Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pre-Startup Weekend Rails Bootcamp

Join us for a Pre-Startup Weekend Rails Bootcamp. This is not only SUPER affordable for Startup Weekend Attendees, but for EVERYONE ELSE as well. We want you to come, learn about Rails, and see some of the energy that is Startup Weekend.

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Today, more startups than ever are choosing hyper productive language / frameworks like Ruby w/ Rails or Python w/ Django and cloud deployments. If you'd like to use Startup Weekend as a place to get your Rails on (and on the cloud), then this class is for you.

We want you to join us for a day of intense project based learning. We'll build and deploy to the cloud :

  • a quote of the day app
  • a blog
  • a task list app
  • a music database

Along the way, you'll have a chance to learn how to :

  • deploy a rails app to the cloud in 5 minutes
  • create a database schema & migrate it over time
  • write models, views, and controllers in rails
  • use plugins for things like logging in or picture resizing

If you're new to Ruby or Rails, we'll have a lot of training wheels for you to hold on to as we pull you through these projects.

If you've played with Rails a bit, but want some more practice before living and breathing it for 54 hours at Startup Weekend, then we'll give you a chance to dig deeper into the functionality of each of these apps.

This class will go fast, and skim over some of the material. There's a lot to Rails! But we'll make sure the basic stuff sticks, and you'll get to see and do a whole lot of the other stuff. To give you an idea of the value that we're offering you, 3-5 day rails classes usually range in price from $1200-$2500.

Prereqs :

  • A couple years development experience

This class is an introduction to Rails, but is not an introductory class. We will move very fast, and even with a couple years of experience, expect to be a little overwhelmed at times.

What to bring :

  1. Laptop (Windows or Mac)
  2. If you are new to Ruby, we ask you to spend 1/2 an hour going through this tutorial beforehand (don't skip this, you'll thank yourself for doing it when you get here)
  3. We'll send you a list of installation links before the session to save some time in configuring your machine.
  4. A good nights us, you'll need it
Don't worry about food, EdgeCase is providing it (be sure to thank them!)

About Your Instructors

Jeremy Lightsmith helps software teams get more productive with tools like Agile, Lean & Rails. He teaches the Rails course at University of Washington extension, and he has been writing production Rails code close to fulltime since 2005.

Joe O'Brien is a father, speaker, author and developer. In addition to helping found EdgeCase, he co-founded the Columbus Ruby Brigade and helped organize the Chicago Area Ruby Users Group. His passions are Agile Development in the Enterprise, Ruby, and demonstrating to the Fortune 500 the elegance and power of this incredible language.

Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend is sponsoring this event in an effort to help expand the educational opportunities that they provide. Be sure to thank Joe O'Brien & EdgeCase for giving us the space, another teacher, and food!

Of course, make sure to buy your tickets for the main event on March 19th - 21st.


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