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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fingerhut Announces Ohio Centers of Excellence to Attract Talent and Commercialize Innovations

Six universities support state's work in aerospace, aviation, transportation and logistics

Columbus, Ohio – Ohio Board of Regents Chancellor Eric D. Fingerhut today announced Ohio's Centers of Excellence in Advanced Transportation and Aerospace at University of Cincinnati's College of Engineering, Herman Schneider Quadrangle.
The centers, at six universities throughout the state, are committed to focusing their academic and research activities on aerospace, aviation, transportation and logistics to create jobs and strengthen Ohio's ability to bring innovative technologies to commercialization.
"In competing for outside research funding, top faculty and high-tech jobs, it is critical for Ohio's colleges and universities to focus their unique strengths to incite innovation and keep fast-growing companies and talent in our state," Chancellor Fingerhut said. "The Centers of Excellence in Advanced Transportation and Aerospace do precisely that and will help drive the state's higher education network's goal of being the best in the nation at spurring economic growth."
The Centers are located at the following universities:
  • Case Western Reserve University: Aerospace Engineering
  • University of Cincinnati: Intelligent Air & Space Vehicle Energy Systems
  • University of Dayton: High Performance Materials; Optoelectronics and Sensors
  • The University of Toledo: Transportation and Logistics
  • The Ohio State University: Transportation for Tomorrow's Economy
  • Wright State University: Advancing Aerospace and Transportation: Center of Excellence in Product Reliability and Optimization, and Center of Excellence for Micro Air Vehicle Research; Human-Centered Innovation (announced earlier this year)
The Centers of Excellence, as outlined in Ohio's 10-year Strategic Plan for Higher Education, will position the University System of Ohio to be a magnet for talent and a leader in innovation and entrepreneurial activity. The centers will accomplish this by developing distinct missions for each institution that are recognized by students, faculty and business leaders, while eliminating unnecessary competition for resources, students and faculty within the state.
Ohio's rich history in aerospace and aviation, coupled with its central location and robust infrastructure, makes it already a clear leader in aerospace, transportation and logistics. The state boasts more than 66,000 civilian employees at more than 600 private companies in the aerospace and defense industry – nearly double the national average, ranking Ohio first among the 12 comparable Midwestern States. In addition, the state has one of the world's foremost supply chains for the industry with more than 450 aeropropulsion and power manufacturers and suppliers, with a labor pool of approximately 775,000 manufacturing workers to help grow businesses within this industry.
With its 180 public airports, eight interstate highways, 36 freight railroads and 25 waterfront ports, the state provides timely access to the many cities and ports throughout the United States, holding a globally competitive edge by reducing transportation costs through multi-modal and inter-modal networks for efficient import and export of products. This advantage allows Ohio to attract businesses dedicated to transporting commodities, warehousing, supply-chain management, sourcing and procurement, production planning and scheduling, packaging and assembly, customer service and international trade assistance.
As the nation's leader in advanced propulsion and power technology, Ohio provides a world-class research environment that is well-positioned to continue providing the research and education support that fuel the industry's cutting-edge technologies. The state's transportation industry encompasses companies that offer products and services that are specifically based on knowledge of aerospace, aviation and propulsion and runs the gamut of advanced propulsion technologies for all aerospace vehicle types – aircraft, rockets, and spacecraft – with both military and commercial applications. Power generation systems are of equal importance as much of the same technology applies. There are a broad range of technology application and research areas, including but not limited to, gas turbines, combustion engines, propeller design/manufacturing, helicopter rotors and propellants.
This Centers of Excellence category focuses on aerospace, transportation and logistics. Four other categories are specific to Ohio's growth industries – advanced energy, biomedicine and health care, agriculture, food production and bioproducts, and technologies that cross-cut Ohio's growth industries such as advanced materials and sensors. A sixth group is focused on enhancing the quality of life around the state through additional programs that are essential in building communities and attracting the best and brightest to Ohio.
Today marks the fifth Ohio Centers of Excellence announcement. In October 2009, Governor Ted Strickland and Chancellor Fingerhut announced Ohio's Centers of Excellence in Advanced Energy at eight of the state's universities.Ohio's Centers of Excellence in Biomedicine and Health Care at 14 universities were announced in February. In March, Governor Strickland and Chancellor Fingerhut announced Ohio's Center of Excellence in Agriculture, Food Production and Bioproducts at The Ohio State University's Food Industry Center. Ohio's Centers of Excellence in Enabling Technologies: Materials and Sensors at five universities were announced at The University of Akron's Goodyear Polymer Center in April.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hot Jobs - Fast Switch

