Monday, August 11, 2008

Thank you for your support - Pan Ohio Hope Ride - $140k raised

A few weeks ago I shared with everyone the fact that I was going on a 300 mile fundraising ride for the American Cancer Society Hope Lodges. Over the last 4 days myself and 99 other riders completed the ride and raised over $140,000 for this event.

I'd like to publicly thank everyone who supported the effort. (The list is at the bottom of this post.) At the beginning and end of the ride I got the opportunity to visit the Cleveland and Cincinnati Hope Lodges and I can truly tell you that your contribution is really making a difference in the lives of those when they are truly in need. My team raised over $15,000 of which my supporter contributions amounted to $3,900.

Pictures from the event can be seen at
or on the right hand side of the blog (via a flickr feed).

We ended up going 329 miles (not the original 300 miles) and along the way we visited ( and slept at) Case Western, Wooster, Otterbein, and Wittenburg campuses. I even completed my first century ride (100 miles in one day) on Friday. During the ride I experimented with some new technology by twittering updates and posting mobile picture to Flickr. More on this in a future post.

I've got to admit I'm a little sore but glad to have had the opportunity to contribute to such a great cause. I'm already planning to do it again next year. Please let me know if you're interested in joining me.
Peace Out

- Congrats to Tony Wells for riding the last two legs of the ride with me
- If you see me ask me to tell you the story of how a pancake got flipped into Ms. Ohio's tiara - while she was wearing it
- Thanks to David Platt for cheering us on as we passed through Dublin

Thanks again to:

Ahmad Sinno
Alan Kabat
Amjed Qamar
Andrew Grad
Anker Bell
Brett and Kathryn Gerke
Cary Hanosek
Chaz Freutel
Dan Hamilton
Dan Vermeire
David Bianconi
David Chesebrough
David Platt
Deb Abner
Debbie Burkman
Diane Sandstrom
Don Davis
Doug Bond
Ed Janes
Frank Kersanty
Hugh S Smith
Ivan Harper
Jim Kamnikar
John Girgis
Kathy Trask
Kay Nelson
Kelly Allan Associates
Kelly Perine
Kristen Blum
Larry Tracewell
Laura Coffee
Les Boyer
Linda Rasmussen
Mark Pukita - Fast Switch
Marty Luffy
Mary Seipel
Matt Wald
Maureen Metcalf
Michael Bowers
Michael Chizmar
Mike Erwin
Nancy Davis
Patricia Castro
Patrick Bennett
Peter Mathews
Quinton Quast
Rehan Chawdry
Rich Viola
Rick Coplin
Ron Frissora
Ron Morgan
Ruben Melendez
Ryan Boder
Ryan Borland
Rye Dorazio
Sanjay Chhabria
Scott Clark
Scott Vandergriff
Siobhan Blake
Stacie Cores
Steve Gruetter
Surya Rudraraju
Tom Ash
Tom Erb
Tron Emptage
Will Indest


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

As Ben's good friend and Pan Ohio Hope Ride organizer, I'd like everyone to know that you crushed this tour! Our buddy Ben basically got "off the couch" and rode 328 miles -- enduring hills, cramps, beers, head winds, false summits, and 4 days of riding with Bonny! And he made it to Cincinnati no problem at all. U R my hero! -- Neal

August 11, 2008 at 12:39 PM  

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