Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Possitivity Green

Looking for an E-Waste Solution for your enterprise and have a side benefit of doing good for the community - check out

Possitivity Green

There are very few economical and environmentally responsible solutions for getting rid of old computers, copiers and other electronic waste. But, now you can rely on Possitivity’s E-Waste Program to provide a responsible solution with multiple benefits at absolutely no cost*.

Our e-waste recycling program is a free disposal service that picks up your company’s e-waste and takes it away.

Possitivity Green Offers:

  • Free pickup and recycling of e-waste items
  • All materials safely recycled back into the manufacturing stream
  • Guaranteed 100 percent no-landfill policy
  • All hard drives are data wiped at no cost (Certificates available for a nominal fee)
  • Security of all devices and sensitive information is assured
  • Documentation provided for charitable donation tax credit

At Possitivity Green, we do things the right way for the right reasons.

Our mission inspires us to continually identify business solutions that can help companies become more environmentally responsible.

The quality and reliability of our entire line of services are matched only by the compassionate nature of our company. And how we do it is just as important as what we do.

We employ talented people with disabilities who enjoy the satisfaction and self-worth that comes with gainful employment.

At no cost or hassle, you can help promote environmental responsibility and our mission of providing good jobs for good people. Contact us today at 614.846.4877 because doing the right thing has never been so easy.


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