Here's a list of our "Hot Jobs" for which we are actively seeking candidates. We count on you, our past and present Fast Switch team members & friends, to help us find just the right person. Let us know if someone you know may be just who we are looking for. (And please keep in mind our referral opportunity!)

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Provisioning Specialist
Permanent - Columbus, OH 

Our client in Columbus, Ohio has several permanent opportunities for Provisioning Specialists.  As part of the operations support team, these individuals will provide customer communication and updates. You will communicate with multiple departments and third party vendors in the scheduling of customer solutions and will work with multiple 3rd Party databases/systems for specific customer applications.

Please send resumes directly to

.Net Developer
Contract - Columbus, OH 

We are looking for a consultant to work closely with Sr. Software Engineers or Technical Leads to design, develop and maintain software components and products that support the business applications with our Columbus, Ohio client.  This .Net Developer will use tools, languages, coding standards and best practices to develop new product features and maintain year over year product functionality and enhancements.

Please send resumes directly to  

MarkLogic Developers
Contract - Columbus, OH

This MarkLogic Developer will develop content delivery systems to process source data and transform it for delivery in SciFinder, STN, and new delivery systems.  The developer will interact with architects, technical leads, requirements analysts, data analysts and project leaders to meet agreed committed development schedules.

Please send resumes directly to

Informatica Developer
Contract - Columbus, OH 

We are looking for a sharp Informatica Developer to assist our client in Columbus, Ohio.  This person will review requirements, and from the requirements complete mapping documents, code and unit test.  Extensive knowledge of and experience with Informatica, SQL and analysis are required.

Please send resumes directly to

Automated Tester
Contract - Columbus, OH  

Our client in Columbus, Ohio has an exciting contractor opportunity for an Automated Tester to build and maintain their automated test harness.  This person will integrate each application and new tools into the test harness, and will extend the test harness to the individual application(s)/change(s) under test. 

Please send resumes directly to

Google’s Do-It-Yourself App Tool -

Google’s Do-It-Yourself App Tool -

Google is bringing Android software development to the masses.

The company will offer a software tool, starting Monday, that is intended to make it easy for people to write applications for its Android smartphones.

The free software, called Google App Inventor for Android (, has been under development for a year. User testing has been done mainly in schools with groups that included sixth graders, high school girls, nursing students and university undergraduates who are not computer science majors.

click here to read more

Upcoming Technology and Entrepreneur focused Meetups in Central Ohio

This weeks spotlight event

Heart of a Champion - AITP
Association for Information Technology Professionals (AITP) is championing the educational needs of professionals to help them thrive and advance their career. 
That’s why AITP has partnered with the Heart of a Champion Learning (HOC) to offer learning courses around 10 key core character and ethics values crucial to personal and corporate growth and success.
AITP Columbus Chapter invites you to attend...
Perseverance… Steady persistence in adhering to a course of action, a belief, or a purpose

Upcoming Events:(click on the event for details) - the master calendar can be found at -

Technical Professional Development - 
web analytics,python,sql,architecture, agile and more

