Friday, October 31, 2008

A quick update from CBusTechLife - the movement is growing

Good morning,

A few weeks ago I sent a post out about CBusTechLife. Since that time it seems as our "Tribe" (as Seth Godin) puts it is forming and a energy is growing in the Columbus Tech Community. Check it out -,

I want to point out a few items:

1. As of this morning 97 people have contributed content to - the site is organically growing as a great resource. On the site you will find:

People: A list of folks involved in Columbus Tech Life
Networking Groups: Various groups, social networks, and information resources
Bloggers: Links to Columbus technologists and digerati with blogs
Twitters: Links to people who tweet
Organizations: Professional organizations, groups and resources
Companies: those involved with Columbus Tech Life
Web Companies: dot coms, consulting and design firms focused on the Internet specifically
Jobs: A list of jobs and job resources from our members
Meetings: The calendar of upcoming events and meet-ups
Resources: Links to Resources that may interest Columbus Tech Life members
Nonprofit Resources - Resources for those improving the quality of life in CBus - generally social service and art agencies

2. Columbus Tech Life Meetup -

We've grown to over 300 members in the last few weeks. 7 gathering/events in the last month and 5 events on our calendar for Nov and Dec.

Here's what our members are saying:
Mark Juras

" Solutions that bring people and technology together have the greatest impact. The people in this community get this andI love to hear their stories. "

Steve Weiker
" The Columbus Tech community is rather tight knit which makes it important to stay connected. "

Robert J Biro
" I am a techman at heart and I just moved up from Cincinnati and found out that I didn't know anyone up here. I need to change that! "

Doug Bond
" I love what I am seeing happen in Columbus tech and the uptick in networking. The more I see, the more I want to get involved - to me it has never been better! "

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