Tuesday, October 28, 2008

CBTS Business Technology Forum - Nov 6

Learn how to prepare & protect your business for unexpected events - be sure to check out our Security, Storage & Disaster Recovery sessions!

The symposium will include technology stations as well as breakout sessions that will educate your company on ways to:

• Increase Operational Efficiency
• Reduce Costs
• Improve Customer Satisfaction
• Mitigate Risk
• Communicate The Way You Do Business
• Lay A Foundation For Your Business Future

Breakout sessions include:

• Next Generation Conferencing
• The Real Story Behind Data Security
• The Economics of Networking
• Open Storage Solutions
• Wireless Security
• Storage Consolidation & Virtualization
• Next Generation Security Services
• Unified Communications
• Optimizing your Wide Area Network
• Leveraging Ohio’s IT Resources
• Ethical Hacking in Forensics
• The Virtual World: On Demand Computing
• Desktop One – Unifying the Phone & the Desktop
• On Line Data Backup & Recovery
• Disaster Recovery
• Evolution and Trends in Data Security

The Business Technology Forum has been scheduled for November 6th at the Buckeye Hall of Fame Café in Columbus, where we will provide food, beverages and fabulous giveaways throughout the day.

Register here: http://www.cbts.cinbell.com/columbus

Contact Tina Koczeniak (tina.koczeniak@cbts.cinbell.com) for more info


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