Thursday, March 11, 2010 Making Timeshare Trading Really Easy

New internet site woos frustrated owners for low cost, hassle free trades.There are well over 5 million timeshare owners in the U.S. and if you ask them how they feel about trading their unit, most will probably say it’s a giant pain.

Until now.

“ was really born out of necessity,” said Mike Blackwell, company founder and President. “As a timeshare owner, I had been frustrated for years at the difficulty in trading for a comparable unit in another nice resort destination. It just shouldn’t be this hard and cost so much.” According to Blackwell, when it comes to exchanging units there is no easy, inexpensive way to do it. With the existing services, timeshare owners typically need to pay an annual membership fee, deposit their week at least a year in advance and “hope for the best.” Many times the process just doesn’t work and most owners settle for anything they can get.

That didn’t sit well with the entrepreneurial Blackwell, a former AOL executive and CEO of ShareThis. So he and a couple of other ex-AOLers decided to build a better mousetrap, launching operates much like other popular person to person commerce sites. It works like this: A timeshare owner visits where they can easily view thousands of units all over the country. They can search by resort or location, find the unit and the week they want, and then decide if they want to offer up an exchange by listing their unit. acts as the marketplace and intermediary between the two owners and keeps the process simple and straightforward. There is no charge to list or search listings. The only cost incurs when a unit is booked - at $99 per trade.

“We’re here to shake up the timeshare exchanging world, much like Stubhub did with the event ticket market,” Blackwell stated. “ is much easier, faster, and less expensive while being a better value than any other service that’s out there.”

Timeshares, or fractional ownership units, were created in the early seventies as a way to allow deeded ownership without the need to purchase an entire condominium. Timeshare ownership became wildly popular, with resort companies like Marriott, Disney, Hilton, Hyatt, Starwood, and Wyndham developing thousands of units worldwide. makes it really easy for all of these timeshare owners to trade with each other through one easy to use site.

For more information on, contact Bob Kington or 614-465-6226.


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