Monday, May 17, 2010

Ideas To Deals: The Ohio Growth Summit 2010

Ideas To Deals: The Ohio Growth Summit 2010

The Ohio Growth Summit 2010

Carrie wilkerson (2)I remember writing an introductory post for the Ohio Growth Summit last year and writing about economic crisis, federal bail-outs, large corporate downsizings and large large bonuses going to CEO’s for implementing bad strategies. Over the past year some things have changed and economic conditions are showing signs of recovering but the key to success for this country still lies with you…the small business owner. We at the Ohio SBDC are here to support your efforts to find new and innovative ways to build and grow your business. Our passion is your passion and the Ohio Growth Summit is one way we are helping you. This is “your” event…It is a celebration of your entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to making your dream a reality. The Ohio Growth Summit features speakers, partners and networking specifically tailored to helping you grow your small business.

Click Here for a rundown of what to expect on June 9.


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