Thursday, March 26, 2009

TechLife Community Builder - Dan Rockwell


Strength's Finder indicates my top 2 strengths as "futurist" and "strategy" and that sums me up nicely I think. I'm a self taught emerging trends and technology hound. My knack for spotting patterns and natural people skills make for a decent user experience researcher.

Inbetween the moments of making things and absoring the web, I've managed to squeeze time in for other efforts such as JoeMetric a mobile research startup I founded with 6 others at StartupWeekend Columbus 2008 that recently was awarded the TechGenesis grant of 50,000k, and organizing events like Ignite with other like minded folks I've met.

I also moonlight from time to time as a freelance strategist helping folks figure out the current state of the web- whether it be how to use and or leverage social media, to assisting with stragetic development of applications and long term stragety.

What are you passionate about?

Thinking about the next "thing". I love projecting myself into the future and seeing what is there and then backcasting back to today to help recongize evolving trends that could potentially lead to the next thing.

What's are the most played songs in your ipod?

You won't know any of them. I listen to alot of drum and bass, world funk jazz etc.

Electrolux by Muffler
Fallin by Quivver
Cloud Nine by Utah Jazz
Celeste by Spooky
Special Ops - Seba

Where did you grow up?
Columbus, Ohio

What events have you organized?
Ignite Columbus 1, Nov. 2008
Ignite Columbus 2, Jan. 2009

site: http://www.floozyspeak
twitter: http:///

About My Company - Lextant:

At Lextant, I work on a variety of projects specializing in trends, brand, retail, consumer behavior, social media, and technology. Research is a fabulous career that serves up so many different scenarios of work. One day you'll be in a chinese hospital observing doctors, the next you'll be watching people sleep or witness the unboxing and set up of an everyday printer. I've had the pleasure to work with clients like Carhartt, American Eagle, Samsung, Nationwide Insurance, Microsoft, P&G and more. There's always room in the world for better design.

Along with my research duties I oversee the development of custom in-house applications. A few of my creations include: Retrospective Ethnography a video observation/research rig for retail environments, daNotes a better way to take notes for focus groups and field research efforts, Pathfinder a frequency and co-coccurence analysis and visualization app, and PRIME (my baby) an online qualitative research tool.


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