Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gov 2.0 Week in Review - O'Reilly Radar

Gov 2.0 Week in Review - O'Reilly Radar

Open government, open data, moving .gov into the cloud

by Alex Howard | @digiphile | comments: 2

So what is Gov 2.0? This past week saw wide-ranging discussion about the meaning, substance and relevance of the term, along with plenty of other news related to social media in government, open data, improved crisis response through technology and a move to the cloud.

Tim O'Reilly went live online to talk about his paradigm for government as a platform, including how technologists can play key roles in this important transformation. You can also read Tim's thoughts on open government at O'Reilly Labs. The recording is embedded below, after the jump. J.D. Lasica wrote a terrific review of both "Open Government" and the webcast.

Mark Drapeau took a look back at the three phases of government 2.0 as the first Gov 2.0 Expo draws near. Federal News Radio anchor Chris Dorobek also stepped back and published an important "mile high" perspective in his Gov 2.0 status report. Time to get ready for the Gov 2.0 Expo!

What does "Government 2.0" mean?

The simplest way of describing Government 2.0 may be any technology that helps citizens or agencies solve problems, either for individuals or the community, and enables government to operate more efficiently or effectively. This past week, I wrote about five ways that the U.S. government is using social media to deliver services or engage citizens in making better policy.

Craig Newmark shared his thoughts on better government through enlightened customer service, along with the complexities of electronic privacy, online identity and trust.

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