Sunday, December 6, 2009

The DEC is more than an office – it’s a family.

The Dublin Entrepreneurial Center (DEC) offers a variety of advantages for startup businesses. One of the main perks gained by associating with the DEC either virtually or in person, is the family-like support network. “People work together and try to help each other out here,” says Mark Devincent Founder of The Sierra Project Ltd., and a tenant of the DEC.

Entrepreneurship can pose many challenges to business owners. The DEC provides helpful resources to deal with these challenges through a close-knit support system. “Entrepreneurship cannot be accomplished alone. Business leaders need to rely on other people, whether it’s a colleague, a mentor or family member in order to succeed,” says Kevin Gadd, Director of IT Commercialization for TechColumbus.

“It’s great for me to have a collaborative office environment to come to – the vibe is energetic and intense, kind of like a “techy” beehive,” says Crystal Olig of Oxiem Marketing Technology. Crystal also identifies with her niche of business startups – women in entrepreneurship. “I look for smart, original and innovative women in business to add to my personal network of advisors, and there are several at the DEC who inspire me.”

Sandy Blanquera, Founder of Social Boomerang, remarks about the synergy at the DEC, “Working in the corporate world never felt this good. Now, when I come to work, I feel so lucky to be here. I’m working beside a cluster of smart, capable, out-of-the-box kind of people who are changing the world around us.”

“Entrepreneurs work hard and put in many hours. Being at the DEC makes working more fun. Today, a group of us are taking an hour off at lunch to go ice skating at the Chiller a mile away. After skating, we will enjoy free lunch courtesy of a DEC tenant and Chipotle. We hope to continue these kinds of activities to grow our relationships ,” Sandy adds.

Later this month, a gift exchange and a special holiday themed co-working event are on the calendar for tenants and the virtual community. “It’s events like these that truly make the office feel like a family,” says Chaz Freutel, owner of Get-U-Connected.

Associating with the DEC means more than picking an office space – it’s about picking a supporting family to grow your business with. Thanks for reading!

-Kevin Uland


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