Thursday, March 11, 2010

Windows 7 Reference Information

Many orgs are looking at migrating to windows 7 - here some great reference articles from Allen Bernard
Developer Says Windows 7 Eats Up Memory

Windows 7 is supposed to be much better at memory management than its maligned predecessor, Windows 7. But one developer said statistics show it's no better.

Windows 7's Overlooked Enterprise Features

While consumers and tech enthusiasts are making the most noise about Windows 7, enterprises are also concerned about what will replace Vista. Turns out Microsoft has a lot to offer.

Gartner: Don't Wait for Windows 7 SP1

The analyst firm says enterprises should start early on planning, but they'll have more to worry about if they skipped Vista.

Windows 7 Virtualization Leaves Some CPUs Out

The much-hyped Windows XP virtual mode in Windows 7 won't actually support some x86 processors. Does it matter?

Top Ten Problems Upgrading to Windows 7

Tech support firm flags issues users encounter moving to Windows 7.

Intel Finds Windows 7 Deployment Not So Easy

The chipmaking giant reports that breaking up with Windows XP is hard to do.

Here's a Google search link to about 100 more W7 articles on

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