Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Spotlight on emerging Columbus Tech Companies

Here's a few to check out:
Great Migrations

"My firm develops state of the art software translation technologies. We help people modernize their legacy applications using our unique tool-assisted rewrite methodology. We have been refining our technology and successfully delivering migration projects for over twenty-five years. Our approach is proven to dramatically reduce the cost and risk of software migration without sacrificing quality or control. Our present focus is to respond to a more recent problem: the migration of large Visual Basic and classic ASP systems to .NET. Moving legacy applications to a new platform delivers major competitive benefits to those with the vision to take advantage of what the new platform has to offer."


ClaritySoft provides Contact Management Software and CRM for Small
Business. Our solution is the fastest and most cost effective path to
CRM for small companies. Typically our customers can have their
companies live on ClaritySoft in less than a 1/2 day.

Bostech Corporation

..helps businesses seamlessly share, exchange, and transact critical information with their customers, suppliers, partners, and employees.

The ChainBuilderĀ® enterprise integration platform from Bostech is a world-class software solution for enabling internal and business-to-business software systems and databases to exchange information. ChainBuilder combines the ease of point-and-click graphical consoles with the power of flexible customization to enable application-to-application, business-to-business, database-centric, Web Services, EDI, and multi-channel retail application integration.

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