Friday, July 2, 2010

A New View on Joints | Orthotec

A New View on Joints | Orthotec


A New View on Joints

Joint Vue's Vision-D Plus device combines 3-D ultrasound and Joint Sound (vibration analysis) to enable clinicians to analyze joint space and motion in
3-D. Clinicians can also hear kinematic and soft tissue abnormalities.

Joint Vue, a startup company based in Columbus, OH, is changing the face of musculoskeletal diagnostics with 3-D imaging technology that visualizes joints in real time. The company currently has four technologies, one of which its chief medical officer, Ray Wasielewski, MD, calls a truly disruptive technology in knee joint diagnostics. Joint Vision-D not only captures 3-D dynamic joint motion, but it also completes the task without exposing patients to radiation. The technology directly competes with X-ray, 3-D computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and fluoroscopy.

A bonus to Joint Vue's technologies is that the company is maintaining 3-D anatomic joint databases that orthopaedic companies would undoubtedly find useful.


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