Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pics from TechLife's first Social Entrepreneur networking event at Qwirk

On Sun morning I got an email from Luke Barbara that he wanted to hold a social entrepreneurship meeting. After about an hour of tweeting/emailing back and forth with Neal at Qwirk we had a location to hold it and voila - Columbus holds it's first social entrepreneurship networking event. I'm excited to see what starts happening when those with shared passion in making a difference, mixed with a entrepreneurs eye, start talking about possibilities and then acting on those possibilities.

Here's some pics from the gathering:


"The Columbus SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS TechLife Columbus Meetup on 3/3/2009 brought together a community of entrepreneurial-minded and socially-conscious people who will change the world through entrepreneurship. This is the beginning of a movement of social entrepreneurs in Columbus, Ohio who think globally, act locally, and create sustainable solutions to social and environmental problems - namely, ending poverty. Special thanks to Neal and Bonnie of QWIRK coworking www.qwirkcolumbus.com for generously offering their space for this meaningful event."
Luke Barbara
International Entrepreneur + Social Entrepreneur

From twitter:
thebigplan @bblanquera the qw1irk social was a lot of fun... I wonder if charettes will get adopted sometime into them... gr8 way 2 interact w/others

josephrichard @bblanquera this was a great event, I was happy to participate!


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