Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ohio Game Incubator Starting Up - lnvite to join google group to learn more

HI all:

Alex Jonas and Devin Moore (and friends) have joined together in starting the Ohio Game Incubator.

The Ohio Game Incubator will be a regular business incubator with a specific target of the gaming industry in all its forms including computer games, mobile games, board games, etc. and all the ancillary products and services that go with them.

Our mission is to create and nourish a game creation environment in Ohio.

We are looking at other programs like TechColumbus, TechStart, Ohio Edison Program, Sweden's game incubator program and Victoria, Australia's game incubator program and similar programs both regular business startup and game specific, with the idea of combining the best things about them and having one Ohio umbrella group forming a game industry in Ohio.

We want Game Money to flow TO Ohio instead of OUT OF Ohio, and we want to WORK TOGETHER to achieve this.

We welcome all OHIO-based Game Designers, Game Developers, Game Programmers, Game Creators, Game Companies and associated industries, Game Entrepreneurs, Game Brainstormers, and Game Anything Else People with Open Arms and Open Minds, so that nobody ever has to leave Ohio to pursue their dream or opportunities.

We seek to connect anybody and everybody in the Gaming Field together with other Ohioans so the Ohio is the best place to start and maintain a game company.


Ohio Game Incubator is a Columbus-based Computer Game Incubator. We provide all the resources and support that any Ohioan needs to start, develop and maintain a Computer Game company in Ohio. There are many Ohioans interested in starting or being part of a Computer Game Company and we seek to provide the proper positive environment within Ohio state so the they do not have to go outside Ohio to pursue and fulfill their dreams and opportunities. Think One-Stop place for all Game business needs in Ohio instead of California, with Ohioans working together to compete with the rest of the world instead of everybody working on their own. The more Ohioans can collaborate, the better advantage we will have.

The Game Incubator itself will be a couple sister companies,
1. a Not-For-Profit entity so we can gather resources and opportunities only available to NPOs , We will also be able to ask for grants, Government help and freebies through this branch and assist people whether their idea has a commercial value or not.
2. Many small For-Profit ventures under one umbrella portfolio company. This is so we can actively seek business deals, venture capital, etc and make money developing game ideas.
3. Flexible entities designed for specific opportunities.

We can have the best of both worlds and take advantage of all the resources and opportunities available to each sector.

Buckeye Game Incubators operates in Columbus-Ohio with the ability to provide services throughout Ohio, targeting any individual, group or company in the Game Creation and Development field. Future plans would have offices/groups in other major Ohio cities.
There are 700 USA Game Development companies with up to 18000 companies supporting them. There are more than 39,700 USA professionals developing or publishing games with 46% in California. We would like Ohio to be the #2 player.

I have another 6 pages of info on this but I think that you get the idea by now. We are working now on setting up things and we ask that you please join our Google Group so that we can start organizing all the interested parties and determining what all we can do. We can also start providing more info to you easier.

Please join our google group at:

Please write alex at with any questions, comments or help needed.


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