Wednesday, August 13, 2008

TechColumbus e-Track Membership announced

Excerpt from:

TechColumbus has started a new membership program designed to lure more entrepreneurs to the Columbus group that works on promoting the area's technology development efforts.

The new program, e-Track Membership, is a specially designed and discounted membership for entrepreneurial organizations that allows newly formed and early stage ventures the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of being formally connected to the region's high-tech community.
"We started this because our traditional membership programs have not attracted many entrepreneurs," said Tim Haynes, vice president of member services and marketing with TechColumbus. "This is very targeted toward entrepreneurs."

As e-Track members, entrepreneurs can attend 10 working luncheon events focused on "business techniques for moving forward and preparing for the next steps in company growth."
For example, one of the first events scheduled is a luncheon titled "The Funded," at which entrepreneurs who have already obtained equity funding share their stories about how they got their funding and also pass along any advice on how to secure such funding.

"The whole idea of 'lessons learned' is big to (entrepreneurs)," Haynes said. "We'll have something on boot-strapping, which is how to bring in all of the elements of a start-up business together."

Another topic is a "90-second elevator pitch," he said, or banking issues and value propositions for customers.

"The luncheon is the key new item. There will be a whole host of different topics," said Haynes. "We'll also offer after-hours programs for entrepreneurs." Besides the monthly luncheon events, e-Track members may also participate in networking possibilities facilitated by TechColumbus. "The networking can help the entrepreneurs connect to potential partners or other entrepreneurs," said Haynes. There will also be entrepreneurial "peer-to-peer" forums and e-Track members will have access to all of the traditional TechColumbus member benefits.

The entrepreneurs also pay a reduced membership rate of $175 per year, which is lower than the previous lowest rate available of $375.

To become an e-Track member, the company must be a start-up with five or fewer employees.


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