First that Grip will mean a “significant” boost to the company’s annual revenue.

Both companies in recent years have been sharing clients and projects. Grip’s roster of more than 100 clients includes the Columbus Museum of Art, Greater Columbus Arts Council, Huntington Bancshares Inc. (NASDAQ:HBAN) and Ohio State University.

Fahlgren CEO Neil Mortine said in a release that the acquisition comes as client demand for digital work continues to increase.

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Startup Digest coming to Columbus - sign up now

Special Request - Sign up for Startup Digest
The simple and acclaimed Startup Digest that sprung out of Silicon Valley, got featured on TechCrunch, and grew to 20,000 subscribers has reached Columbus! Check it out here:

I'm the Curator (read: free labor) for the Columbus digest - some friends gave me the heads up about it and I thought, "why don't we do this here?" I contacted the founders, we talked, found we had shared values,and voila I'm now the Columbus Startup Digest curator.

Basically, it's a weekly digest of the best startup events and resources happening in the Columbus area (this will be expanded coverage from what you see in this email), emailed to you every Monday. It's the fastest and easiest way to know what's happening in the tech/web/startup community.

I'd love a little help with the first digest (launching Monday 4/12 )- if you've got 20 seconds please:
- If you want to receive the digest, sign up at
- If you know of events happening, please send me the link or additional info

The Startup Digest is an email digest of the best startup events in your area. Here are 5 things that we will accomplish:
1. We will promote the entrepreneurial lifestyle and the culture of DOING, to help change the world into a better place.
2. We will strengthen the pre-existing entrepreneurial communities no matter how small or large they currently are
3. We will create stronger bonds between entrepreneurs through relevant events where the startup community physically meets each other.
4. We will promote the cross-pollination of ideas and people that would not otherwise interact.
5. We will empower the leaders in these startup communities and give them the tools and inspiration to create a huge difference.

The record for prelaunch advanced signup is 120 among all startup digest communities throughout the country. Help draw some attention to the Columbus startup community by helping us beat that mark by signing up.

Thanks Again,

E-mail Ben

Three Wind Farm Projects Approved for Ohio |

Three Wind Farm Projects Approved for Ohio |

The Ohio Power Siting Board has approved three separate wind farm projects to be located in Northwest Ohio. Together, the Buckeye Wind Farm, JW Great Lakes Farm, and Hardin Wind Energy Project will have a nameplate capacity of approximately 483 megawatts. Construction should begin shortly and will be completed by the end of 2011.

“The Hardin Wind Energy wind farm will become the largest of its kind in Ohio,” said OPSB Chairman Alan R. Schriber. “The wind farm will play an integral role in assuring Ohio meets new alternative energy portfolio standards by providing clean and renewable energy.”

click here to read more - Urban-businesses incubator launches in Akron - Urban-businesses incubator launches

By Paula Schleis

Beacon Journal business writer

Gary Green is ready to start making and selling the motorcycle accessories he has been developing over the last several months.

The Akron entrepreneur said he has prototypes for 28 fiberglass products — from saddlebags and trunks to fenders — and so much dealer interest that he can envision needing 40 or more employees by the end of his first year in production.

Now he just needs to get out of his garage.

Green's company, AORT Inc., is exactly the kind of minority-owned enterprise that a new statewide program is targeting.

Launch100, a statewide initiative being piloted in Northeast Ohio, seeks to create a pipeline of 100 high-potential minority and inner-city based businesses over the next five years.

The Northeast Ohio economic development group JumpStart, which came up with the concept, and the Ohio Department of Development Minority Business Enterprise Division will test the program in 21 counties, with plans to roll the effort out across the state next year.

The goal is to find start-up companies that can benefit from being surrounded by a network of service providers who will do everything from helping validate the company's innovation, to preparing a business plan that will look attractive to investors, to helping find that first client.

