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Ohio Tech Bits Blog » Blog Archive » Tech Bits Weekly Round-up (March 20-26)

Ohio Tech Bits Blog » Blog Archive » Tech Bits Weekly Round-up (March 20-26)

Ohio House passes texting-while-driving ban. The House passed legislation cracking down on text-messaging while driving, putting Ohio on track to join nearly two-dozen other states with similar laws on the books. [Business First of Columbus]
Plain Dealer poll: Do you support telecom reform? [Ohio Tech Bits Blog]
Bill would require textbooks to be offered in e-book form. Rep. Matt Lundy, D-Elyria, has introduced legislation that would require colleges to offer their textbooks in e-book form. [Ohio Tech Bits Blog]
GPS used to fight speeding ticket. An Ohio man is trying to beat a speeding ticket through an unusual defense: claiming that his cell phone’s GPS records show he was driving under the speed limit. [CNET: Politics and Law]
TECHie Camp Wants YOU. [IT Martini]
IT Martini Hour 9 Registration is OPEN. IT Martini Hour 9: IT’s Spring Again. Thursday, April 29 at Longworth’s in Mount Adams. [IT Martini]
Blockbuster Dips a Toe in the Mobile Stream. The company has released an application that allows users to watch movies on a mobile phone. [NY Times Tech Blog]
Third Frontier responsible for 55,000 jobs, report says. Ohio’s Third Frontier program helped in the formation of about 14,000 direct and indirect jobs in the state in 2009 and nearly 55,000 direct and indirect jobs through December since the program’s inception in 2002. [Business First of Columbus]


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