Friday, March 5, 2010

Professional Development SCHOLARSHIPS available for currently unemployed U.S. citizens -- skills-based training solutions for the Information Technology, Systems/Software Development Lifecycle, and Financial markets‏

This tip courtesy of Carol Fleming - thanks Carol

The scholarship will offset costs for unemployed students looking for training to make them more marketable to potential employers or to extend their current skill set in order to aid their job hunt.  No matter the cost of the ASPE course, scholarship winners will be able to register for only $350 and can take up to 3 courses with ASPE. All classes must be taken by June 30th, 2010.

Check out this link for all the details! 

The ASPE Scholarship Program makes training affordable, letting you attend any ASPE course for just $350. In some cases saving applicants over $1,800. Last year ASPE awarded over $60,000 of scholarships to over 40 different job seekers. If you are a current job seeker, this is the training that will put you on the path to finding not only a new position, but a better paying one! Now is your chance to get top-notch training at an affordable price. Don’t wait, take advantage of this program and get the hands-on real-world training you need!
In response to the popularity of the Scholarship Program, ASPE has extended the deadline for applications! We realize how valuable this training can be for job seekers and want to give you the edge you need to compete in today’s job market. Applications will now be accepted until June 30th, SO don’t wait! This is your way of getting the skills you need to find a new position! Apply for the ASPE Scholarship Program.


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