Wednesday, September 16, 2009

IT Martini - Bring on the Demos

Bring On the DEMOs
Next Thursday is going to be a good day for DEMOs outside at Park Street Patio! Four products are competing for YOUR vote in a bid to win the IT Martini Community Choice Award, presented by Bricker and Eckler:
  • MobileWait is an on-demand, web-to-SMS loyalty and wait list management solution that turns the restaurant check-in process into an on-going dialogue with customers.
  • Cornhole Allstars is a fun and outlandish iPhone game that pits Sam Spittoon, Bucket-Foot Bill, Amazing Carl, and Ms. Peculiar against one another for an epic battle of the bags.
  • TasteCasting leverages social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to engage people with a 'taste experience' at local restaurants.
  • cNotify enables governments, universities and other organizations to contact you with public safety related messages.
Know of any start-up companies trying to get visibile, capture a beta audience, or solicit feedback for their latest product? Encourage them to show their stuff at IT Martini Hour 6!
One more thanks to Datacenter101 and GRIP Technology, IT Martini's Top Shelf Sponsors demonstrating commitment to the Columbus IT Community.

John Bishop founded IT Martini with Aladin Gohar in 2008. His resume includes technology roles within companies such as JPMorgan Chase and AEP. John divides most of his time contributing to IT Martini, evangelizing the need for IT Community investment, and, of course, his full-time job (search). He would like to hear your feedback at


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