Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Public Computer Lab Opens in University District | ColumbusUnderground.com

Public Computer Lab Opens in University District | ColumbusUnderground.com

The University Area Enrichment Association (UAEA) in cooperation with FreeGeek Columbus are working together to help bridge the technology gap in the campus area. UAEA and FreeGeek have opened a community computer lab at Summit on 16th Church to serve the surrounding community with an emphasis on low-income adult residents and elementary through high school students by offering open hours for access and classes to the public.

“The highest impact thing you can do for a community is to give them a computer lab. Especially in immigrant communities, giving people access to the internet, word processing, and the limitless possibilities of modern computing means more than words can really convey. It empowers whole families at a time and gives people options,” said Miles Curtiss, VISTA volunteer for FreeGeek and University Area Enrichment Association during the project.

Volunteers helped with everything from painting walls to moving furniture. The transformation from planning and selecting the space in the church to the first class took an estimated two years to complete. The goal of the lab was to not only provide a community-focused public computer but also to incorporate environmental responsibility.

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