Wednesday, June 23, 2010

BrandThunder gets some love

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Headquarters: Ohio

Founded: 2007

Funding: Angel Investors

Sector: IT / Web Services

What they Say: Firefox, Google Chrome, and Brand Thunder are generating a lot of attention this year for browser themes. While each product helps users move beyond the dull gray of the standard Internet browser and personalize their browser with enticing visuals, Brand Thunder is the only one to move the theme into the realm of experience. We make things happen in the browser to increase engagement, connection and interaction.

Uptake: It took BrandThunder 18 months to reach the 500,000 download mark, nine months to hit the one million download mark and four and a half months to exceed two million downloads. Brand Thunder's client list consists of top-tier brands including Bing, The Daily Beast, Huffington Post, IMG College, Major League Soccer, NASCAR, NBA, NCAA, NFL, NHL and Universal Music and many more. Clients are also signing from across the globe through our distribution partners in Canada, Hong Kong, India, Latin America and the UK.

Our Take: "My desktop is so much nicer than your desktop."
Computing today is a visual experience. Brand Thunder creates extreme makeovers for one’s browser, while creating compelling new inventory for advertisers. It makes money by extending an advertiser’s brand from their website or traditional ad banner, to the user’s desktop, regardless of what the user is doing or what sites he or she visits. A business model that provides companies with the opportunity to have a persistent connection to their customers is a winning business model.


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