7/14 - International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) July Meeting -
7/14 - Social Media Solutions with Drupal -
7/15 - Central Ohio Sharepoint Users Group Monthly Meeting - Lightning Talks -
7/15 - DAMA Q3 Mtg - Advanced Analytical Structures -
7/19 - Columbus Ruby Brigade Monthly Meeting -
7/22 - Central Ohio .NET Developers Group -
7/22 - A Slice of The Big Show - Agile 2010 conference -
7/26 - Agile Planning: Requirements and Estimation in an Agile World -
7/26 - Learn Genetic Programming in Python -
7/31 - PyOhio 2010 -

For startups, entrepreneurs, nonprofits and small business
7/13 - DEC Presents...Third Frontier Grant Writing Seminar -
7/13 - DEC Presents...B.A.S.E. Start Up Workshop -
7/14 - Technology Based Business Innovation in the City of Upper Arlington -
7/15 - Understanding Business Investment Opportunities - (CPE) for CPA -
7/15 - DEC Presents...HR Essentials Day -
7/15 - DEC Presents...Conquer Your Marketing Challenge w/Written Impact -
7/22 - Understanding Private Equity Opportunities in the Village of New Albany -

Tech Networking, Coworking, Social media ,General interest 
7/14 - TechLife Coffee Connect - Clintonville Beechwold -
7/15 - Jelly @ The DEC -
7/16 - Future of Work Series: Innovative Alternative Employment Opportunities -

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Mobilizing for Mobile - Chain Store Age - Sterling Commerce Featured

Mobilizing for Mobile - Chain Store Age

By Samantha Murphy

Jim Bengier, global retail industry executive at Sterling Commerce, Columbus, Ohio.

Industry analysts and experts have long predicted that the mobile channel will be the next big thing in retail. As more consumers start to use their hand-held devices to enhance their shopping experience—25% of U.S. mobile phone users under the age of 45 have already used a phone in a store while shopping, and many are already making purchases—retailers are strategizing how to best reach out to their target audience.

“Since the mobile device is one thing that most people have with them at all times, it’s critical that retailers provide engaging and dynamic mobile applications to lure shoppers to this new channel,” said Jim Bengier, global retail industry executive at Sterling Commerce, a Columbus, Ohio-based provider of integrated solutions and business applications. (At press time, IBM had entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Sterling Commerce.)

Chain Store Age Web editor/associate editor Samantha Murphy spoke with Bengier about the state of mobile commerce and what retailers can do to get ready for the wave.

What major trends are you seeing in the mobile commerce space right now?

Retailers are focused on developing mobile applications that meet the consumer’s demand for convenience. Apps are no longer just a Web format on a mobile device; programs are now being made specifically for the device. For example, consumers can view different angles of a product by sliding their finger on the iPhone. This form functionality on the device is driving new shopping features.

In addition, many retailers are using mobile devices to support their back-end operations. A recent study by Forrester Consulting, commissioned by Sterling Commerce, found that 53% of retail companies are deploying warehouse and logistics management mobile apps. Those apps allow retailers to manage inventory more efficiently, which ultimately gets passed on to the consumer in the form of better customer service, lower prices and seamless order fulfillment.

What are your predictions for mobile in the next year? Two years?

In the next year, I believe we will not only see apps geared for consumers, but also for retail associates. For example, a store associate with a mobile device can help out a customer while in the fitting room by searching for available inventory and sizes on each floor so they don’t have to run around looking for different products.

Two years from now, we won’t see the vast number of apps we’re seeing today. Consumers will be utilizing a “My Mall” type of app, where numerous merchants are represented within a single application. Consumers won’t have to browse multiple mobile storefront apps any more, but retailers without a mobile channel will be left behind when only companies with Web storefronts will be included in the “Mobile Mall.”

What challenges are retailers facing in getting m-commerce off the ground?

Retailers must start by deciding which platform to use. Each mobile device uses a different platform, and the development of a mobile channel and operating costs can be very expensive. There’s always the ownership issue, too: Who within the organization is responsible for mobile enablement? Does mobile fall under Internet, store, marketing or somewhere else within the organization? Without distinct ownership and leadership, it can be hard to get m-commerce off the ground.

