Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Increasing customers, revenues and reach using multi-brand strategies

Source: ZNode Weblog


In the worst US recession since the great depression, one toy company kept significantly increasing it's revenues over 3 consecutive Decembers. The company is Toys"R"Us.

In a recent interview with the media, CEO Gerald Storch talked about their aggressive acquisition strategy. This year Toys"R"Us acquired Etoys.com, KbToys.com, Toys.com, Epregnancy.com, BabyUniverse.com, FAO Shwarz among others. The result - Toys"R"Us was able to not only survive but beat it's competition by offering the largest assortment of toys to its customers. Competitors such as Walmart may offer heavily discounted pricing, but no one can beat the enormous selection of in-stock toys offered by Toys"R"Us.

At Znode, we are seeing that many of our customers are adopting similar strategies to rise above the noise and compete effectively. That is why we are experiencing a significant demand for our multi-store platform - Multifront. Our customers use Multifront to launch storefronts for each of their brand acquisitions rapidly. Best of all, these stores are all managed through a single administrative interface enabling marketing departments to have full control over promotions and pricing.

Znode's Viewpoint product complements Multifront by allowing online retailers to create and embed portable stores on third party websites and create an effective guided navigation system enabling their customers to find the right product FAST. This significantly increases brand presence and sales conversions.


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