Tuesday, March 2, 2010

E-lessons could keep Ohio students busy on snow days

Source: Ohio Tech Bits Blog

From Friday’s Columbus Dispatch, a look at legislation that would allow Ohio school districts to post lessons to a Web site when inclement weather forces cancellations.
Under the bipartisan bill, when a district cancels school, it could immediately post lessons to its Web site for each grade level or class, allowing students to download the material and turn in the work within two weeks.
The bill would let schools use the e-lessons to replace up to five days missed because of snow, ice or other unscheduled closures.
Supporters say the bill also could have an extra benefit: pushing districts to blend technology with classroom work to expand student learning beyond the traditional school day or year.
“The state technology plan and our district technology plan calls for increasing online options. I think this is an avenue to push us to forge ahead on that,” said Lisa Wendel, superintendent of Mississinawa Valley Schools in western Ohio, whose ideas on e-lessons prompted the bill.


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