Wednesday, June 30, 2010


My Father's Greatest Gift: Multiple Truths - Tammy Erickson - Harvard Business Review here to read more

"Younger generations are much less likely to imagine that there is one correct answer or a single authority. Their experiences surfing the Internet have given them a better sense than many from older generations of the way situations can morph and be interpreted differently, but not less correctly, by different reporters.

Generation X, with its value of self-reliance and preference for options and choice, is particularly prone to recognizing and appreciating multiple perspectives. Recently, one of my readers introduced me to a very Gen X Web site, specifically designed to make it easy for users to compare and contrast how news sources all over the world cover the same stories. Mondokio, which means "world eye" in Italian, allows you to read the coverage of major news events in local markets by clicking on a global map. here to read more


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