Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Columbus is the first to experience Awesome Inc.'s MobileX Conference

Source: Rick Coplin's MidWest TechBiz Blog

Columbus is the first to experience Awesome Inc.'s MobileX Conference

One of the great things about Central Ohio is the vibrant innovative community that is a foundation for a tremendous amount of entrepreneurial activity and a corresponding high level of investment available in a variety of forms. An ingredient in our foundation is an ongoing series of events, networking & educational opportunities, and Meetups that seamlessly mix casual and professional.

The MobileX Conference is a great example of this foundation. Spearheaded by Awesome, Inc., based in my hometown of Lexington, Kentucky, MobileX is a five-city technology conference tour designed to provide networking, educational content and opportunity (via a pitch contest). Here's the tour schedule:

One of the best parts of this conference is that fact that it is organized by what some might think of as "outsiders" - i.e. people not from within our own innovation community here in Columbus. Several of us met Luke Murray last fall at a mini-mobile application conference we hosted at The Dublin Entrepreneurial Center, and at that time Luke talked about bringing his conference concept to Columbus. We welcomed him with open arms and several of us volunteered to help make it a reality. Instead of "hey, this is our turf", we collectively said, "you are welcome here". The payoff? Several, and among them are: We are anticipating a great conference that highlights some of our local experts and brings other experts into our community; We will likely see some real creativity and potential for new ideas to take off and become viable business opportunities; We'll expand our horizons via an expanded network of friends and people we can call upon for their expertise later. In short, we have an opportunity to grow and to learn, to make our community even better for entrepreneurs and innovators. We also have an opportunity to help Luke and Awesome, Inc. learn what works best and what might need improvement to make this an even better event for the next four cities.

I am proud of our community, our openness, our welcoming nature, our desire to learn and grow - all of the things that contribute to our foundation that enthusiastically supports innovation and entrepreneurialism.

If you can attend, you've still got time to register for what promises to be a great conference. There are no outsiders here.



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