For many, the biggest problem with getting a good business idea off the ground is the cost. From administrative and legal costs, to product development and marketing, office space and employees, starting a business can be incredibly expensive. However, with the right set of resources, many of these costs can be pinched down without risking your venture. Of course, sometimes quality trumps price, but there are a few gems below that might just meet your start-up's needs without busting the bank. And if you know of some others not on this list - let me know! That is what the comment button is for.

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Phone, Fax, & Internet

  • Get Free Voicemail from Google Voice. (You will need to sign up for an invite).
  • Send Free Faxes from Here or Here
  • Voice-to-text for note taking from Jott
  • Web conferencing from DimDim
  • Pay for your phone 1 time, never again, with Ooma (requires broadband internet)
  • Find free internet access (dial up only)

Corporate Logo & Website


Business & Legal Forms

General Business Advice

  • The US Small Business Administration offers free publications on small business or take online courses
  • A well known source for business advice SCORE
  • Find business advice and partners at PartnerUp
  • Contact your local Chamber of Commerce

Financial Services

  • Completely Free Small Business Checking Account from Capital One
  • Manage finance, budgeting, and more with Mint
  • Free Simple-Start QuickBooks software or use the fully featured open source PostBooks
  • Good community advice on money management from Wesabe
  • Since so many entrepreneurs have their personal finances tied up with their business, you may want one of these free personal finance managers: jGnash, gnuCash, Grisbi, and GFP
  • Look out for a Valentines Day Free Tax Prep gift from IAC-EZ if you sign up on February 14th.

Labor & Contracting

  • Interns: Locate your business near a college campus if possible. If not, look to local high schools.
  • Use the Mechanical Turk from Amazon to have hundreds of people crunch through your monotonous tasks for pennies on the dollar.
  • Hire at your price with eLance, GetAFreelancer or RentACoder

Business Management Tools

General Software