Those accepted into the program must demonstrate how they will increase annual sales by over $15 million in the next three to five years, and show they have the potential to create more than 50 local jobs.

A key component of the program is helping companies find investors to fund their growth, so participants must also demonstrate the ability and desire to raise money from sources other than traditional banks.

Participants must also have a significant competitive advantage, such as a patent on a new product or process, or an exclusive license or business relationship that is difficult for the competition to duplicate.

The program is open to minority-owned companies, or any company based in an inner-city location and likely to employ inner-city workers.

Darrin Redus, president of the JumpStart Inclusion Advisors division, said there are deeply rooted needs for a program such as Launch100.

''The landscape for minority businesses, not only in Northeast Ohio and the state but across the country, is principally smaller scale companies,'' Redus said.

Historically, minorities did not have access to the capital necessary for larger businesses, so their endeavors tended to be small service-oriented ventures.

But in today's global economy, tiny operations can't compete for supplier contracts with corporations, Redus said. As large companies fight to remain competitive, they are looking for vendors and suppliers that can handle bigger and unique projects.

''That need for more capacity is almost systematically eliminating minorities because they don't have that scale,'' Redus said.

With a stable of experts behind them, however, promising businesses could get the help to grow into ''true competitors,'' Redus said, bringing wealth and jobs to Ohio communities.

In Cleveland to help kick off the program Thursday, Gov. Ted Strickland called it ''a critical component of the economic revitalization plans for Northeast Ohio. This program is designed to support the growth of minority businesses that have the potential to not only expand operations in the state, but also create good-paying jobs for Ohioans.''

Green, who has been working out of his North Hill home, said so far he has relied on community volunteers and assistance from JumpStart to help him do everything from make prototypes to write a business plan to take pictures for his brochure.

But Launch100 could help him take the next big step — move into a manufacturing facility and begin taking orders.

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OMG! A Titanic First Weekend

Source: ChezSez

Have you ever planned a big party with an open invitation and then had anxieties that no one will show?

That is what it was like for us at COSI as we prepared to open the Titanic exhibition. All the marketing, promotions, and warm-up events just make you feel like you are doing everything you can—but with no guarantee.

Then there is the weather. Nice, sunny days generally depress museum attendance. So for the Titanic opening there was the pleasant “get-outside-after-a-too-long-winter” forecast for Saturday. Not a strong positive for encouraging indoor behavior at COSI other than the chill of the morning air.

So it was with relief and amazement as I watched families, couples, groups and individuals flow steadily out of the rapidly filling parking lots into COSI. The lines got a bit long but our team handled them well, kept people entertained with shows on our Atrium stage, and the guests I talked with said the experiences were well worth any wait they had. Several thanked me for having COSI bring something so special and significant to Columbus.

And people were enjoying all of COSI as I walked around—many being introduced to us for the first time with the Labs in Life in full swing, OSU research activities in the hallway, and the new Watershed labs (Lily Pad) getting plenty of activity on top of the regular favorites like the High Wire Unicycle.

Now I can breathe out a little and hope this weekend with over 8,000 guests visiting COSI is indicating a long and successful run of Titanic giving many, many people an unequaled chance to have this immersive experience and also be introduced or reintroduced to all that COSI has to offer.

Were you one of the guests at COSI over the weekend? How was your experience?

Do you plan to come to COSI over the next few weeks? Just for a COSI experience or for Titanic?

Issue 1 For Jobs – Big Impact of Ohio Third Frontier Makes May 4 Vote Pivotal for Ohio’s Future

Phil Eggers experienced firsthand the value of the Ohio Third Frontier program that Issue 1 For Jobs seeks to extend. He knows the May 4 primary election vote is essential to the state’s quest for jobs and a growing 21st Century economy.

“We need the Ohio Third Frontier if new (high-tech) companies are to have the opportunity to stay in Ohio,” Eggers said. “The alternative is seeking funds on the West Coast and then locating there as my past five companies have needed to do.”

