Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Looking for a challenge: Join a Race Across America Team

Ben's note: As many of you know I participate yearly in the PanOhio Hope Ride (320 miles from Cleveland to Cincinnati) . Over the last two years I've gotten to know quite a few great people on the ride. My friend Andre is looking for a few hardy souls who want to take on a incredible cycling challenge. If you're looking for a challenge - this is a good one.

Call for Northeast Ohio RAAM Riders

Our goal is to build an eight-person team to enter in the 2010 Race Across America annual cycling event. The race starts June 6th, in Oceanside CA, and concludes 3,000 miles later in Annapolis MD!
RAAM is 50% longer than the Tour de France and to quote Austrian adventurer Wolfgang Fasching who has won solo RAAM three times and climbed Mt. Everest, in his opinion, “Everest is more dangerous, but RAAM is much harder”. While the solo riders are the true “stars” of RAAM, it is still an awesome opportunity to add your name to the prestigious roll call of RAAM Finishers and Team RAAM Finishers.

After we have our team members established we can begin to meet periodically to discuss logistics, fundraising, and race strategies.

For some this will be an opportunity to realize a dream, and forge life-long friendships. For others an opportunity to experience the generosity of the United States of America while challenging themselves physically. For all of us it will be a great opportunity to raise awareness and funds for a charity or cause.

As an avid amateur cyclist I’ve done multiple century rides and races and I truly love the sport. I’m looking forward to experiencing this awesome ride with you!

Go to for more details.

Andre Husain
NEOHRAAMRiders on Twitter


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