Sunday, August 3, 2008

Controller opening

Company: Fast Switch, Ltd.
Job Title: Controller / Executive Assistant
Description: We are a high-growth IT staffing firm, with headquarters in Dublin, Ohio and with offices serving the Columbus Metro and Detroit Metro areas. We have a staff of over 160 associates and have experienced phenomenal growth rates while remaining profitable throughout this growth.

We are serious about what we do, but believe that everyone on our team must be supplied an enjoyable, stable, “drama free” environment in which to work, achieve, and thrive. We have continued to keep the “Silicon Valley Start-Up” feel to our business even as we approach $20 million in annual revenues.

We also believe, and have proven, that a company like ours can grow and prosper without cutting corners – by dealing ethically and honestly with all of our stakeholders. We value integrity and expect it from our associates. These principles also guide us in our tactical and strategic decision-making processes.

Our CEO seeks a person with the skills, capabilities, and experience to play the dual roles of Corporate Controller and Executive Assistant.

This is a role for someone who is/has:

• extremely Organized
• Efficient & Effective – let’s call it “Crisp” – in everything they do
• Accurate to the second decimal point
• A Self-Starter
• Disciplined and Professional
• a Stable Personality in times of pressure and deadlines
• a Service Mentality at all times
• No On-Going Personal Issues that would effect their on-the-job performance

The role will be to offload the increase in the financial and administrative management workload of our CEO that has been caused by our strong growth (100% in 2007 and over 60% in 2008 year-to-date). This will allow him to work on new business development opportunities, spend more time face-to-face with clients, and open new markets.

This role is NOT an administrative assistant role. It will require no telephone answering, scheduling, etc. It is a combination of something akin to Corporate Controller and Executive Assistant roles in large companies, but on a smaller yet much broader scale.

In this role, the successful candidate will assist the CEO in managing all of the financial matters of the organization. This will include making financial entries into all functions within QuickBooks Online, maintaining a number of key Excel spreadsheets for cost accounting, cash flow, vendor payments, sales commissions, and customized customer reporting. You will also work with our external CPA firm at audit/review time, as well as our banker.

While there is no direct payroll processing responsibility in this role, there is interface with our payroll staff member for pre-payroll and post-payroll administration, accounting, and quality control.

While there is no direct human resources responsibility in this role, there will be projects associated with working with benefits suppliers and prospective suppliers to assure we are getting the best possible value for these services. This would include getting bids, analyzing bids, participating in the selection of suppliers, and working with suppliers to implement new or changed benefits programs from the finance and accounting perspective.

And, there will be numerous new projects that will arise as time goes by. You must be willing to assist the CEO with marketing research and other activities associated with new business development and expansion into new markets. This will include direct interface with clients and prospective clients.

Successful candidates will have a strong background in financial accounting, using QuickBooks (required) and/or QuickBooks Online (preferred). While we do have someone strictly limited to doing accounting today, you should understand the complete accounting cycle, how to use QuickBooks to generate both cash and accrual financial statements by making the appropriate entries for “cross period” activities (both revenue and expense items), process cash receipts, do bank reconciliations, and generate financial statements with a high degree of accuracy. In this role, there will be a large amount of quality control and validity checking with respect to our financial reporting.

In addition to this, candidates should be proactive and able to spot possible problems or errors (hopefully even before they occur), and put process or procedures in place to keep them from happening, or from happening more than one time. This continuous improvement is essential in our high-growth environment.

Combined with the above, candidates should have experience working across the various units and departments of a business if their prior experience in with large companies. In this role, you will be working across every aspect of our company, and must understand how businesses work at both the maco- and mico-levels.

In addition to strong QuickBooks experience, successful candidates must have:

• Expert Knowledge of Excel
• Expert Knowledge of Outlook E-mail & Internet Usage
• Strong Knowledge of the remainder of Microsoft Office Suite
• A 4-year degree in business, accounting, finance, or a suitable substitute
• 4+ Years of Full Time Work Experience associated with this position
• Impeccable References and Ability to Pass a Background Check

Because of our incredible growth and physical space constraints, you must be able to work from your home or home office without distraction, but be willing to work from our offices in Dublin, Ohio 100% if and when required by us. There is no exception to this requirement. Because of this, we would like someone who lives in or near Dublin for this role.

Compensation will vary greatly depending on experience and capability, and is anticipated to range from $45,000 to $60,000 plus benefits which include healthcare, dental, and vision insurance (only a 5% employee contribution required), long term disability coverage, and 401(k) with match and IMMEDIATE vesting. Our benefits package, in this day and age, are superb.

For more info contact:

Mark Pukita
Chief Executive Officer
Fast Switch, Ltd.
37 W. Bridge Street
Suite 200
Dublin, OH 43017


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