Eggers and other local technology entrepreneurs weigh-in on Issue 1 For Jobs in the March TechColumbus newsletter published in Business First. For the full story, download the pdf.

News for the Ohio State University Business Builders Club - Social @ Buffalo Wings & Rings!

Social @ Buffalo Wings & Rings!

Want to meet other students interested in entrepreneurship? Want to eat some awesome food while doing so? Then bring some friends and come out to kick off the quarter right with Business Builders at Buffalo Wings and Rings on High Street this Tuesday night at 7:30!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

MindLeaders Announces Release of 71 New Online Courses | TechColumbus

Appalachian Ohio moving fast toward high-tech future

ODOT Unveils New Online Technology - News Story - WHIO Dayton

ODOT Unveils New Online Technology - News Story - WHIO Dayton
The Ohio Department of Transportation unveiled Friday morning the latest technology that will be available to motorists online.Officials at ODOT said Dayton motorists will now be able to access current speeds of traffic on I-75, I-70, I-675, US 35, SR 4 and SR49 at system will also allow motorists to see estimated destination arrival times by viewing dynamic message signs online. Motorists can even get up-to-the-minute travel information by tuning in to ODOT highway advisory radios in their vehicles.ODOT District 7 is the first in Ohio to provide all of these tools to motorists. Giving them these additional tools is part of our agencies commitment to help Dayton area drivers get ahead of the curve.

Ohio Tech Bits Blog » Blog Archive » Tech Bits Weekly Round-up (March 20-26)

Ohio Tech Bits Blog » Blog Archive » Tech Bits Weekly Round-up (March 20-26)

Ohio House passes texting-while-driving ban. The House passed legislation cracking down on text-messaging while driving, putting Ohio on track to join nearly two-dozen other states with similar laws on the books. [Business First of Columbus]
Plain Dealer poll: Do you support telecom reform? [Ohio Tech Bits Blog]
Bill would require textbooks to be offered in e-book form. Rep. Matt Lundy, D-Elyria, has introduced legislation that would require colleges to offer their textbooks in e-book form. [Ohio Tech Bits Blog]
GPS used to fight speeding ticket. An Ohio man is trying to beat a speeding ticket through an unusual defense: claiming that his cell phone’s GPS records show he was driving under the speed limit. [CNET: Politics and Law]
TECHie Camp Wants YOU. [IT Martini]
IT Martini Hour 9 Registration is OPEN. IT Martini Hour 9: IT’s Spring Again. Thursday, April 29 at Longworth’s in Mount Adams. [IT Martini]
Blockbuster Dips a Toe in the Mobile Stream. The company has released an application that allows users to watch movies on a mobile phone. [NY Times Tech Blog]
Third Frontier responsible for 55,000 jobs, report says. Ohio’s Third Frontier program helped in the formation of about 14,000 direct and indirect jobs in the state in 2009 and nearly 55,000 direct and indirect jobs through December since the program’s inception in 2002. [Business First of Columbus]

Friday, March 26, 2010

Third Frontier responsible for 55,000 jobs, report says - Business First of Columbus:

Third Frontier responsible for 55,000 jobs, report says - Business First of Columbus:

A statewide technology development program has helped create jobs and businesses across Ohio, even in the middle of a recession, a state development leader was expected to report Wednesday.
Ohio’s Third Frontier program helped in the formation of about 14,000 direct and indirect jobs in the state in 2009 and nearly 55,000 direct and indirect jobs through December since the program’s inception in 2002. The indirect jobs figure typically refers to jobs created by vendors that serve the companies that got Third Frontier funding.
The jobs report was scheduled to be unveiled by Ohio Department of Development Director Lisa Patt-McDaniel at the Ohio Third Frontier Commission meeting Wednesday.
According to the report, 637 companies have been created, attracted to or capitalized in Ohio as a result of the program. Additionally, the more than $548 million in program funding spent through December attracted nearly $4.8 billion in follow-on private investment.
“Our latest results show the program works and is making a difference in the lives of Ohioans as we continue to help bring Ohio and the rest of the country out of the clutches of one of the worst economic downturns in 70 years,” Patt-McDaniel said in a released statement accompanying the job results.
Third Frontier is a $1.6 billion program created to advance technology initiatives and promote technology job creation. The initiative is set to expire at the end of 2010, a year earlier than planned, because of reduced state support.
The Ohio legislature has approved a May 4 ballot initiative that would allow the state to sell $700 million worth of bonds to fund the program for four more years.