How can merchants overcome these obstacles?

Retailers should integrate mobile platforms as much as possible within the e-commerce platform to keep costs down. At Sterling Commerce, we have chosen to work with Apple. The application costs are relatively low, and Apple offers many devices—from the iPhone to the iPod touch and iPad. The growth of these devices will continue to explode, delivering to a larger customer base. That said, a unified brand experience across all channels should be the ultimate goal.

What tips should retailers keep in mind when expanding a mobile channel?

Consumers are demanding a premium shopping experience. The m-commerce process should be simple and easy to use, and consumers will gravitate to mobile sites that offer that convenience. Offering inventory information is a good way for retailers to add both customer value and convenience. Knowing whether a merchant has an item in stock at a certain location will ensure that a shopper’s trip to the store will not be wasted.

Retailers can better position themselves for mobile expansion by looking beyond just making sales. To improve the shopping experience, they should consider what special treatment they can offer a consumer, how they can stand out and how they can truly make a lasting mobile-experience impression

Monday, July 12, 2010 e360 Blog | Entrepreneurship News Roundup: Week of 7/9/2010 e360 Blog | Entrepreneurship News Roundup: Week of 7/9/2010

This week we looked at how job growth in the United States is driven entirely by startups according to The Importance of Startups in Job Creation and Job Destruction; a study conducted by Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.

We also heard from entrepreneur, Cameron Herold at TEDxEdmonton on the importance of teaching our children to become entrepreneurial, as well as why parents and teachers should recognize and foster entrepreneurial talents in children. We also looked at entrepreneur Kai-Yin Lo who has successfully incorporated the Chinese culture into an everyday art form.

Lastly, we took a look at how a growing number of entrepreneurs are electing to conduct business from the beach instead of their office.

To stay up-to-date on innovative entrepreneurial news, sign up for theHiveFire Feed. It's updated frequently with news from the industry.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

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Please bookmark the site . We're launching that site to replace this site. As is with most thing in technology their becomes a time when you need to replatform. We've been on the blogspot platform for close two years and it's done well for us but it's time to move on. Thanks to Zach at BounceFire and Andrew at Vivid Front our new site is up.

Check it out. We'll allow a few weeks for both sites to run simultaneously but by August we will not be posting fresh content on this site.

We're excited at launching our new site and hope you feel the same. The new site is build on a drupal framework and will give us a lot more flexibility in what we can do with the site.

Let us know what you think.

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Ohio Supercomputer Center, Sciences Computer Consultants Forge Alliance

Two will exchange infrastructure, simulation expertise for materials transformation

