Friday, December 11, 2009

Take the “Shape Our Future” MORPC survey - your opinion matters

Source: Columbus Underground - thanks to Adam Smith for the heads up

Via Email from MORPC:

Shaping our Future is a plan the Mid Ohio Regional Planning is spearheading for 12 counties in central Ohio. Expected to be completed in 2012, Shaping Our Future will integrate elements that impact the region including the transportation system, land use patterns, air quality, energy security, water quality, food production, and economic development. The mission is to have a regionally accepted plan that ensures major public infrastructure expenditures and public development decisions are made with a focus on sustainability to secure a competitive advantage for central Ohio.

The survey takes 10 minutes. There are questions about energy, environment, transportation, the economy and your neighborhood. Most importantly, it’s an opportunity for you to say what you like about central Ohio and what you think would make it better. It’s anonymous, it’s fast, and it’s important. Get involved in Shaping Our Future! Click here to take the survey.


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