Monday, March 29, 2010

Startup Digest coming to Columbus - sign up now

Special Request - Sign up for Startup Digest
The simple and acclaimed Startup Digest that sprung out of Silicon Valley, got featured on TechCrunch, and grew to 20,000 subscribers has reached Columbus! Check it out here:

I'm the Curator (read: free labor) for the Columbus digest - some friends gave me the heads up about it and I thought, "why don't we do this here?" I contacted the founders, we talked, found we had shared values,and voila I'm now the Columbus Startup Digest curator.

Basically, it's a weekly digest of the best startup events and resources happening in the Columbus area (this will be expanded coverage from what you see in this email), emailed to you every Monday. It's the fastest and easiest way to know what's happening in the tech/web/startup community.

I'd love a little help with the first digest (launching Monday 4/12 )- if you've got 20 seconds please:
- If you want to receive the digest, sign up at
- If you know of events happening, please send me the link or additional info

The Startup Digest is an email digest of the best startup events in your area. Here are 5 things that we will accomplish:
1. We will promote the entrepreneurial lifestyle and the culture of DOING, to help change the world into a better place.
2. We will strengthen the pre-existing entrepreneurial communities no matter how small or large they currently are
3. We will create stronger bonds between entrepreneurs through relevant events where the startup community physically meets each other.
4. We will promote the cross-pollination of ideas and people that would not otherwise interact.
5. We will empower the leaders in these startup communities and give them the tools and inspiration to create a huge difference.

The record for prelaunch advanced signup is 120 among all startup digest communities throughout the country. Help draw some attention to the Columbus startup community by helping us beat that mark by signing up.

Thanks Again,

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