Sunday, March 14, 2010

Local Company Forecast Watch featured on Bloomberg TV

ForecastWatch has become the premier tool for meteorologists to understand, compare, communicate, and improve the accuracy of their forecasts. ForecastWatch is used by the top weather forecasting companies, but has also been used by meteorologists in the energy and transportation industries. Now that even banks are hiring meteorologists, weather forecasts are being used more and more to make critical business and investment decisions.

systems and data have been used by investors, traders, and modellers to make better decisions based on the weather. Companies have used ForecastWatch to select forecast providers, understand the uncertainty of weather forecasts, and as input to models of customer and consumer behavior in weather-affected industries.

Click here to see the clip:

Ben's note: Congrats to Eric Floehr CEO of ForecastWatch. Eric is also CTO of another Columbus emerging company 3X Systems.


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