Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tech Across Ohio - Youngstown, Ohio Named One of the 10 Best U.S. Cities for Entrepreneurs

Source: blog.Ohiomeansbusiness.com

In a recent article on the ten most “start-up friendly” cities in the U.S., Entrepreneur Magazine names Orlando, Portland, Atlanta – and Youngstown, Ohio. In other words, Youngstown is considered to have one of the best entrepreneurial spirits in the country. In the latter part of the 20th century, this was not exactly the case. Business in Youngstown had hit several bumps in the road after a number of layoffs from area manufacturing plants. However, over the last decade, something special happened in this Northeast Ohio city. It is now filled with an openness and energy that permeates the whole culture.

Proof of this energy is Mike Broderick’s Youngstown-based Turning Technologies, which is one of the seven fastest growing tech companies in the country. The 134-employee Turning Technologies, which Mike launched in 2001, makes audience response systems used in college lectures, corporate events and even game shows. “I’ve found Youngstown to be a brilliant place for a startup,” says Mike. He attributes the pace at which the company grew to its low cost location. Youngstown’s lower-than-average rent and taxes mean dollars stretch further than they would in Silicon Valley.

Another example of Youngstown’s entrepreneurial energy is Jim Cossler, owner of Youngstown Business Incubator, which offers mentors to fledgling B2B software companies. The company also provides networking and services like office space and bandwidth for free or at a deferred cost. The incubator concept was revolutionary enough to help ignite a renaissance in Youngstown. Cossler says, “The new generation is envisioning things we wouldn’t have talked about 10 years ago.” He points to the work of the area’s dynamic congressman and energetic young mayor as examples. Cossler says, “There’s a radical transformation going on here right now.”

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