Tuesday, February 23, 2010

MT Business Technologies Partners with Metcalf & Associates on Leadership and Company Transformation

COLUMBUS, OH, February 17, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Columbus-based management consulting firm, Metcalf & Associates, and MT Business Technologies (MTBT) have been working together to implement generational change, while simultaneously transforming their leadership and the business itself. Significant progress is being made within MTBT from leadership effectiveness to improved business processes and a new subsidiary launch.

Metcalf notes that successful generational change within a business depends on several factors:
- Leader's willingness and ability to change himself as well as his organization;
- Leader's commitment of time and resources over an extended period of time;
- Leader's patience and open mindedness in confronting long held beliefs about how the business should run; and
- Leader's courage to stand behind challenging decisions.

With these factors in mind, Metcalf and MTBT CEO, Carl Fernyak, are working together to transform the firm to better compete in their current document imaging industry, as well as launch a new managed technology services subsidiary. The program uses well-researched tools and methods- starting with the assessment process using the Mature Adult Profile (MAP), created by Susann Cook Greuter, and the 360 degree assessment of leadership behaviors, using The Leadership Circle Profile (TLCP). The assessment results helped identify where Fernyak could make the biggest impact with his change efforts.

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