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100 Great Twitter Feeds to Follow Green Tech - Becoming a Computer Technician

100 Great Twitter Feeds to Follow Green Tech - Becoming a Computer Technician

Much like Google and Facebook before it, Twitter has become an overnight sensation. Bringing microblogging – where bloggers share posts of no more than 140 characters – to the forefront of the internet, Twitter users number in the millions and can spend hours at a time posting and keeping up on tweets.

With so many users, do you still feel like the only tech lover with a green frame of mind? No more with the help of these great 100 Twitter feeds to follow green tech. Whether you love the technical or environmental aspects, or even both equally, your Twitter time just went up.

Great Twitter Feeds to Follow Green Tech

Get your green tech education first by following these Twitter feeds.

    planetgreencom1. Treehugger : Get links, ideas and conversation from the TreeHugger hive mind, along with the latest in modern green. A good choice for discussing tweets and even the occasional retweet.

    2. Best Green Blogs : Why read each green blog individually when this Twitter feed brings the best in green to one place? You can even choose from entries on fashion, building, recycling, farming, consulting, and events.

    3. EcoInteractive : Based in Costa Rica, the Eco Preservation Society inspires action through conservation, reforestation, and education. Lists include politics, eco, and others.

    4. Green Biz Tweets : Hugh Byrne brings you constant updates on business and tech news, along with conversation.

    5. Twilight Earth : Adam is based in D.C. and is dedicated to saving the environment. He does it through shared news, discussion, advocacy, and activism.

    6. Inhabitat : This Twitter feed believes that good design can save the world. Links often go back to items of green tech interest.

    7. EnviroKnow : How do politics effect green tech? Stop here to find out.

    8. The Daily Green : This Twitter feed is especially useful for seeing how green tech makes it to the shelves. Tweets are on products, advances, and more.

    9. Sustainablog : Learn how to use green tech to build a better world here. Tweets link back to items of interest.

    10. Opportunity Green : OG inspires a collaboration of new ideas, including tech, to drive green change. Tweets often give helpful tips on how to do that.

    11. Eco Tech Daily : A Simple Earth Media Production, they are dedicated to covering the best in green tech, gadgets, and news. Tweets often review products.

    12. USGBC : The United States Green Building Council strives to build green communities in the next generation. Tweets often update on their progress.

Great Twitter Feeds to Follow Green News

Get the latest headlines from a green frame of mind with the help of the below Twitter feeds.

    greenprophetcom13. Green News : Stop here for the Twitter news feed from Science News Blog. In addition to the latest headlines, they also have lists for environment, wildlife, oceans, and technology.

    14. Grist : While running a blog of the same name, this Twitter user provides a beacon in the smog. Environmental journalism can be found in the headlines, challenges, and more.

    15. Ecorazzi : Want to know which celebrities are the greenest? Then check out this Twitter feed for the latest in green gossip.

    16. Sierra Magazine : Stop by this Twitter feed for green and eco tips from the editors of a magazine of the same name. Tweets contain tips, news, and more.

    17. Green Media : Stop here to get holistic conversations for a sustainable world. Tweets are often headlines and links to items of interest.

    18. HuffPost Green : You don’t have to sort through the entire Huffington Post to get the green articles if you follow this Twitter feed. It contains news, food stories, DIY projects, and animal fun.

    19. RE News India : This Twitter feed is a trusted source of quality content for India business news and upcoming opportunities for the renewable energy industry.

    20. Green Options : Stop here for the Twitter feed of the first green blog network. Tweets are often the latest news, along with many useful tips.

    21. Traveling Green : Get news on the latest green treks, along with tips for how to travel green yourself at this Twitter feed. Tweets often update their travels.

    22. Ecosalon : Check out this Twitter feed for the green stories and trends that matter. There are also plenty of stops for shameless fun and eco swag.

    23. Green Progress :Stop here for the latest green technology and science updates. There is also green stock investment research and advice.

    24. Organic Lifestyle : This magazine is a digital publication dedicated to organic lifestyles, alternative health, and green living. Tweets are often on related news and tips.

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