Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cisco Networking Academy Celebrates 10 years in Ohio

The Cisco Networking Academy, a public/private education program focused on fostering economic development through providing training in IT as well as math, engineering and science to secondary schools and colleges across the state, celebrated it's 10th Anniversary in Ohio today at the Riffe Center in Columbus.

Attended by Governor Ted Strickland and House Speaker Jon Husted, the event marked 10 years of partnership between the state and the Networking Academy, which is run by the San Jose based networking company, Cisco and pinpointed the success of several Columbus area students. Columbus' own Eric Schmidt of iBeam Solutions was a guest speaker at the event.

Dedicated to the idea that technology education and training has the potential to change lives and create economic opportunities, the Networking Academy is embedded into the curriculum of 93 schools across the state and has educated more than 18,000 Ohio students in the arts of routing and switching, Network Architecture and advanced communications.

With the manufacturing sector increasingly moving offshore and the Bureau of Labor Statistics now estimating that employment in computer systems design and related services will grow by 39.5 percent and add almost one-fourth of all new jobs created (see post below) over the next five years, programs like the Networking Academy are prepping the next generation of networking professionals and expanding the global pipeline for IT talent.

"Almost everything we do is moving to the network-email, VoIP telephones, document collaboration, image editing, databases-the list is endless and will get longer as technology evolves," said Marie Zwickert, Cisco Area Account Manager, who manages the Networking Academy Program in Ohio. "By providing technology training we're hoping to help prepare students to fill that 25 percent of the emerging labor market as well as foster the next generation of IT innovation."

The Columbus Public schools, as well as the Columbus Northeast Career Center are the primary participants within city limits. In the 12th congressional district there are also sites in Delaware, the Dublin City Schools, New Albany High School and the Career center in Newark


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