COLUMBUS, Ohio, June 29 -- The Ohio Supercomputer Center in Columbus, Ohio, and Sciences Computers Consultants, in Saint-Etienne, France, have signed an intercontinental agreement that will expand SCC's numerical simulation services to companies across the ocean and stateside.
As part of its Blue Collar Computing offerings, OSC will provide SCC with computational infrastructure and services to test and scale advanced modeling and simulation software for polymer extrusion and mixing on its supercomputers with the intent of developing Web portals for polymer industry process modeling. SCC numerical simulations applications are used by companies in high technology fields within the polymer, energy, automotive and food industries.
SCC has procured from OSC a startup package that consists of 2,500 production-level compute cycles and advanced technical support. As part of the biannual agreement, SCC will receive up to 150K CPU hours and 250GB of storage per year, as well as 20 user accounts for each project, outside network connectivity and technical support. SCC intends to install its flagship software product, XimeX, on OSC's systems for scalability testing and small pilot projects.
OSC and SCC will partner with PolymerOhio to select businesses from the polymer industry to serve as pilot case studies for the advanced simulation portals being developed. PolymerOhio will offer its membership a "one stop resource" that bundles modeling and simulation services with computation and processing training and access to commercial software.
"We see this as a logical step to expanding the Blue Collar Computing program, as SCC is a leader in software applications for the polymer industry and Ohio contains over 2800 companies concentrated in this industry segment," said Alan Chalker, program director for OSC's Blue Collar Computing.
Industries participating in the Blue Collar Computing program gain access to its advanced modeling and simulation resources and services in order to reduce the time and expense involved in determining proof of concept and designing new products, as well as to improve production efficiency. The program also uses custom-designed portals to give businesses secure, easy access to processing power and mass storage systems without the need for in-house infrastructure or computational science expertise.
"Partnering with OSC allows us to develop a significant toehold in the US to answer industrial needs for process analysis and validation, material behavior analysis, and other engineering studies," said Philippe David, general manager of SCC.
Computational technologies provide companies with innovative tools that allow for the virtual development of new and improved products, such as cars, pharmaceuticals and financial products. Advanced modeling and simulation also provide companies with a competitive edge through improved manufacturing process design to bring products to market quicker, reducing development time, cost and labor. Simulation makes choosing between alternative processing methods far easier.
Better analysis and documentation of capabilities helps with efficiency. Improved factory and workflow layouts increase productivity. All of these factors can dramatically improve a company's bottom line and increase its competitive edge in the global marketplace.
About the Ohio Supercomputer Center

Since 1987, the Ohio Supercomputer Center has provided supercomputing, research and educational resources to a diverse state and national research community, including education, academic, industry and state government. At the Ohio Supercomputer Center, our duty is to empower our clients, partner strategically to develop new research and business opportunities, and lead Ohio's knowledge economy. For additional information, visit

About Science Computers Consultants, Inc.

SCC is a dynamic SMEs developing innovative solution for industries. Since 1989, SCC has earned a solid experience in materials processing and transforming through its participation to many innovative research projects. SCC brings solutions to industrials needs through numerical simulation tools in high technology fields: building and energy, polymers and bio-polymers, food industry, automotive and metalworking industries.

More WorldCat innovations rolled out

The three latest enhancments: WorldCat Genres, #Ask4Stuff from WorldCat in Twitter, WorldCat mobile
  • WorldCat Genres: A new service that allows you to browse dozens of genres for hundreds of titles, authors, subjects, characters, locations and more, ranked by popularity in the world’s libraries
  • #Ask4Stuff: A new, Twitter-based service that returns a WorldCat search when you send a tweet with the tag #Ask4Stuff
  • WorldCat mobile: A new mobile version of is now live

Ohio Tech Bits Blog » Blog Archive » Tech Bits Weekly Round-up (July 3-9)

Ohio Tech Bits Blog » Blog Archive » Tech Bits Weekly Round-up (July 3-9):

Tech Bits Weekly Round-up (July 3-9)

New federal funding will improve Ohio broadband. TOT applauded the recent announcement of $795 million in federal grants and loans for increased broadband deployment, including a significant award in Ohio. [Ohio Tech Bits Blog]

More broadband:
Ohio Middle Mile Consortium partner awarded $30 million for broadband stimulus grant.
[Ohio Middle Mile Consortium]
Sen. Brown Announces $30 Million to Expand Broadband Infrastructure in Ohio. [Senator Sherrod Brown]
Firm to boost broadband access around Dayton. [Dayton Business Journal]

AT&T picks Akron for $120 million high-tech center. AT&T has chosen Akron to house its ninth mobility center in the country — an investment of $120 million in high-tech equipment. [Akron Beacon Journal]

Expanding the Role of IT: Compellent Technologies. [IT Martini]

Gaps Persist in Evaluation Systems for E-Government Initiatives. [Government Technology]

What’s Behind Twitter’s 800 Million Daily Searches? Twitter’s executives have been touting the number of searches done in their system — a whopping 800 million every day. But what does this figure actually mean? [Digits (Wall Street Journal)]