Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday Night Muses - May 26, 2008

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend enjoying the great weather with your families

.... Talent and Treasure...did you know that you can search for interns at... people can also search for internships on the for the treasure part - funds are available to pay for internships through the Third Frontier program - click here for more info

.....I'm excited to share with you that we're adding a few new featured articles in the upcoming week.
- Interview with a Entrepreneur - get to know our local entrepreneurs up close and personal
- The Curmudgeon Report - a different view on things

.....You never know - Had a end of season soccer party for my daughter's team and realized that one of the dad's on the team (Bob Mahaffey) was a successful entrepreneur who has business creating customized elearning courseware at Xcelerate Media...with a blue ribbon list of customers (i.e. - Oracle, Caterpillar, Cardinal Health, Johnson and Johnson, Exel Logistics) the must be doing something right..check them out by clicking here .Turns out that they are portfolio company of Reservoir Venture Partners...

....Funding News -

LSP Technologies, located in Dublin , was recommended for $350,000 in funding for the establishment of a business division to manufacture, sell, and service Laser Bond Inspection Technology.. click here for more details

.....Reader's - please continue to send your facts, tidbits, and commentary on the local tech scene..we've grown to several hundred readers and I'm amazed at the news items and commentaries being sent to me...keep em coming

..on the lighter side...found a great tool for you bike riders out there your ride at
....for runnners/walkers go to ...what a cool set of tools

Peace Out,


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