Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dublin Methodist Hospital Implements Bedside Computing System that Doubles as Patient-Friendly Tool

Press Date: 07/31/2008

Pyxis® Info Station brings critical health information closer to patients; allows patients to be online during their stay in the hospital

Dublin Methodist Hospital became the first hospital in the country to roll out new bedside computing technology this week aimed at improving patient satisfaction and clinical efficiency.

Called the "Pyxis® Info Station," the new comprehensive system developed by Cardinal Health allows clinicians to access electronic health records, bedside barcoding applications and other healthcare IT applications at the most critical place in the hospital - the patient's bedside. And when not in use by caregivers, the system can be used by patients to get online for personal business while they are in the hospital. The system is installed in 25 patient rooms but will eventually be available hospital-wide.

Suspended from a bendable arm mounted from the ceiling, the user interface is comprised simply of a computer screen and keyboard. This flexibility allows the unit to be repositioned throughout a patient's room so it can easily be used by caregivers for clinical documentation, and by patients and even their families for access to the Internet and educational health resources.

Clinician Access
"Having access to all relevant clinical information at the exact point where care is delivered improves efficiency in how nurses and other clinicians do their jobs, especially in an emergent situation" said Lamont Yoder, RN, chief nursing officer. "Paper charts are sometimes difficult to navigate and find all relevant patient information but with only a quick log on, our caregivers save valuable time by having the option to view the entire health record while sitting face to face with the patient. Everything they need to manage the patient's chart and make notes is at their fingertips."

Patient View
Dublin Methodist's new technology allows patients and even family members to access the Internet and meal menus when not in use by a clinician. Accessed through the Pyxis® Info Station, Patient View is where patients are assigned written or video health education materials by their doctor or nurse on any number of topics related to their condition or instructions for caring for themselves when they get home.

"The Pyxis® Info Station offers patients a way to learn about their health while they're at Dublin Methodist," said Albert Wright, vice president of Patient Care. "But we also wanted to find a convenient way to communicate with them before they arrived and after they've gone home. By using this technology to access our Web site at Dublin Methodist, patients can log on at any time by entering a code into the online module for immediate information about their condition or procedure. Patients can also grant permission for their friends and relatives anywhere in the world to go online and learn about their loved one's condition."

Once the patient is in the hospital, Patient View on the Pyxis® Info Station can track which patients completed educational modules and even provide quizzes to test comprehension and identify where further education may be needed.

The Pyxis® Info Station also offers patients a real-time solution to concerns during their stay. With the click of an icon, patients can type in their question or concern which is then automatically e-mailed to appropriate staff members ready to address the issue. For example, instead of patients having to ask a nurse to change a light bulb or replace a broken TV remote, their request will be routed to the appropriate staff member for prompt attention, freeing up nurses to concentrate on direct patient care and clinical issues.

The staff member may receive the request on their computer or even on their Vocera, a wireless communications device used by all Dublin Methodist associates and caregivers.

"Whether they are reviewing meal menus, e-mailing their friends or surfing the Web, we think our patients will appreciate the extra convenience of having access to the Internet and an easy way to learn more about their health," said Wright. "From the very beginning, every detail of this hospital was thought through to maximize technology as a tool to provide quality care and convenience, and the Pyxis® Info Station is contributing to our goal of continuing to be innovators in healthcare technology and delivery of care."

Designed to be a leader in the implementation of healthcare technology, Dublin Methodist has been using electronic health records in an all digital, wireless and paper-lite environment since the hospital opened in early January.


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