Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Columbus rocks National TWiST startup meetup - VacationView ties for 1st on national stage

A big shout out the Columbus community for making a big splash last night at the National TWiST Startup Meetup.

We not only got 1st as a community for # of participants (yes we beat at least 30 other communities the nation including Santa Monica) but Vacationview ( came in first - woo hoo!!!!

A big thank you to Kevin Gadd and the TechColumbus team form making this happen.....

Here's a tweetstream from last night's events detailing all the other startup presenters....check them out

  • and the winner for #TWiST Columbus is VacationView by a hair over Small Business Beanstalk
  • top three in vote off - vacationview, Milton, Small business beanstalk #TWiST Columbus
  • #TWiST Columbus entrepreneurs fielding questions
  • Last but not least - TiXiT - sells unsold seats - great bargains - - #TWiST Columbus
  • Speakersite - - helps people find speakers - largest site in country - #TWiST Columbus
  • Small Business Beanstalk - deals , discounts, and community development - - #TWiST Columbus
  • MobileXpeditions up - - platform that delivers interactive immersive location based experiences - #TWiST Columbu
  • eEvent now on - - Finding out what's going on around you in real time
  • Brand Thunder up - - custom branded browsers - #TWiST Columbus
  • Sevenlunches up next - #TWiST Columbus - meal specials to your phone - in beta
  • VacationView - first up at Columbus #TWiST -
  • Columbus =112 - Santa Monica = 101 - guess who's #1 in the country in voting? COLUMBUS!!! - #TWIST - prelim presentations starting

Great that Columbus showed so well in the start up world! More attendees at our local Meetup than any other city, and then VacationView wins the national competition no less.


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