Thursday, September 17, 2009

Introducing Software AG

Good morning,

Wanted to welcome Software AG to TechLife Columbus and thank them for their sponsorship of blog.

About Software AG:

Software AG is the world’s largest independent provider of Business Infrastructure Software. Our 4,000 global enterprise customers achieve business results faster by modernizing, integrating and automating their IT systems and processes. As a result, they rapidly build measurable business value and meet changing business demands. Based on our solutions, organizations are able to liberate and govern their data, systems, applications, processes and services – achieving new levels of business flexibility.

Our leading product portfolio includes solutions for high performance data management, developing and modernizing applications, enabling service-oriented architecture, and improving business processes. By combining our technology with industry expertise and best practices experience, our customers improve and differentiate their businesses – faster.

For more information:
Contact Scott Sander:

Thanks again Software AG - check them out if you want to Improve business processes faster with SOA , BPM , ESB , and IT Modernization - click here for more info


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