Thursday, October 30, 2008

Shift Happens - AITP and Tweetstream

A few months ago I was asked by Ron Morgan to present at a local AITP meeting on the topic of “How Does Web 2.0 Affect IT Professionals?” I’d like to share the presentation I made last night entitled – “Shift Happens”

As part of the process I reached out via my LinkedIn network. That feedback is incorporated into the presentation

Also attached is Jody Dzuranin’s Tweetstream from the event (Thanks Jody):

jodyNcolumbus: @SBlanquera nice meeting you at #AITP, it is nice reading your #CTL tweets from last night. I was tweeting CSMC, cbus is buzzing indeed.

jodyNcolumbus: RT - @SBlanquera @bblanquera 's speech at #AITP called Shift to presentation - (expand)

jodyNcolumbus: @bblanquera Nice job at the #AITP columbus meeting. Integrating the videos was powerful. Tweet stream (expand)

jodyNcolumbus: #AITP Info on 11/7/08 - 11/9/08 Region 18 Leadership Retreat, Pittsburgh, PA (expand)

jodyNcolumbus: #AITP Columbus AITP Columbus Group and here is tonite's tweet stream (expand) (sorry 4 2xs)

jodyNcolumbus: #AITP Association of Technology Professionals, Columbus chapter was founded in 1951, wow, they have history.

jodyNcolumbus: #AITP Ben Blanquera presented, what a great meeting! Here is the AITP Columbus website

jodyNcolumbus: #AITP annual conference in pittsburgh next week

jodyNcolumbus: #AITP talking about intellectual property, citations, 40% of IT professionals in room have facebook profile

jodyNcolumbus: #AITP sorry for the double posts, wifi delays. the first wakes it up and the second maks the post

jodyNcolumbus: #AITP Ben talking about new career, managing energy source for data centers

jodyNcolumbus: #AITP Web 2.0 the Web is us video: (expand)

jodyNcolumbus: #AITP Ben just showed video, Did you know? It blew me away. (expand)

jodyNcolumbus: #AITP Ben just showed video, Did you know? It blew me away. (expand)

jodyNcolumbus: at #AITP Ben Blanquera of Progressive Medical presenting Web 2.0 for IT professionals, very interacive. Good stuff!

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