Study: Columbus in top 25 for cyber-crime vulnerability - Business First of Columbus:

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nominate columbus for Google fiber

Can you imagine an Internet connection running at speeds up to 100 times faster than what you are used to today? It’s pretty hard, isn’t it? After all, most Web sites today already load in a matter of seconds. How could it possibly be any faster? And yet, this is exactly what Google is proposing to do.

Introducing Google Fiber - Bringing you the Web at the Speed of, well, Google!

Google is planning to build and test ultra high-speed broadband networks in a small number of trial locations across the country. The idea is simple - considerably faster speeds will result in considerably more advanced Web content and applications. Here are just a few of the scenarios Google engineers and designers are envisioning:

  • The ability to stream critical information, such as 3D medical imaging, in real time
  • Exciting and explosive new applications to usher in a new age in Web design
  • Enhanced visual communication capabilities
  • The possibilities are as limitless as the imagination!
What does this have to do with Columbus?

The decision makers at Google want to make sure they select the perfect locations to test these new networks. They have decided to hold a “contest” of sorts to determine the cities, municipalities and other locations that would make the best fit for a trial. Residents can nominate their community, and Google will use these nominations in making its decision. If Columbus is selected, Google plans to offer this revolutionary service at a competitive price to at least 50,000, and potentially up to 500,000, people.

How can I nominate Columbus?

Please visit We have created a micro-site with more information and with a link to Google’s nomination form. The deadline to submit nominations is this Friday (the 26th), so please hurry and make your voice heard! You can include a short video or anything you think will sell our case to Google on why they should pick Columbus! Don’t be shy - tell your friends!

Here are just a few of the ways you can share a video to voice your support:

And don't be afraid to get creative with your video nominations - Google is into that kind of thing. Just remember, the deadline is Friday, March 26th!

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The Motorists Insurance Group, a leading regional property/casualty insurer, has an immediate opportunity for a business analyst and software developer....

Business analyst

This position will work in a collaborative team environment that develops and supports customer-facing Internet applications across The Motorists Insurance Group.

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Software Developer

The Motorists Insurance Group, a leading regional property/casualty insurer, has an immediate opportunity for an object-oriented software development professional for Internet services application development and support. The selected individual will have an opportunity to contribute in a highly dynamic and progressive environment with experienced IT professionals responsible for delivering services in response to high-profile corporate objectives.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nominate Dublin for Google Fiber

Google has an incredible offer to "build and test ultra-high-speed broadband networks in a small number of trial locations across the country."

  1. The City of Dublin is applying to be a trial location for Google Fiber. We encourage you to show your support by nominating our community for the Google Fiber trial.
  2. The nomination can be sent from any email, but the user must have a Google Account (Gmail, Google Calendar, etc.). Click here to create a Google account if you do not have one - it is free and easy to set up.
  3. Fill in the nomination. On your nomination form, you are asked to enter the speed of your connection. This simply means that Google wants to know how fast your current Internet Service Provider (ISP) is performing. Your ISP in Dublin could be AT&T, Time Warner and WOW!, among others. To check the speed of your computer, grab a pen and pad, visit, and click on 'Begin Test' in the center of the page. This will take a few seconds depending on your speed. The Results of the test will be displayed in the center of the page, just write down these words and the numbers with them.

Watch the Google Fiber Video