Monday, July 20, 2009

New CallCopy Website is live

Check out the new website of a up and coming Columbus Tech Company - click on the logo

CallCopy is one of the fastest growing companies in the call recording / quality monitoring industry. Our momentum is fueled by successful installations and satisfied clients. As the range of industries we serve continues to expand, our solution suite grows accordingly. We are always evaluating new technologies that will provide greater efficiencies to the users and administrators of our systems, and our business development team is finely tuned to the ebbs and flows of the markets we serve. Our goal is not to provide software – our goal is to deliver solutions.

Our History

cc: Discover was designed and developed by contact center industry veterans. Ray Bohac, CallCopy’s President and founder, had worked with the multiple recording systems used in the outsourcer’s many facilities. He recognized that of all the applications installed, not one of them had the capacity to scale quickly and affordably to accommodate the changing needs of the clients. A system that was installed for 100% call recording (call logging) could not convert to a system for random monitoring and screen capture, and vice versa. Nor could those systems blend the various recording needs into a single system that could accommodate multiple clients (tenants).

A market niche was identified, and Ray began planning the development of cc: Discover. After securing his rights to the software he planned to develop, Ray was able to negotiate a deal with the outsourcer to leverage its people and technologies for research and development in exchange for favorable licensing rates. He then set to work, building focus groups to identify the likes, dislikes, and unfulfilled needs inherent in the existing recording applications. Data was collected from a wide range of contact center employees serving diverse markets. From this data the cc: Discover feature list was born. The end-user was a key consideration in every phase of design, and the finished product was a feature-rich application that is easy to use.

cc: Discover was field tested, proving to be stable at large and small scales. The end result is a full-featured Quality Monitoring/Call Recording system that is easy to use.

Ray then built the team to take cc: Discover to market, recruiting executives with the experience needed to successfully market, sell, and support cc: Discover. Today CallCopy continues to gain market share, satisfying its customers with the industry’s most user-friendly Call Recording/Quality Monitoring system at a competitive price point.


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