Sunday, December 6, 2009

5 startups recently demoed at SF New Tech

Here's a few startups who recently demoed at SF New Tech. Seems to me that we've got startups in Central Ohio that rival what's happening in SF.


David Spark Spark Media Solutions & David Lucatch CEO of Intertainment Media & Itibiti Systems
ItiBiti is a white-labeled desktop content and communications app that drives greater engagement between brands and consumers.

Michael Slater CEO

Webvanta is a hosted content management and database system that enable web designers to build sites that their clients can edit easily. It supports structured data without custom programming making it far more powerful than simple blog/CMS systems.


Bobby Fishkin CEO

Reframe It is a simple way for readers to comment on the text they read online and an embedded tool for publishers to add interactivity sharing and user discussions to their online content. It allows readers to comment on the exact words and images of any web page and gives publishers a hyper-specific commenting tool that spreads discussions across multiple social networks and platforms.


Duncan Logan CEO

NationalBLS is the first national listing service of pre-approved residential real estate buyers -- a marketplace where buyers anonymously post their requirements to the web and receive offers from eager sellers. It's real estate in reverse.


Sarah Chapman Founder & President is a web application that helps customers find businesses based on their availability. In real-time users are able to search and book appointments for personal services by price location time and rating.


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