Monday, July 20, 2009

GOFBCI and ODOD Launch the Ohio Social Entrepreneurship Initiative - GroundWork group featured

Dear Community Leader:
We are excited to announce our partnership with the Ohio Department of Development’s Entrepreneurship and Small Business Division to launch the Ohio Social Entrepreneurship Initiative. Social entrepreneurship focuses on low-profit ventures developed in response to a social problem and is pursued using entrepreneurial principles that can involve producing market value, earning revenue, and employing the chronically underemployed. While the Ohio Social Entrepreneurship Initiative will likely involve additional services and programs, we begin our effort by simply providing organizations with access to financing and funding information, training resources, and examples of social enterprises in Ohio.
On the Ohio Social Entrepreneurship Initiative Web page (click here), you can explore:
  • Financing and Funding InformationClick here to learn more about possible financing and funding opportunities for your initiative.
  • Training ResourcesClick here to explore possible training and technical assistance resources.
  • Examples in Ohio Click here to discover some of the current social enterprises in Ohio.
One example of a nonprofit organization using entrepreneurship principles is GroundWork group in Columbus, Ohio. Growing out of an initiative started by United Way of Central Ohio and incorporated since 2005, GroundWork group currently works with over 150 nonprofit organizations. GroundWork group serves other nonprofit organizations by assessing a group’s operational and technological infrastructure, identifying the areas where improvement can be made in terms of technical capabilities, acquiring, installing and integrating all necessary equipment, software, and applications, and training staff and volunteers on the usage of technology tools, etc.
To find out more about GroundWork group, visit their Web site at http:/
Additionally, please note that UGIVE has added times to their information sessions. UGIVE is a nonprofit organization on a mission to connect high school students to volunteer service opportunities. See below and contact UGIVE for more information.
As always, call us anytime.
Greg Landsman
Director, Ohio Governor's Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives

77 South High Street, 30th Floor | Columbus, Ohio 43215 | | p: 614.466.3398 | f: 614.644.6763


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