Thursday, February 26, 2009

Letter from CEO - Greg Yoakam

Hello everyone!

I hope you are each having a great month. I keep telling myself that winter is just about over (I hope).

Alright, the last month for ( went very well. It was highlighted, as you know, by winning the Tech Columbus Innovation award – very exciting! Here are the key things we are working on:

*Note: please continue to use and tell your friends about (

· New Family Calendar to be released on Monday: We are incredibly excited to be releasing our new, super enhanced family calendar. This is a true, on-line shareable calendar that integrates well into what we are doing on the website. The best part is it’s free for users of the site. We will need your help – when it is released please use it and let us know what you think (this will be extremely helpful).

· Next Release: We have 2 very exciting releases coming in the next 2 months – Wish Lists & Coach Pages. By late March, parents will be able to build their own wish lists on our website! This is through our partnership with Clearwish. This will be a great resource for parents to build birthday party, Christmas, new born, etc wish lists. This will be incorporated into our Birthday Party planner when launched this summer. Also, by late April we plan to release our new Coach pages – this is where a coach will be able to manage their entire team – practices, games, snacks and much more! This will be a great tool for coaches!

· Licensees for We are starting to chat with two groups about licensing The conversations with both groups are very productive and should be promising. Here is where I need your help – we are planning to launch in Cincinnati in April and Pittsburgh on June – if you know anyone in those two cities that might be interested in licensing please let me know. This is a great opportunity for a person to grow with our company.

· Fundraiser Card – Online Purchase Option: We recently added a new option to our fundraiser program to allow people to purchase the fundraiser card on-line. This makes it very easy for organizations looking to raise money and provide great discounts to parents (we have over 60 discounts in the total program). If you know any group that is looking for a fundraiser, as always, please let me know.

We are now moving into our next phase of – web based tools for parents. Our goal from starting the company has always been to be a tool website for parents. Now that we have delivered the core, starting with the Family Calendar, then the wish list, coach pages, and birthday party planner we will move into our first delivery of tools for parents (more to come after that).

This continues to be a very exciting time and I very much look forward to what the future holds for Please continue your help in spreading the word and I greatly appreciate your support!


Greg Yoakam


President / CEO

Columbus, OH

(614) 354-3227

Family life made easy

2008 Tech Columbus Innovation Award Winner

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